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  • @sbrande so cute! Love this idea!
  • @dmbfan46835 AHHH!! So many feels with you. Hope this sweet little girl brings you so. much. love. 
  • Ahhh, I hadn't checked this thread in awhile, congrats ladies! All the feels! @dmbfan46835 @Nxy @DDRGirlie Congrats on one of each, mamas! Lauren, I can't believe I missed the pink confetti when you texted that pic to me! I was thinking because Judah was in blue, he was getting a little bro! @middy411 Your DD is so adorable! @nxy I love your reveal idea & lol'ed at your post. 
  • Awwww! Thank you @mrsmatt1212 and @pinkprincesspiper! I'm still in shock! DH has been so sweet and said baby girl is going to fix my broken heart and he is so ecstatic. Didn't expect his reaction at all! Thanks for the love ladies!!  <3
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    @dmbfan46835 your son is soooo adorable! Going to be an awesome big brother! 
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  • @dma0389 thank you!! He has no idea how shits about to change, lol!
  • LSP87LSP87 member
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    ah!!! We are BOTH having girls!! So excited for you. Your little guy looks so happy. Sending you. If hugs from Texas!
  • LSP87 said:
    ah!!! We are BOTH having girls!! So excited for you. Your little guy looks so happy. Sending you. If hugs from Texas!
    Omg! I'm glad you are doing so well with it! So crazy! We were both so afraid of girls, and now it's a blessing the more I think about it. We can work thru our personal mom shit. Congrats mama, your son looks so sweet!  <3
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    @LSP87 Hope is such a beautiful name.. congratulations on your baby girl!!

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  • LSP87LSP87 member
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    @secicc12 Thank you! My grandmother's name is Esperanza which means hope in Spanish. I'm so glad o be able to honor such a wonderful, loving woman who has really shaped my life for the better.

    @dmbfan46835 I agree! Thank you! We have the chance to heal our hearts. 
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    @LSP87 LOVE the Esperanza/Hope connection!
  • So excited for all of you!!! I get my scan on March 17th!!! I can hardly wait! What did you do to pass the time haha. Congrats again!!
  • @Lindstothee mine isn't till the 24th and I'm dying! We have a gender reveal tomorrow for someone a month behind me. Pure torture.
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    My anatomy scan is tomorrow! I was a former team green person... Now I said to heck with it! Lol Cant wait to find out and see our baby tomorrow!!!

    Question though.... For those who aren't doing a party.... How did you tell your parents? Text? Phone call? Tell them in person?? I have to go into work later that day after my appointment and I just want to scream the news to family when I find out. I am very excited!
  • @anokoch , my friend just found out and to tell family they sent two pictures through text - one of them blowing up two balloons (pink & blue) and a second picture with the correct sex blown up and the other ballon deflated.  I thought it was a cute way to tell people right away! 

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  • @anokoch we find out Friday, and my parents and DHs parents are coming over the next Friday and I'm doing a reveal with cupcakes. I'll bake them myself and the surprise will be for them.  I'm going to send my sister and bil a cute aunt/uncle mug and put something in it to indicate boy/girl. 
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  • Very cool! Congrats on your cute baby boy
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