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Nursery Thread

Hi ladies,

It may be too early for this, but I've been inspired by looking at some other BMB's nursery threads and thought we could start our own.  I am guessing many of us haven't done much on our nurseries yet (but if you have, post your pictures and shame the rest of us slackers!) but it could be fun to share ideas and add to this as we get more done.

If you have nursery pictures (either real or Pinterest inspiration) post them here!

Re: Nursery Thread

  • Yesssss! As some of you know, we're doing a Wes Anderson theme. I have idea pictures to post :)

    Our color scheme will be reddish orange, orange, mustard, and green
  • @RainyDays86, love the vintage travel theme!! I went that direction with my DS's nursery and loved it. Also loved that it was easy to morph/update as he got a little older. Can't wait to see it all together!
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  • I love everyone's ideas so far!  @SWE2 my cousin did a woodland/forest theme for her son with similar bold colors to what you're thinking if yours is a boy and hers turned out really well.
  • I don't have any pictures, and won't until way after baby is born, but my theme is pretty much colors and a touch of nature. I like lots of color, and pretty much just go "do I like this?" and then I get it. I've never been able to do theme's very well, but this plan has always worked for me in the past.
  • @absbubbs we didn't do a theme for DS's nursery, just a color scheme I liked and it looked great!  I am a firm believer that you don't need a theme for a nursery, wedding, etc. to make it beautiful and cohesive.
    Oh my goodness, we didn't have a theme for the wedding and people did NOT like that. I hate that if I really like something I can't use it because "it doesn't go with the theme".
  • @pshaortao - I totally have this exact picture on my secret nursery Pinterest board! Love it.
  • @RainyDays86 I saved my Rifle Paper Co Travel calendar for all the cute prints in case we did a travel theme! 
  • SWE2 said:
    We are having the upstairs bedrooms re-carpeted this month and then already have a painter scheduled for January to paint the nursery after we find out the gender. For a girl will do grey walls and blush, light pink dark pink accents and flowers.  For a boy doing a moose theme with mint, grey and navy. Grey walls and then navy and grey for furniture and then mint here and there. Found a really cute weathered grey fan that would look great in the room. Now I have to wait to see what we get to do  
    Love! Totally my style
  • Love all these ideas! DDs nursery was a woodland theme. For this baby we haven't even thought of nursery ideas. Maybe after we find out Wednesday we'll start to make plans for this LOs nursery! 

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  • Our Nursery is the foot of our bed.  It's not too thrilling and we won't redecorate for it.  I don't like having my babies in another room to sleep until they're at least 1.  Once they're older and STTN this kid will share a room with whatever sibling they are the same sex as.

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  • This is what DD's nursery currently looks like. Walls and furniture will remain the same for this baby but we'll update bedding and I have a few decor pieces to put up that I bought when I was pregnant with DS that we never used. Colors will be brown and green. 
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  • This is the current nursery.  We need to remove a crib (and a lot of storage junk) and I want to redo the glider in the playroom and put it in there.  We find out in 2 weeks if this is a boy or girl and then I really need to go through baby junk.

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  • No matter what, the baby will use the same crib/dresser/glider as my previous two. But other than that I haven't really planned anything yet until we find out the sex!

    If it's a girl I'm more than likely going to use the same mobile/bedding/accessories that I used with DD1 and DD2. It's Potterybarn Kids so it wasn't cheap and it's held up really well. Third kid problem but there's no reason to not use it! It's mostly light pinks and whites. 

    If it's a boy, DH is adamant on a sports theme. He thinks more hanging his favorite sports team posters on the wall and I have to remind him this is a nursery and not a teenagers room lol. I can compromise with some vintage sports stuff I guess. 

    BUT this baby might not even have a nursery set up until after it's born depending on our house. We put our name on a housing list to move to a different neighborhood (we live on a military post) that has an extra room that can be used as a playroom and a fenced yard. The waitlist is anywhere from 3-12 months so I don't want to set up a nursery here to take it down and move! Baby sleeps in our room for the first 3-4 months anyways. 
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  • Wow I have to say I am admiring these sweet girl nurseries. After 2 boys I dreamed of doing a girls room but boys are our destiny haha. I love DS nursery wall that my hubby did. Other than that we keep it very simple. Our crib was chewed up by baby number 1 and is still being used by baby 2. I secretly want a new one for baby 3 but I don't think that will happen   

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  • DD and this babe will share a room so colors need to remain the same-ish. Her bedding is gray, white, and pink so we will be sticking with gray and white until D-day. Once the baby is here and find out which team we're on then we'll incorporate different elements. If it's a boy I will not be allowed to do anything but sports, which I am totally ok with. If it's a girl we will just keep things pretty much the same. 
  • Loving all the ideas and themes. This LO will be using the nursery we already have set up and we will be redoing our office for our toddler. So I have been getting excited about toddler room ideas. I do feel a bit bad that DS will have gotten two new rooms and the new baby will get the same room. I do love our nursery though. 
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  • @ShadeofGreen816 what is with guys and the sports theme?! I've had to talk my DH down from the over the top theme as well! 
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  • @mamatowildones I need this lamp! Where is it from?
  • @erinh2005 lowes! I think IKEA has some too!

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  • I have a nautical nursery from DS2...I'll likely just plop the baby girl in that room and have DS2 bunk with DS1.
  • JCWhitey said:
    Our Nursery is the foot of our bed.  It's not too thrilling and we won't redecorate for it.  I don't like having my babies in another room to sleep until they're at least 1.  Once they're older and STTN this kid will share a room with whatever sibling they are the same sex as.
    @JCWhitey our son is still in our room and he is 16 months. We were going to transition him into his own room at this point, but being that we'll be moving into a new home soon'ish, we figured we'd wait. So we have his mattress next to ours.

    We didn't have a theme when we created his nursery at the house we just sold, just white furniture with gray and navy blue accents. My baby shower theme was a book theme, so we ended up with a ton of books (score!) and after displaying them in white shelves, it brought so much color in. Since he slept in his crib in our room, we would do story/play time in there.

    This time around, we will set the crib back up in our room and we'll be one big happy family! Once we move into the new house... we shall see... but most likely baby boy #2 will still be in our room. 

    @mdlorenz Pinterest is a big black hole for me as well, lol!

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