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  • @theshannondee I hate to say I'm glad someone else is having the same problem but it's reassuring. We're only 4 days pp but I'll give up caffeine/pop if it means that we aren't cranky for hours!
  • @kellz14 @arhodes6 Yep, leaning back seems to be helping right now. We were out of the house a lot today (the park, a portrait studio) and it wasn't so easy to do so I was a panicked mess.  May stick around home more tomorrow. I hope it doesn't take too long to straighten out. Thanks ladies. 
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  • setoshsetosh member
    I've heard you're supposed to keep limiting caffiene while breastfeeding. I think about 2 cans a day is the max? But everyone says different things. 
  • @setosh definitely something to keep in mind. It was a drive thru soda
  • Did any of you drink caffeine/soda through pregnancy? I did, though I of course limited the amount, and still do and I'm exclusively breastfeeding and haven't noticed any correlation. Just throwing it out there in case you guys did still drink those things while pregnant, maybe the cause is something else. I went to a La Leche League meeting and we talked about how what we consume doesn't really go through our breast milk and to the baby in the same way that it enters our systems. 
  • @rakel88 I drank 1 coffee every day and occasionally a soda or something else with caffeine in my 2nd and 3rd trimesters and I've continued that while breastfeeding and I haven't noticed any correlation either. Maybe because he was already used to the same levels of caffeine in utero? I read somewhere that the carbonation in soda causes gas/ fussiness more so than the caffeine in it. Dunno how much truth there is to it though. 
  • Sorry, here's another question. So my let down is seeming too fast as LO is spacing out his feedings and doing less cluster feedings or snacking. One breast feels much more engorged than the other. He will tire of that breast and still take the other. Do I keep offering the engorged side first each feeding or does that make it worse? My thought is he's not really emptying it, so keep starting on that side until it feels comfortable.
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  • Stms...when did your milk come in? I am on day 2 and really hoping for an early release by day 3. I was induced and heard that can delay.
  • Nipple shields help with latch and overactive letdown!  You can use it for a few minutes and then take it off.  Then the initial gush of milk is more manageable for your little one!  It also helps soften the nipple of the breast that is engorged so that your little one can latch better. @whataboutscience
  •  @whataboutscience I've found massaging my really engorged breast to soften it before feeding really works. The LC advised me not to automatically switch breasts so I reoffer the engorged side when needed. Also for fast flow the LC suggested standing football hold while I lean back for feedings which has worked pretty well. Often LO starts on that then we switch her back to her favorite cradle hold when the worst of the pressure is off my breastfeeding.
  • @rakel88 I typically drank 1 fountain soda almost every day while pregnant but it was my first caffeine since my milk came in. I was trying to figure out why we had such a fussy babe last night. 
    Another related question (& it may have been asked already): gas relief drops. Yay or nay?
  • @whataboutscience I would thinking offering the engorged breast would just encourage that side to keep overproducing.  Having an oversupply is both a blessing and a curse.  I'm trying to lower mine because DD was having basically diarrhea, was super gassy, and showing other signs of an oversupply.  I'm currently giving her formula while trying to pump only what she needs so I can get my milk more balanced and don't feel like I'm poisoning my DD.... so I'm living with engorgement while trying to even this out.  It's not fun :/!
    Also as far as the overactive letdown.  I read on kellymom that once you feel your let down... detach lo and let it flow into a burp cloth or blanket.  Then reattach lo.  This might be easier to do in public than reclining.     
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  • @whataboutscience I'm also dealing with the same issue along with over supply. The mornings are the worse for me and the first couple days I felt like I could never relieve the engorgement. I call my left the "Rambo Boob" because of how intense it is. I think I have it managed now but I'm sure what I'm doing isn't correct according to a LC. 

    I always offer my non engorged boob first in the morning. I try to keep C on that one and if she really needs the other I will switch and keep an eye on her. (She tends to projectile). After she goes down for a nap I pump. This sets me up for better feedings on both throughout the day since she feeds about every 2 hours. I will also hand pump after her night feeding if she slept for over 4 hours and it is still engorged. 

    Probably counter productive but I have noticed relief and I have a nice freezer supply started now too ☺️
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  • Very interesting about carbonation causing gas. Aubrey has been really gassy lately and I couldn't figure out what I was eating that was upsetting her. I'll have to experiment with giving up pop. I have had pop during pregnancy so we will have to do a little science experiment.

    As for gas drops, my ped said they were okay to use. I'm going to buy gripe water today while I'm out so we can see if that helps her break up the gas in her belly. Right now I'm using a formula made for gassy babies at every other feeding to help settle her.
  • I drank half caf lattes daily through pregnancy and pop when I felt like it. I was always under the impression of what @rakel88 and LLL said, that not much transfers through milk so I never thought twice. It's just crazy how we have seen a total correlation here but it could be coincidence, who knows?!
    As for gas drops and gripe water we use them when E is really pissed but I sorta feel they have the placebo effect. They're sweet and calm E down and focus his attention away from screaming his head off- but I don't see a lot of actual gas relief besides that sometimes he becomes calm enough to then let out some gas. YMMV.  
  • I've had AT LEAST one cup of coffee every day since before I got pregnant. It doesn't seem to be negatively affecting him and it's definitely positively affecting me so let's hope it stays that way!

    Any mamas get nipple blisters from overpumping? How long does it take to heal? I pumped WAY too long yesterday (honestly I spaced out and was watching some heavy shit go down on Downton Abbey so I lost track of time....oops) and I am paying for it! I've been icing them before he latches and using lanolin after and trying to air them out but damn it hurts! Any advice?
  • @stellaluna14 I have no solution or answer but I have the same problem. I haven't tried icing them before feeding but Ill give that a shot to see if it makes me feel less miserable. 
  • @babycakesday I read on kellymom that icing before helps numb the pain for the initial latch since that's supposed to be the most painful part when you have a nipple injury/laceration. 

  • I am too lazy to look and not sure what to search but what app is good for tracking feedings?
  • @mrsmommya I'm sure there are a ton! A free one I found is literally called "Baby Tracker". You can record diapers & times of changes and it'll keep time for feedings.
  • This is weird, but every time I nurse, my neck and chin get really itchy. Is that a thing? 
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  • setoshsetosh member
    This is weird, but every time I nurse, my neck and chin get really itchy. Is that a thing? 
    I'm not sure about that, but my nose gets itchy as soon as I start pumping. 
  • @mrsmommya someone on here recommended the "Baby Nursing" app and I love it!
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  • AB34 said:
    @mrsmommya someone on here recommended the "Baby Nursing" app and I love it!
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  • My armpit get SO itchy when I breast feed it's bizarre 
  • My armpits too!!!!  SO WEIRD!!!!
  • @babycakesday my son was hospitalized for Jaundice last Wednesday and needed light therapy and also dehydration from not eating enough. I had no idea he wasn't and felt horrible. Like you, I've been trying to breastfeed but LO gets so frustrated a 30 min session turned into 2 and 1/2 hours and me losing my cool and freaking out to DH who felt totally helpless. The hospital and the pediatrician recommmend I supplement with pumping and formula. I didnt want to do the formula but after his stay, I don't care what I have to do for him to get nutrition. I feel for all of you but at the same time realived other mothers are in similar situations! It's been a crazy adventure and the "baby blues" makes me cry about EVERYTHING but that's another story :confused:
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  • setoshsetosh member
    @Jodi1980 so sorry to hear about your troubles!! I have had to pump (thanks to you I have one!!) because my nipples are inverted and cause the LO a lot of stress during feedings. Thanks to pumping/supplementing he hasn't lost any weight since his discharge from the hospital. My BF thought I was mad at the baby, but I had to explain how frustrating feedings are! 
  • Hang in there @Jodi1980!!! I have to give my baby formula too and I totally cried when I found out I couldn't feed him with BF alone. But fed is best, right? And I just need to make sure he's fed. I'm offering the breast before formula but also pumping while his dad feeds him his bottle. It's a lot of work and I don't produce enough milk. Lots of crying on my end as well. I hope things get better for you!
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  • @Jodi1980 It is a very hard thing to deal with on top of an emergency c-section and a million other things that haven't gone to plan. I was very dead set on EBF that when I was told I'd have to supplement I took just as hard as the cs. I had her the entire first day and never realized she was yellow. It made me feel awful. How did I miss something that was so obvious to the nurse? It's slowly worked out though. The nursing staff was great and even though we tried other methods of incorporating formula while I breastfed I ended up having to formula feed her from a bottle. She's still breastfeeding just fine and I also pump. 

    It's always nice to know its not just you. I know I've had a lot of moments in the last few days where I felt like a failure at being a mom. Knowing that many others have had to make similar choices or been similar situations is very reassuring. 
  • Does anyone else get really cold after nursing?  It's quite warm here, but everyone time LO is finished eating I get this chill and have to crawl under blankets for a bit to warm up.  Blowing air, like from a fan, seems to make it worse.  Am I just a weirdo??
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  • This is weird, but every time I nurse, my neck and chin get really itchy. Is that a thing? 
    I get this too!!! I thought I was crazy! It's always on my right side! Off to Google this now. 
  • @HoneyBear40 I might be the resident expert on gassy babies. Mine was struggling big time. I read caffeine could be an issue but I don't think it's my issue, as I drank half caf coffee/lattes throughout my pregnancy. However the pediatrician did mention dairy being an issue!! I've since given up dairy and noticed an improvement!!! Also use gas drops when needed. Those have helped too as has gripe water. My husband really puts a lot of effort into doing all the gas relieving massages too. That helps also!! Supposedly this is largely an issue up until 8-12 weeks because their digestive systems are so new and underdeveloped. So there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!!
  • @TiffRox81 what were the symptoms your LO had? My LO will be sleeping and then just start moaning,  grunting,  moving around and look in pain,  then I'll see bubbles coming out of his mouth.  He rarely spits up though.  I don't know if it's silent reflux,  gas, or a combination of the two.  At advice of our dr we're trying gripe water and gas drops. Keeping him elevated on the RnP doesn't seem to work.  But him sleeping on my chest in his belly does,  til i put him down. I started cutting out dairy a few days ago to see if it will help.. 
  • @kellz14 my LO does the same thing with the grunting...all In all he's a very noisy sleeper. He also gets hiccups frequently. Sometimes the gas drops or gripe water help but sometimes not. I've noticed turning him slightly off of his back but not all the way on his side seems to help a bit.
  • DD was colicky. She would cry 3-4 hours each evening and would scrunch up like she was in pain. I tried giving up all dairy. It got so much better!  Night and day difference. Apparently 80% of kids outgrow dairy allergies by age 2. Every 3 months I tried dairy. At 6 months, she cried for 4 hours when I had a tiny bit of dairy. At 9 months, she was okay!  At 12 months we started giving her whole milk with no problems. 
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    @kellz14 It's largely an issue after feeding, which leads me to believe it is definitely tied to my breastmilk. She would just screech and pimp her legs. When it was at its worst, it would take us forever to get her to sleep....until she finally worked through it. The dairy being gone has made a big difference. Not 100% but between that and the gas drops she's like a new baby!! She's still excessively gassy!! And hiccups all the time. 

    ETA - A friend also recommended taking probiotics. They also make them for infants but I wasn't able to find those locally so I'm just taking them myself. I'm on day 2 of that. We'll see how that goes!
  • Anyone having an issue with spitting up? We're 11 days PP and on day 4 of spitting up. She doesn't do it after every feeding but it seems like a lot when she does. She is still eating well and we try letting her settle after eating then try burping (which most of the time nothing happens). There are no warning signs either - all of a sudden it's all over her and myself. I have also tried keeping her head above her stomach when nursing. It is so frustrating because I feel like she is spitting up all the food she needs and the first 6 days were fine. 
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  • @derivemypi Our LO was spitting up a ton for awhile and now she's fine with just occasional spit ups. I think like everything else that it was a phase. Sitting her up after feeding for awhile helped a bit.
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