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Sh*t People Say to Pregnant Women

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Re: Sh*t People Say to Pregnant Women

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  • @FakeFinn @kyrwyn comments about belly size make me so ragey!! 
  • my last pregnancy was twins, so I think literally everyone has asked if its just one this time. I'm ready to smack someone if they ask again. just because it was twins before does not mean it will be twins again.
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  • @clovelyone Thanks! It pisses me off too.

    i can't relate to yours abecause all I've been getting is people telling me I'm huge haha.
  • @whiska "how are you feeling?" That also drives me completely crazy! 

    @moonlady-2 I had a very similar situation happen with DH's aunt. When we announced to DH's family her response in front of about 30 people was "oh! You're pregnant I thought you had just gained weight" 

    I was completely mortified and I had actually lost weight, she just hadn't seen us since our wedding 3 years ago. 
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  • @splsmama2016 I hate that! I got a lot of "was this planned?" from people after announcing because my kidddos will only be 19 months apart. I don't know why people think it's okay to ask that!  None of your business, thanks. 

    @moonlady-2 when we told my mil (I feel like I talk about her too much here) she said "I guess that's why you never bothered losing all the weight from (dd)."  Why do people think it's okay to comment on a woman's weight, breaststroke, belly size, diet, etc just because they are pregnant?? Ugh. 
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  • @Tennis11785 good point! It's usually a question asked by women who have never been pregnant before or men, so that's interesting. And sometimes after I respond the person will be like "I don't know if I could do that/I don't know how you do it." 
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  • @wabash15 Yup, every single person. "Is there just one in there?"

    If it's not that for both pregnancies, you're so small. I do carry the weight well and luckily haven't gained too much, but I still don't know if this is considered a compliment or not?  

    @kaylawing we have gotten the planned question too, probably because they will be 18 months apart when this one comes. 
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  • the old lady with the weight gain comment also asked if this was planned.  not that it's any of her effing business but yeah, it was, and i have been married for 9 years.  eff off!
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  • @mrsorigami my mom asked me the same question. we did fertility treatments so yes, yes this was a planned pregnancy! ugg people sometimes.
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    Diagnosed : unexplained infertility
    6 rounds of IUI and a MC 2/2014, rainbow twins 4/2015
    TTC #3 5/2016
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  • I'm just surprised at how many people bring up the fact that I'm pregnant. I mean, I am showing, but it's still small and my own personal policy is to NEVER EVER EVER bring up a woman's pregnancy unless she has already brought it up first. Just in case.

    Seriously, like half a dozen people have said something. "I didn't know you were pregnant!", or "You are looking different *wink* *wink*" (yes, referring to pregnancy; no, I wasn't sure, either).
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  • Started work back this morning (I'm a teacher). Another teacher said "well baby is making herself known today"!  Yes thank you for calling me fat and I can't help I'm showing so much, 3rd pregnancy, it happens. 
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  • @flowerpower5838, seriously. She is amazing.  And hilarious.
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