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Sh*t People Say to Pregnant Women


Re: Sh*t People Say to Pregnant Women

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  • What does it mean when someone says you look SO amazing, your face is changing? Lol. I chalk it up to that I decided to grow my bangs out but then it makes me think did I look bad with bangs, ugghhh. Lol my one girlfriend just keeps saying it's because it's different. 
  • @ShyTonia I'd totally want clarification on that too. Like, did you hate my hair before? Are you saying my face is getting fat? WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?! Lol.

    I got my first confusing comment today too. I met two customers at work today and my coworker was telling them how there had been an office poll to guess the sex, so they asked if I had found out. I told them girl, and one of them goes, "Oh you look like you're carrying a girl!" I don't have any acne at the moment, so I know it's not because of that... Is it like a high/low carrying thing? I think there's a wives tale about that. But my FTM-ness showing that I don't know if I'm carrying high or low? I feel like I'm carrying pretty much in the middle lol.
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  • @MJDsquared I'm right there with you, I don't get it at all. I just try to remind myself that people one don't know what they are talking about or two the just need to have some sort of opinion lol.  The comments on my face have been non stop this past week, and it all began when I started to wear my bangs back. Who knows lol.
    and I feel like I'm carrying right in the middle too.
  • I'm a STM and I'm still not really sure what high versus low means. I'm surprised so many people still comment on it or ask about it since it clearly has nothing to do with anything.

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  • Yesterday DH was talking to my BFFs boyfriend (Or common law spouse, whatever) whom she has 2 kids with and he has a 14yo daughter from a previous relationship. They were talking about what it's like to have daughters since this baby is a girl and I walk into the middle of the conversation and he goes "there's your 'Fuck My Life' right there!" Pointing at my belly... Ugh. 
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  • I had a Co worker the other day feel the need to tell me how I'm huge and she's worried I still have 3 months left, and how she only gained 6kg and put no weight on in any other part of her body, just bump. Well thanks for that! Just what I needed to hear. Who do people think they are ffs?!

    Rather than high/low bumps, Im getting more people say that with boys your bump is all up front and with girls you just carry all round?? What the hell is that supposed to mean? I thought all babies were carried in the front lol 
  • @kate0506 I heard that too, but I heard with girls it's all up front. My mom commented how you can't tell I'm pregnant from the back, like my waist hasn't thickened/my bump isn't wide enough that it shows in the back. But of course I don't think baby's sex actually says anything about how you carry.
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  • @kyrwyn my husband makes that comment every time I go swimming.
    I had a coworker tell me she thought I was getting fat, but now she can tell I'm pregnant. I'm 26 weeks and I've gained 9 pounds confined to my belly and boobs. I wasn't even offended because she is clearly not very observant.
  • I'm also getting a lot of comments about not being very big for almost 29 weeks. It makes me super self conscious because I feel quite huge and also because I have been so sick this whole time that I am driving my doctors nuts making sure babe is growing at a healthy weight (Which he is by the way. Smack dab in the middle of the range.)

    Also I sure do seem to know a lot of ladies who don't have kids who are full of advice they have learned from having friends who have kids. My brother's girlfriend is especially constant in her pro-tips which is super irritating to DH who has 2 kids age 19 and 17 and obviously knows a thing or two about parenting. I love my parent friends who pretty much have told me to ignore almost all advice as pretty much you've got to dive in and figure out what works for you in the long run.
  • cait5413 said:
    I'm a STM and I'm still not really sure what high versus low means. I'm surprised so many people still comment on it or ask about it since it clearly has nothing to do with anything.
    Exactly! Here's DD1 vs this DD. I carried high with my first(she was right under my boobs and I couldn't breathe) and low with this one. Why? Because my abs and stomach have been through c section hell thank you.  I'm tired of people saying they bet the dr is wrong and I'm really having a boy. 
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  • Gonna revive this thread for funsies.  My sweetheart of a coworker, who was out of office yesterday and is currently on a ton of painkillers, said to me this morning: OMG, you were not that huge on Friday.

    I'm gonna blame it on the vicodin and forgive her, because she's an amazing human who accidentally crashed her dirt bike (and self) into the hard hard ground on Saturday.
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  • @txmomma16 WTF, Paul to your dad, indeed.  That's uncalled for.  
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  • @anewadventure I am so there with you girl. If another person looks like they might faint or stares at me bug-eyed when I tell them I'm due at Christmas and they ask are you sure? Yes people I still have MONTHS to go, STFU unless your going to tell me I'm beautiful. 
    @brittabatwhite I wish people would not comment on a pregnant woman's size you are fine, perfect and beautiful just the way you are. Everyone carries differently. 
    @txmomma16 wow that deserves a TP
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  • The other day I ran into a past employee that I haven't seen in over a year. He gave me a long look over, asked if I was pregnant. My response, yes due early December. His only response well that is interesting. - what is that even suppose to mean. 

    In the breakroom on Friday. A fellow co-worker made the comment that my belly button hadn't even popped yet. One I felt so self conscious that my shirt was to tight all day and two way does it matter how my body looks and reacts to the changes as this little dude grows. Plus why do people feel the need to comment on it. 
  • My response to any and all comments about my pregnancy has become "Yup, it's really happening!" followed by an awkward laugh.
  • "You're having a boy, right?"
    "nope, it's a girl!"
    "Well, it looks like you're having a boy."
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  • This dude at the store was very obviously staring at me. He started to walk away but was like craning his neck and not turning his head away to keep staring! I’m not even that big, bro, so unless you have a weird fetish I’m not sure what’s so fascinating.
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  • My male supervisor said only in passing, "Wow, getting big!". He basically avoids me as much as possible because every time he tries to make small talk with me, he ends up saying something equally inappropriate.

    I could really, really do without the comments from strangers about how I'm never going to make it to my due date based on my size. I'm measuring on track so I'm not sure why people feel the need to comment on something they know nothing about. I am not ready to pop... do people even realize they are suggesting that my baby will be born pre-term?
  • @MJDsquared hahaha. Wow if riding a bike is bad I must be a horrible mother dancing with my baby. She’s gonna be all kinds of screwed up. Gotta love these crazy myths
  • ugh, yeah the comments about my size are the worst.

    I was out at a show with my lovely SO the other night, and a friend of a friend who I don't know well asked what my duedate was.
    I answered, "December 9th."
    She did a huge double take and looked down at my bump again, and back up at my face, and said, "wow, so still some time to go!"

    Then she asked, "Is it twins?"

    I curtly responded, "No, just one", and turned away from her to talk with someone else.
    I was really about to give her a piece of my mind, and was fantasizing about punching her in the face.

    I don't even think I am "that big", but whatever.  I was wearing a cute dress that does kind of hug everything.
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