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  • Breastfeeding mamas- does anybody have a baby that goes back and forth and back and forth and back and forth between boobs during feedings?  It used to irritate me and I thought it was a phase that would pass.  But now I'm just curious why it happens!  Any guesses?   I thought maybe it was an indication of no milk left but when I check, I've still got milk there.
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    I agree,  that may be it! ^^^
    L someone's will chug water from his cup,  and then go to boobs. Maybe offer some water and see what kind of reaction you get? L likes to have water in his cup, available at all times. 
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    @austinjl E has just recently started doing that too, although we're in the process of weaning. She seems to get too distracted on one side so will move to the other and switches several times before getting comfortable. I'm slowly losing my supply too so that might be affecting her.
  • Having a hard time with this forced weaning thing. My OB had me quit cold turkey on Wednesday and P has been tugging on my shirt saying muh-muh constantly and I hate not being allowed to nurse him! In my mind I had intended to wean around one year but not so abruptly. Ugh. Not fun. 
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    @winnie1122 oh, that's awful! I've never heard of weaning cold turkey. My pedi said that we would get rid of me pumping/day feedings first and then slowly drop one feeding at a time, leaving the bedtime feeding for last. She told me to expect it to take a few months at least. I'm sorry. That doesn't sound like fun at all. 
  • @winnie1122 Because of your new pregnancy? Ugh!! I'm sorry it's tough for him. Hopefully things get easier. And hopefully you find a BM replacement that works!! I'm sure that will help. L now loves milk so much it was pretty easy to dial it back here. 
  • @shaylalr You're the first person to say this! So many people give me awful stories about the switch. She takes almond milk like a champ so hoping that's a good sign. 
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    @winnie1122 we haven't been doing MOTN nursing in awhile, but I noticed my supply really tank around 6 or 7 weeks. Not sure how far along you are, but the pregnancy may help dry you up!
  • Ugh- 2 days of half formula and half whole milk = disaster and all night scream fests.  Pretty sure she can't tolerate the milk (she did this as a newborn until I discovered soy formula, too).   I think we'll be on soy milk instead of whole. 
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