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Sh*t People Say to Pregnant Women


Re: Sh*t People Say to Pregnant Women

  • I was a little bit put off by this comment exchange on fb after I shared a photo of me and my sister from this weekend (I'd just hit 20w that day)...

    Lady: Awww, your babies are growing!

    Me: Yes, it took a while before I really started showing, but they're clearly in there now!

    Lady: OH, yes. They certainly ARE!

    It's like ok lady, I know I'm clearly pregnant now (which I'm obviously happy about), but I'm really not that huge, especially since I'm having twins. Did you really need to include the all caps? Let's tone it down a little because I'm only going to get bigger!

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  • People have balls.  I've actually been pretty lucky so far.

    Once about a month ago an acquaintance was like "you're only 17 weeks?!  are there 2 babies in there?!". She's my friend's much younger sister-in-law and my friend, who's very pregnant right now, took a while to show while I did not (probably because she's very tall and has a long torso, while I'm very short with a tiny torso).  It's probably just what she was used to seeing so I didn't take it personally.  There have been a few other odd little statements here and there, but I'm still waiting for the worst of it...
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  • I haven't gotten any this pregnancy, but when I was pregnant with DS a random man walked up and said "Wow, I think I could stick a fork in you, you look so done". Ahhh, what?! :neutral:

  • I'm already getting tired of the "oh another girl? Will you try for a boy? Really? You should!"  No thank you, baby girl will complete our family nicely
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  • @cait5413 My Dad asked me that because I was pretty adamant on 1 and done, however baby fever came on hard, but I still gave him the WTF face. 
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  • @KathrynJ088 before we found out the genders, my cousin seemed skeptical when I explained to her that we'd know for sure they were fraternal if they were boy/girl twins. It blows my mind that people can't comprehend the meaning of "identical" lol.
  • Today one of my colleagues came over to congratulate me because he just found out I was pregnant (it's been pretty publically known where I work for the last month and a half, but I didn't make an official announcement, so a few people have found out late). The way he said it was "Congratulations! I noticed you'd been gaining weight so I went and asked so and so..."
  • "Baby number 4 huh? So are you done or are you trying to be like the Brady Bunch?"

    "Oh you finally tried for a boy! Now you can be done."

    Screw you. For some reason it makes it more infuriating because we in fact are done and very happy with this baby being the last puzzle to our family. I'm just not going to admit that to an arrogant prick. And also, if this baby had been a girl it wouldn't have changed the fact that we are satisfied with our family.
    It's just so frustrating how people obviously value what body parts my babies have between their legs. Like somehow a boy is more coveted because I already have 3 girls...A family friend gets the same kind of crap except over having a girl because she has 4 boys.
  • Oh when are you due? Me: Dec 1. 
    Oh so close to Christmas after eyes bulge out of head. Me:yes. Are you sure your dates are right me: yes. First baby? Me: no third oh what do you have at home and what are you having Me: third girl. Oh your poor husband? Don't you want a boy? 
    Yes I would like a boy and why poor husband he adores his girls.
    finally I'm a Labor and delivery nurse and if one more person asks why I'm still working or says oh your in the right place I'm gonna throats punch them 
  • 3 times today before 11am at work: "how much longer do you have?" (or some variation)
    Me: 3 months
    Them: "oh wow! So are they going to put you on bedrest?"

    REALLY? I know my belly is big,  and you know there's TWO babies in there.. but let me remind you again.
  • @lovelylittledahls That was a real asshole thing for your friend to say, nothing like fostering insecurity in a pregnant woman. So sorry people are making you feel anything less than beautiful, you should rock your bump proudly!
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  • @lovelylittledahls Ugh! I am so sorry! Surgery while not pregnant is scary, emergency surgery while pregnant is downright terrifying. I'm sorry you had to experience that. Those nurses sound awful! How terrible to be vulnerable and under someone's care that is saying that to you! I'm so glad that you're doing better! AFM Baby is a little champ and doing great. :-) 
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  • @breezybee She never thinks before she speaks! Thankfully we have the kind of friendship where I can easily tell her that she's being a raging bitch and she backs off and apologizes.  What shocked me most is that she is on her second pregnancy as well, you'd think she'd be a little more aware of what she says.  Even the other women there kind of scolded her!  I wasn't able to address it then, for fear of crying like an idiot, so I made a quick exit to take DD to the bathroom.  I will be mentioning it to her before we see each other again though!
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  • @lovelylittledahls SOOOOOO wrong of her, so wrong. Ignore that and rock the bump with whatever tight, body con stuff you've got.
  • @whiska eeewwwww what a CREEP!!!!!  Omg lol. Sorry girl. 
  • @whiska oh that's just wrong. What a vile thing for a stranger to say! 
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  • Can't decide if the male coworker of mine actually meant it when he said I'm not even showing or if he just thought that's what I would want to hear. But I wanted to be like, "Have you seen me?" Instead I was just like, "Yeah, I'm pretty small still..." (Which I do not believe.)
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  • @MJDsquared I totally understand and I feel like my stomach is huge so I hate when people say that. 
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