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  • @zombiehoohaa someone did post one maybe a week or two ago... was that you?  I do think this is a great idea.  I have GAD but no longer take meds (I stopped last year due to various reasons) but still have to cope in many ways.  It's nice to hear from others that are dealing with some of the same things, or maybe even those dealing with issues brought on by pregnancy hormones.
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  • @zombiehoohaa I have no issue with a Mental Health Thread being started. Unfortunately, the editing for the post has expired so I cannot add it to the original post. Feel free to start one on whatever day sounds good to you! :)
  • Does this need to be bumped to the VERY TOP??? Lol. 
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    ETA: I completely forgot that you only had one month to edit these posts! Sorry for the annoyance :) Either way, these links are there for you all to use!

    It has been expressed in the past that TTGP would like if the gif directions were in a different place so that new moms were not navigated to their space. I also noticed that the siggy instructions are in TTCAL and locked.

    Considering these 2 issues (along with the directions being outdated), I recreated these threads on the New to The Bump board for everyone to use and practice on without fear of triggering. Could you replace your link list above with this list?

    Thanks so much and good luck to all the July mamas/babies!

    Some links that you may find helpful:

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