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  • Awww so cute! Congrats!
    i also was feeling it was a girl but I'm blessed with a 2nd boy. My first who is 17 now is showing his excitement and is very caring towards mommy. I'm 18 wks today.
     Boys are sweet.
  • My scan is tomorrow!!!! I can't wait!!!!
  • @Lauradi1010 - that's a bold move! My 2 y/o would spill those beans faster than .... anything. Here's hoping your DS can keep it in!
  • @Lauradi1010 wow! my three year old is always talking about his baby sister snd how much he loves her. But you could just say your 2 year old doesn't actually know he just prefers to call it a girl lol 
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    @brookedeyo Thankfully his vocabulary isn't too advanced yet.  He can say boy & girl, but not brother or sister.  Hopefully I am in the clear.  We do talk about him getting a brother or sister so if he does spit it out I should be safe. Now I have to spend the next 4 1/2 months remembering to clear the browser history when I look at little girl clothing.

    Edit-- clarity
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    @Lauradi1010 incognito mode, girl! (Or private browsing, depending on the browser.) You won't have to clear the history AND the ads based on browser cookies won't exclusively target baby girl stuff.
  • I was 2 pages behind on this post because my A/S isn't until the 31. Until then, DH and I will continue to argue on what it will be lol. Seeing all of these makes me so excited for next week! Congrats to everyone on what you're having!
  • We had a reveal party since this is my second and I was anticipating no shower. The reveal was my baby cleelbration without people feeling obligated to buy us stuff. It's a BOY! We are thrilled, I cried happy tears, I had a feeling it was a boy for a while but thought it was just because I wanted a boy this time since we have a daughter. 
  • Seeing all these sibling announcements makes me so excited for kid two already and our first isn't even here! 
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    Just a quick pic after our A/S this time with a 2 year old to get a good one before she took off. 
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