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  • @ShadeofGreen816 I like the chair there next to the crib! It looks very inviting and cozy.
  • I like how close it is! Less walking in the middle of the night!
  • I second @SKZW's recommendation for some kind of side table, @ShadeofGreen816. We didn't have one for my son and realized the first night home that we definitely needed one. 
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  •  Thanks for the validation ladies! The dresser will (is now) on the wall to the right of the crib so there isnt much room to move it over. I'll take another pic later this week once things look a little better. I definitely love the idea of a little table of some sort for next to the chair. The room is a little furniture heavy on one side but the ther side has the window, closet, and entry door so it doesn't leave a lot of options. 

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    @nda_roxybabe: I think the size/shape is fine, and the color (the more I look at it) coordinates with the walls and dresser in an okay way. My only concern (personally) would be the softness of the rug: is it braided?---those can be kind of rough-feeling. Or is it perhaps made of cotton strips? I'm thinking of mama's bare feet & tummy time & crawling baby, so that's my initial impression.
  • @nda_roxybabe funny about the closet organizer... I measured and it was the perfect size for my closet. Except I neglected to think about getting it INTO the closet. That was almost a deal breaker. We ended up taking off the bottom shelf to finagle the way into position! Thank god it was my dad and me and not MH because today would have been very frustrating for us, as MH's brain and my brain do NOT work the same way. My dad and I are much more compatible when it comes to these types of things. 

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  • @nda_roxybabe I think the rug colors look good with the dresser and carpet underneath. What's probably throwing it off right now it how the earth tones contrast against the bright white of the rib. Once you get some prints or art up on the wall I bet it ties together more. 

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  • @ShadeofGreen816 Haha yes, I actually remembered to account for the fact that the closet entrance is smaller than the actual closet. Only because H pestered me so much about making sure the measurements were right. Even so, because we have built ins he had to lift and drop the one piece into place.
  • @nda_roxybabe where did you get the book ledges? I want to do that on one of my walls for sure

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  • @ShadeofGreen816 They're the Knoppang Ledge from Ikea! My Dad and H anchored them in the wall so that when baby is tempted to climb them, they'll support up to 75-150 lbs (depends how you look at it). 
  • @ShadeofGreen816 I really like the chair next to the crib. 

    @nda_roxybabe I think the colors of the rug go well with your other colors. 
  • @ShadeofGreen816 I love the closet organization. I just showed DH and told him we need to do the boys closet like that.

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  • Your nursery is looking amazing, @CherryBananas! I was browsing gliders on Wayfair and was surprised how many they had at decent prices. We paid a lot more for ours at Buy Buy Baby.
  • @CherryBananas looks great! We have had that dresser (if it is the one from ikea) for years for H and I! It has held up really well considering we've moved it from CA to FL and a couple of times while in FL! 

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  • @nda_roxybabe You could do white/light curtains with some colored edging to bring the blend of color and white up past floor level too. 

    Google lead me to Anthro which has a ton of earthy tones in your style but I'm sure there are wayyyy chepaer options. I am also partial to blackout curtains or cotton panels with blackout liners (a little more flexibility on style) you just would need a double rod to hand the blackouts behind the regular panels.

    Window dressings are one of my favorite things to buy for some weird reason. 

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  • I'm loving all the Hemnes dressers! My mom thought I was crazy and that it was the wrong size. But I love it!

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  • I'm loving all the Hemnes dressers! My mom thought I was crazy and that it was the wrong size. But I love it!
    We loved ours with DS so much we got another one for DD! They are the best and hold so much. 
  • @stephym89, I'm loving the mint green accent wall.  I was thinking we'd do a seafoam greenish blue, but this tempts me to reconsider. 
  • @CherryBananas Looks SO good!
    @WombThereItIs ; The colored edge idea is great! I had been thinking a white velvet blackout for some additional texture. I could totally DIY an edge onto those though. I love Anthro, sigh...omg the pom tassel ones <3 I wonder if I could do that...
    @champhe ; Beautiful!
  • @slowmo Thanks for the suggestion! I'll have to give Wayfair another look. 

    @BabyMC517 thanks! It is the Hemnes. I'm concerned it's going to be a little too tall (I'm only 5'3") but it's an awesome dresser. 

    @champhe I love the colours you've used. And your friend is super talented! 
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  • @cherrybananas I can never remember the name of it and when I saw a few pictures I was like "hey that's our dresser!" haha and seems to be the go to one on our thread! I'm 5'5", but we aren't using for the nursery, my parents are giving us one that they won't be using anymore that I think is a little shorter and not quite as big. Thought about using the hemnes if we weren't getting this one from them. Could always use a step stool if you needed to, just maybe don't pick baby up while standing on the stool, especially at night  ;)

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  • All of your nurseries are looking great! And it's given me some major motivation to get working on mine! 
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  • Everyone's rooms are looking lovely!!! 

    @StephyM89 Loving the mint! It is so tranquil, but still bright. 

    @ShadeofGreen816 I love cube storage in a kid closet! We did it in the nursery last time and it is been wonderful! We added a 4 square one to the closet in what will be DS's room. Now to find a few bins that fit. We too had an argument about the placement of our glider. There isn't a great location since it has to be out from the wall far enough, but now that it has been there so long it just feels right.

    @SKZW Agree on the small table next to the rocker. We figured that out real quick and ended up with something makeshift until we found a piece that he couldn't pull over onto himself once he was mobile. Ended up with a drum shape storage thing, so it could hold toys too. 

    @nda_roxybabe Love the rug! And the book ledge! I would feel the same way though and only want specific books on the ledge. 

    @CherryBananas Your room is beautiful! 

    @champhe The art pieces above your dresser are adorable! Great color scheme!

    Now to just finish DS' new room and do a couple things to update the nursery and I will be ready to post some pics! Thanks for the motivation ladies!
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    @champhe - I love it! 

    As far as white noise machines and blackout curtains go, we have never done either. The biggest reason is travel. We visit family and travel quite a bit and I would hate for my kids to rely on either of those things to be able to sleep. We've never had an issue and I have never felt like we needed them or were missing out on something. 
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  • I use the lullaby channel on Pandora for my girls "white noise". It travels easy as I have it on my phone/iPad. I think it definitely helps drown out the outside noises and is super necessary for us! We live on a military base with constant flyovers of helicopters, a shooting range at all hours, and the morning/nightly cannon that is down the street from our house! I can hear it all from my bedroom but it never disturbs our kids. 
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  • For those of you with the cube storage, what are you planning on storing in them? I have an extra cube storage shelf in our basement that I keep thinking I'll move up to the nursery closet, but I can't figure out what I would want to store in it! 
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  • @hp_momma I have 8 cubes. The top 4 I left open for standing up extra books and bigger toys. The bottom 4 I put storage cubes in for toys. I'd like to use one of the cubes for outgrown clothes, we will see.
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    @hp_momma , I love me some cube storage! I have 4 in the closet for baby girl and 4 out in her room under her changing table. I use the ones under her changing table space for things that I would normally store in a dresser and want to have easy access to and anticipate changing frequently (so I've got one filled with onesies, one with leggings/bottoms, and one with sleepers) and the 4th bin is toys. In her closet, I've hung all out her "outfits" and the cubes are: 2 cubes of next size up clothing, 1 cube of towels/washcloths, and 1 cube of sleepsacks/swaddles. Her closet also has a bunch of baskets for socks, burp cloths, medical stuff (thermometers, diaper rash cream, etc)...

    I have a 4 cube system in my son's room--now that he is older and wearing mostly tees/tops and jeans/pants, that stuff is all hung in the closet/in a couple of bins (sleepwear, towels) and the 4 bins under his changing table are used for toy storage. 

    ETA: That's just what I put in the actual baskets of the cubes. In both DD and DS's rooms, the storage under their changing table has 8 cube shelves, 4 with baskets and 4 without. In DS's room, one of the open cube shelves is a basket of diapers, the other 3 are books. In DD's room, one is a basket for diapers, one is for books, and the other 2 just have cute little knickknacks, but will likely be replaced by books in the near future. 
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