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Feeding Your Baby

1 thread dedicated to getting and giving support and sharing helpful tips and tricks.  At this point the consensus seems to be to have 1 thread for all types of feeding (BF, FF, pumping) and potentially branch out later on if needed.

Please remember that everyone is doing the best they can for their LOs.  Judgement and criticism of feeding decisions that may differ from your personal philosophy will not be tolerated here.  A fed baby is best!
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Re: Feeding Your Baby

  • Thanks for starting this! I'm having a tough time pumping at night...mainly bc I keep turning my alarm off and then falling right back asleep! My supply still seems to be good during the day (it's happened 2 or three nights in a row now). I'll pump around 11-12 and then again between 2-3 and then after that I'm out cold. Any advice or if you know that's going to end poorly? Just not sure myself.
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  • @Schmooie730 Kudos to you for at least trying! I gave up the night pumping after about a week. I was an absolute zombie and the constant washing of parts/hooking everything up was just miserable. I'm hoping that the daytime nursing and pumping will be sufficient and my body will figure it out soon. But I will cross that bridge when I get there. Bottle feeding at night has seemed to help make feedings quicker and lets me get a bit more sleep so I'm not stressed out constantly.
  • I love this thread. With ds breast feeding was a nightmare! I felt unprepared for it. I'll be lurking here picking up tips and support until I have an outside baby :) you ladies are awesome!!
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  • Great idea for a thread!!! I'm on day 5 of breastfeeding. It's going well for the most part. My nipples feel raw though. And they stick to my clothes. OWWW. Rowan's latch hurts so bad sometimes. I've been really trying to pay attention to it and unlatch him if it's bad. At night it's hard because I can't see and I'm just so ungodly tired. He feeds literally every hour starting around 8 all the way until 7-8 the next morning. I don't know how I'll be able to keep up with this kind of schedule. Is this normal for a newborn? He does really well during the day. Eats about every 2-4 hours and sleeps the rest of the time. 
  • @foxa319 ahh, that is great advice! THANK YOU! I'm going to try that this weekend!
  • @Racso12 dealing with the same thing over here. E wants to eat all. The. Time. We went from one extreme-not taking the boob and barely eating- to the other, eating at least once every hour, especially at night. My nips hurt so badly! Lanolin helps a bit. I'll be trying @foxa319's advice as well! Love this thread.
  • The past week or so (E is almost 3 weeks) he's been struggling with latching during some feedings. He'll latch easily and then pop off/relatch over and over again. Usually while screaming at me and arching his back. I've been reading nonstop and it seems like it could be either slow let down or fast let down, but I don't really know how to tell. When he pops off I see milk in his mouth, but my boobs never spray milk out or anything like that, so I'm not sure what the problem is or how to fix it. It's driving me crazy though, especially when it happens at 3am. 

  • @elenabrent I have a fast letdown but only on my left side, mine sprays prob 50% of the time if he pops off. Have you pumped at all? Pumping and watching the through the flanges may give you an idea of what's going on. 
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    @elenabrent M has been doing a similar thing where he latches and then pulls off like he's frustrated and makes this snorting noise. I can usually get him to latch again no problem but I am curious whether it has to do with my letdown or if he's just being a weirdo. 
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  • @elenabrent @stellaluna14 E does the same thing sometimes! My supply seems normal- I don't fit in either category's symptoms. Sometimes I think he's just tired, sometimes gassy, sometimes fussy, and sometimes dislikes the position he's in. I can't track it to any one thing but it tends to subside after a bit. Let me know if you notice anything else.
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  • @stellaluna14@elenabrent@theshannondee my E is the same way-she will latch just fine, then let go and thrash her head around like a shark until I get her calmed down to where she can latch again. I can't figure out why, but it's a bit frustrating. 
  • @Schmooie730 the LCs here recommend a 4 hour stretch of sleeping before your first pumping session, then every 3 hours after that. I also kept sleeping through the alarm but eventually found a groove. I've also heard of people setting their alarms to the sound of a baby crying but I didn't try that. 

    I also second the not needing to wash pump parts every time. I actually keep everything in a cooler by the bed so I don't even need to get out of bed! I just wash them in the morning.
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  • Is anyone exclusively breast feeding? Not pumping at all? Do you have any reservations about doing that? 
  • @rakel88 I'm EBF and Im only getting stressed about it now that she's still cluster feeding. I feel like we can't leave the house because she just wants to eat all the time. Besides that I have no worries about EBF
  • @onesassybishh I am too, and I only had an inkling of a worry when my husband said "so you won't ever really be able to do anything or go anywhere by yourself, huh?" And until he's eating solids, I guess not? No one else will be able to feed him until then, and after my husband said that, on the one hand I'm like "oh damn.." But then on the other hand I'm really happy about that :) 
  • Moms who are BF, did any of you not have signs of leaking before birth?  I'm getting nervous because I've seen no signs of colostrum and I'm 38 weeks tomorrow.  My nipples have changed over the course of pregnancy, but not in the last few weeks.  I'm scared this is a sign I won't make colostrum/milk!
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  • @megstervt don't worry you will be fine! With ds I was induced st 36 weeks, and had absolutely nothing different going on w the boobs! Milk took a little longer to come in but I think it's cuz I was early and my body wasn't quite ready!
  • @megstervt I had zero leaking prior to birth and everything is going fine. I was really worried too.  Rowan was born on Tuesday and my milk came in today. Whatever side I'm not feeding on will leak milk while R feeds off the other boob. So I feel like production is good. 

    @rakel88 I was going to EBF but Ive decided I'm going to pump for times I may be away. I can tell my husband is sad he can't do any feelings so I'd like him to be able to give a bottle occasionally. 
  • @megstervt I had no signs either and surprisingly have a really good supply. 
  • @rakel88- With DD I pumped about 15 times in the 18 months that I BF. I didn't leave her for more than 3 hours at a time until she was about 8 months old. I just nursed before leaving her. She didn't spend the night away from us until 18 months old. With DD2 I hope to start pumping next week about 3 times per week so DH can feed her a few bottles. 

    @megstervt- with DD I never leaked before delivery. My milk came in on day 4 and I successfully BF for 18 months. Don't worry! 
  • @megstervt I had nothing until today and she was born Tuesday. I had the same fears and now I'm ecstatic to have something! 
  • @rakel88 my plan is to BF almost exclusively. I have a pump because my insurance covered it and my plan is to pump occasionally to freeze in case we need it because for some reason I'm gone for more than a few hours. I figure it can't hurt to have it set aside but I don't know how often we will actually use it. 
  • @megstervt I never leaked or had any signs of colostrum. Even now I don't leak milk unless I am CRAZY engorged and haven't fed him or pumped in several hours yet I have a good milk supply. Boobs are weird.
    @rakel88 I am EBFing for the most part (oxymoron?). E had a bottle today when I was gone for 4 hours and has had one another time. He will need one next weekend when we're at a wedding. Otherwise day to day it's all boobs. I wonder if this will screw things up when he has to go to daycare at 5.5 months and won't have boob access....? Any STM's who can weigh in on that?
  • Thanks guys!  I'll cross that off the list of things to worry about.  Don't be concerned, there's plenty more on that list!

    @rakel88 EBF would be my preference, but I have to go back to work at 10 weeks and DH feels pretty strongly about being able to feed LO too so it's not in the cards for us.  If it can work for your lifestyle and your partner is on board you'll make it work!
    Me: 29 & Husband: 36                                                         
    Married: October 2014
    NTNP: April 2015 - June 2015
    M/C: June 2015
    TTC #1 since September 2015
    BFP: 11/9/15 - EDD: 7/24/16
  • @theshannondee- if he has already taken a bottle, that is awesome!  Since he needs to take a bottle at daycare I would keep giving him bottles at least a few times per week so he is still comfortable with them. We waited too long to introduce bottles to my daughter and she refused them. This time we plan on introducing bottles at around 3 weeks old and hopefully giving them to her a few times per week. 

    @rakel88- one thing to think about is having some milk in the freezer for an emergency. I know people that have gotten really sick/had to have emergency surgery and had to take non-breastfeeding friendly medicine for a few days. One person had milk in the freezer and one didn't. 
  • @holly142 thanks for that input. I hadn't really thought about emergencies... Probably be a good idea to be prepared just in case. 

    @stellaluna14 yea I got a pump from insurance too but it's still in the box it came in. I wasn't going to even get it but the LC I saw in the hospital took it upon herself to call and order it for me. I think I'll probably do the same as you, have some just in case but BF exclusively. 

    @megstervt I can understand that. I work from home so I'll be with him all the time, and while I'm sure my husband would like to be able to feed him every so often, he knows I want to EBF so it's not something he's ever brought up. I hope it works out! 
  • Has anyone had any experience with this product? Unfortunately E has nipple confusion and prefers the bottle so I'm pumping. 
  • @DarkCat yep I am using this as we speak... I own two and it does make things easier so you can pump hands free. After washing it it became a little looser which is annoying so I wouldn't get it too big if you decide to go for it...
  • Anybody else awake and nursing? I've been up with him for the last 2 hours and nursed twice on each boob. There's no way he should still be hungry but he fusses and roots like crazy if I try to stop. Mommy needs a break. 
  • @jennyleigh16 me! Sounds like cluster feeding which can be exhausting. Have you tried side laying nursing?
  • @jennyleigh16 I'm awake! Up every single hour feeding. Anytime I lay him down after a feeding session he's quiet for  a few minutes and then cries. So back in bed I bring him to feed/calm him down. I want to cry. I can't keep doing this every night.
  • @Racso12 it won't be like this forever! If he's gaining weight, and Having good pees and poops hes not hungry he's probably comfort nursing. I've had problems over the past couple nights of getting lo to sleep in his rnp. He does the same you said, is OK for a min then starts screaming. I think he just wants me and to sleep with me. After I nursed at 1:30 last night I woke up dh and had him burp him and put him back to bed to see if that would make a difference. Lo went right back to sleep! 
  • @jennyleigh16- I am up nursing! Using my phone to keep me awake. DD has woken up 2 times. DD2 is nursing for her 3rd time. Tired...

    In my Jan 2014 birth board, we had a daily thread for those awake at night. It worked well for those with pregnancy insomnia and those up with baby. 
  • Glad to see I'm not alone but sorry to all the other mommas up in the middle of the night.  
    @theshannondee he does cluster feed but I think last night was more comfort nursing than anything because he would latch but only give a couple sucks and then just sit there. I haven't tried side laying nursing but I'm a little afraid I'd fall asleep and roll onto him. We have a pack n play that he occasionally naps in during the day but we end up co-sleeping by accident at night because I fall asleep with him on the boob and he just stays there until the next feeding. 
    @Racso12 I'm with you. My husband works shift work and right now he's on a stretch of early day shifts. So I'm pretty much on my own from about 10pm (so MH can get some sleep) to 4pm when he gets home. Even then, he nurses pretty much every hour and 45, so it's not like I can get a solid nap or anything.  I can't keep up this pace, I'm gonna go crazy.  
  • @Serpica what size did you get? I'm a 42 C and I think the XL will fit?
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