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Post the sex of your baby here and a story about the sex reveal (if you had one)!!

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Re: Sex Announcement

  • @BumpAdmin @BumpCaitlin please pin!
    DS1: 8/2012 <3 DS2  8/2017 <3 DS3 10/2018 

  • @NatSprat0703 what a CUTE idea for the two of you! Totally might steal that!
  • @Vamason89 congratulations! I also have a daughter who will be 17 months when this baby is born. Are you a Feb '16 mama? DD was born Feb 28. I really think this baby is a boy but I am waiting til 16 weeks to do the elective ultrasound! Can't wait!
  • @secicc12 wow that's incredible cute of your doctor's office to do and what a great idea!
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  • This is so exciting! I won't find out till my 20 week US but it's so exciting to hear everyone else's! I want a girl so badly so my DS can have a little sister :) that seems to be the trend here so far! 
  • Vamason89 said:
    Yay! Thank you!!

    We're having a boy! We went to an ultrasound clinic and paid to find out at 13 weeks because I have no patience for surprises lol our daughter and son will be 18 months apart. (Prayers, please! lol)
    I'm actually surprised they did this.  At 13weeks all genitilia is external.   I wouldn't go buying a bunch of blue stuff just yet. 
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  • NxyNxy
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    @DoulaTog13 right! Our Dr said he'd give us a guess at 13 weeks for fun if he could see but not to go out and buy anything yet. 
    I've never been so this is a real non snarky question. Don't most of the ultrasound places make you wait until 16 weeks?
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    A lot of the places around here do them as early as 14 weeks, but I had to wait until 16 with my son. Definitely wait to paint your nursery! 

  • middy411middy411
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    @Nxy All the elective ultrasound places around here make you wait til at least 15 weeks. I have also heard it can be wrong if seen on ultrasound before then and usually the error is guessed boy since, as PP said, it's external before that point.
  • @Nxy - I have to wait until my anatomy scan at 19 weeks - and then the techs cant tell you, you have to wait until your next appointment :(
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  • NxyNxy
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    @JWatt5 I had to wait until 21 weeks for DD. There really wasn't anywhere that did elective ultrasounds where we were so I have no idea what to protocol is normally. I guess I just assumed it was after 16 weeks most places.
    Here though the dr said he'd guess if he had a good view but we won't know for sure until 16-20 weeks which is fine because I'm still really pulling for team green. BUT all these ladies who already know are really testing my resolve!
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  • I'm so jealous people know already! I feel like knowing would help me connect more with the pregnancy...
    If we don't end up getting the NIPT test done then I'm going to wait until the 20 week u/s. I don't want to hear one thing only to find out it's the other later on down the road.

    Everything I've read said that early U/S guesses aren't entirely accurate. My nephew was a "75% chance he's a girl" at the 12-week ultrasound. He's all boy.

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  • @DoulaTog13 Thanks for your input. 

    @middy411 I'm a Jan '16 momma. Our daughter just turned 1 a few days ago. It's crazy!
  • @smallbutmighty77 That is SO sweet! Such a great idea- take some pics and let us know how it goes.

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  • I'm so impatient that we have a private gender ultrasound scheduled in two weeks! This is one of my favorite parts! (No pun intended!) 

    we did the 15 week U/S with my daughter and it was clear she was a girl!  I'm so excited! 

  • I asked a magic 8 ball while shopping at target tonight. It said the answer wasn't clear yet. 
    Trusty old 8 ball is so wise
  • I could have found out today through our M21 testing, but we agreed to have them send it in an envelope and open it at dinner. I hope the envelope comes in the mail tomorrow. It was so hard to not have them tell me on the phone!!!!!
  • I'm so cofused bc we did NIPT but they didn't say anything about gender, just told us our genetic screening results. Which were negative. Yay! We were so happy about that, I didn't even think to ask about gender.
  • @smallbutmighty77 - legit choked up here.. beautiful idea!

    I was team green turned pink last time around.. it was nice at birth but the curiosity beforehand near killed me! You ladies are definitely swaying me to find out this time... not gonna be for a while tho, I'm 11w1d and probably wont know till 20weeks.. but it seems like so much fun to find out!
  • BOY! Found out with a blood test. 

    That is just too cute!!! 

    I'm team green for my first pregnancy and you guys are making it sooo hard!
  • I don't get to find out until March, i'm so impatient! 
  • @anokoch me too! I'm team green but am having that internal Kermit meme struggle while filling out my Panorama NIPT paperwork with checking the "find out the sex/do not find out the sex" box!
  • Someone should make this into a poll so we can keep track of boys/girls/twins/team greens. It's fun to see how things equal out
  • @middy411 I think that's why we have sex on the August spreadsheet so we can keep track of everything. But that's a great reminder to update the spreadsheet if you already know boy or girl!
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  • @smallbutmighty77 that was our nickname before we found out we were having a girl last time ... this time it has been speck bc m husband kept touching my stomach and I told him to back off bc the baby is only the size of a speck lol
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