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Weekly Randoms 8/20


Re: Weekly Randoms 8/20

  • Ok...I have now caught up reading this weeks randoms just for next week to start. I'm going to try and be more participatory. I know most of @SarahFoley725's drama (we are both March '16 with our DDs).

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  • @SarahFoley725 you are more than welcome to send some of that rain up here!

    FFSC: I'm going to start gifing every potty shot. 
  • We picked out nursery furniture today at a local store.  It's getting real up in here!!  Some of it may take 12 weeks to get in so we are ordering tomorrow.  Plus they are doing an extra 15% off and a free crib mattress for Labor Day.  
    I ordered little mans crib last week because it won't ship until November-December. I won't even use it until we move into our new house next year but I'm happy I got it! I got $350 off the original price so yay!

    Speaking of, I'm terrified my H won't be there for the baby's birth. He has a super demanding job but next year we will be moving. Actually, he will be moving at the end of January and the girls and I will stay in TX until the baby is born and we decide what to do with our house (sell or rent out) I'm thinking we won't move until end of March.  Talk about freaking stressful. I'm hoping he can work something out. His jobs sucks ass sometimes. By sometimes I mean most times 

    DD #1 3/26/13
    Mo/Mo twins MMC 3/31/14  o:)
    DD #2 3/31/15
    DD #3 8/25/16
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    @seitzy3 oh man. I hope your H is there. That's go*tta be stressful. 
  • @seitzy3 hope he makes it!  Super stressful to think about!  DH had just gotten home from a work trip when I went into labor with DS2. 
  • I would be completely stressed out @seitzy3!!!!  I hope he gets to be there.
  • My random is we went out and purchased some of baby's first little teeny clothes this weekend! We were waiting for the second trimester. So simple, but so exciting!
  • I can't wait for the morning I can brush my teeth without dry heaving in the sink. Every morning I have to talk myself into being a good adult and do it. 
  • Apparently we are doing a family camping trip again this weekend...except the weekend will start either tomorrow night or Wednesday night because the state park they want to go to is first come, first serve. Aaaaaand they still don't know I'm pregnant. 
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