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    CD 8 + OPK? I was thinking false surge but DH thinks birth control has me out of whack and we should HIO anyway. 

    That's still really early for me. Earliest I've ever ovulated is CD 15 and it's usually CD 18 ish. 

    Eta now I'm freaking out because we can't have sex until tonight. Whenever I see a +OPK it makes me feel like we have to do it as soon as the test dries. 

    I've got a 12 -24 hr warning?  right? RIGHT? it's not too late? I'm all wigged  out! 
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  • @iceandsnowflakes29 HIO is always the way to go in my book. Hah
    Me: 32 DH: 36
    Married 5/08
    BFP #1: 1/27/13 DS #1 born 10/16/13
    BFP #2: 1/20/16, ectopic discovered 1/23/16
    Surgery 1/23/16 to remove ruptured tube
    TTCAL 3/16
    BFP #3: 3/24/17 EDD 12/5/17
    DS #2 born 12/11/17

  • Hi ladies!  It's been a while since I last posted.  A quick re-intro....husband and I started TTC in December of 2015.  Got first BFP February 8.  Found out I had had a MMC on March 25 (should have been around 10 weeks, it happened around 7 weeks, 3 days).  Had a D&C that day, OB said to wait to start trying again until after I had my first natural period. Period came 29 days later, and has been regular the last 2 cycles.  I started using OPKs now since I wasn't sure what my ovulation would be like, but looks like they are getting back to around my normal, putting ovulation around day 17.  Today I am on cycle day 16, and the OPK this afternoon was positive.  Unfortunately, my husband left for an out of town work trip today and will be gone for a while.  :(  We were able to BD Saturday, Sunday, and yesterday, but not today before he left.  I'm just crossing my fingers that some of his swimmers stick around through tomorrow!!  I feel a little down thinking that it might not happen this month, but I guess we will see.  Hope you ladies have good luck this month :)
    Me: 31 DH: 32
    Married April 2014
    TTC since December 2015
    1st BFP: February 8, 2016; MMC at 7 weeks, 3 days; Discovered at 10 weeks; D&C March 25
    2nd BFP: June 20, 2016; CP June 22, 2016
    3rd BFP: August 13, 2016!!  Fingers crossed!!

  • FX that I may actually belong here this month! Two cycles ago I went 50 days (w/ no ovulation) before AF. that's when I realized i needed to get healthy ASAP if we had any chance of seeing a BFP in 2016. I tweaked my diet, bought a gym membership and managed to get my next cycle down to 45 days! (I'm taking that as a win) I also got a +OPK last cycle, unlike the previous one but 6 days after the +OPK my progesterone was .51 so my OB said no ovulation :(
     I'm now on CD3 and temping for the first time ever to see if just maybe I'm Oing late! Praying for an ovulatory cycle!!!
    DH - 34, Me - 32
    Married 7/13
    TTC #1 since 10/13
    BFP 2/4/15, MC twin boys at 18w3d 5/15
    IUI #1 2/25/16

  • CD 9 and I have questions : 

    1.) Any seasoned OPK pros willing to tell wtf is going on with my pee sticks? Anyone care to let me PM you pics? ( I wish I was kidding  but I'm stumped and the H is no help).

    2.) EW EGG white CM BUT. Tinged with blood?? WTH? Is that common? Anyone had this? I'm telling you it is Text book TCOYF egg white stretches 2 miles long but looks brown like it is tinged with a bit of blood.

    I had a 3rd question but forgot it. 
  • @iceandsnowflakes29 I usually have EWCM during and just after my period. Not sure when you ended, but it could be blood left over from that? For me it will go away for a few days and then come back right before ovulation. 

    When do you normally ovulate? I'm a pretty early ovulator around CD 12-13 and so I'll often see EWCM through my first half of my cycle, but not get a positive OPK until the day or 2 before O. 

    As far as the OPK have you tried the OPK gallery on Fertility Friend? You can search for progression of positive OPKs that can give you a good idea for what you're looking for. 
  • @iceandsnowflakes29 I have read somewhere that some people get some slight blood-tinged CM during ovulation especially after a loss. Not sure how valid it is but I know I've read it a few different times. I guess people can even have some spotting when they ovulate. 
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  • @BornReady  is the OPK progression gallery a feature that free FF users can use? I don't own the VIP version.  

    My period ended last Friday. 

    I normally ovulate later around CD 18-20. However, I'm 4 cycles post loss and a few weeks off the mini pill. 

    I have ovulated early as CD 15. 

    My OPKS were negative until yesterday morning and that is when I got the first + (test line darker than the control). 

    I tested again yesterday afternoon and it was negative. 

    I tested last night negative. 

    I tested this morning and it was positive again (test line darker than the ctrl line). 

    My cervix is very high (I can't reach it) and had egg white CM. I had sex last night. 

    I'm not temping  (I know, I know I really should go back to that). But, I can usually pin point O with OPKS, CM, and CP. I'm just way out of practice. 
  • @iceandsnowflakes29 Yes, it's a free feature. I don't have VIP and I can see it, try this link.

    It seems odd to me that you are having positives with negatives mixed in, is it possible that your negatives were just used with diluted urine? Are you using OPK with FMU/are they tests designed to do that? I'm stumped! Otherwise, it sounds like you might be gearing up to O so get on that :wink: 
  • Welp CD 17 here and had low fertility on my CBAD opk yesterday and today. Once I start getting high fertility will HIO!! Ugh just want to be in the TWW already...damn ovaries, get with the program. 
  • Moving over here now on CD 2.  This is my second cycle after my most recent D&C.  It looks like DH and I will be apart during ovulation so I don't have high expectations for this month, but we'll keep trying anyway.
  • Back here at cd3. I pretty much knew I was out and was just waiting for af. Trying to stay positive. Although it doesn't help when my DH tells me that he has to go out of town on the 20-21 and I will probably ovulate on the 21st! He's going to try to get the job pushed back a day or so. FX that he can. It seems that his boss sends him out of town every month during my FW. So annoying!
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  • @lilyaster and @moosfish Sorry about the traveling husbands. My DH often travels for work and trying to arrange around TTC was just another stressor on top of everything else.
  • Long LH surges? 

    Does anyone have a long surge? I'm on day 3 of glaring positives. This morning's was a hair lighter. 

    I started temping yesterday. Yes. Mid cycle. Worked well enough last time but I've made a vow to never stop temping again.

    I'm so frustrated. I just want to confirm O. And I crashed so hard last night, we didn't have sex. We're going to HIO tonight just in case. 
  • @iceandsnowflakes29 I had 3 days of positives this cycle as well. First was Sunday  afternoon, positives through Tuesday morning and then my Tiesday after was still dark but not positive. I ovulated Tuesday afternoon/night 

    sound be soon for you!
  • My DH goes out of town a lot for work too so we missed a lot of FW TTC...but his company just merged with a larger company so I don't think he will be traveling as much soon. 
  • @SnobunnieMel that's good to hear. Thank you. I did have sex Wednesday both a.m. and p.m. and that was the day I had the best CM I've seen in my life. 
  • @iceandsnowflakes29 I usually get about a day or two of almost positives and if I test twice a day I will usually get two positives and then they will go down. Sometimes with my work schedule I only test once so it's possible that I could get more positives but probably not more than a 24 hour or less surge. 

    Moon a side note, my lines never get darker than the control. I know they say they are supposed to but the Wondfos never do. Even when the cycle I got KU. Does this happen to anyone else? My line will be the same and maybe, maybe slightly darker but it's not very obvious.
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    @iceandsnowflakes29 I have used CB digital advanced OPKS and gotten 3 days of high fertility until peak fertility (which remains for 48 solid hours on the tester). That means I chart a 5-day surge. 

    This will be the first cycle I use Wondfos (CD 2 today) along with my first cycle of temping. Gonna be fun seeing if I can detect an LH surge and if I can get lines to darken. Also gonna be interesting to see if I can adjust to temping in the morning and if I can spot when I have ovulated (though I won't try to put too much stock in the first month of data.) Get ready, WTO. I'm gonna be a fun one this month :wink: Sound the impending n00b alert!!

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    Ack! Well I am CD 16 right now and I thought I would O around 14 because that's normal for me. We BD on CD 11, 12, and 14, but now I am having EWCM today and no temp rise yet. All I can say is shit we better get it on tonight!
    Me: 32 DH: 36
    Married 5/08
    BFP #1: 1/27/13 DS #1 born 10/16/13
    BFP #2: 1/20/16, ectopic discovered 1/23/16
    Surgery 1/23/16 to remove ruptured tube
    TTCAL 3/16
    BFP #3: 3/24/17 EDD 12/5/17
    DS #2 born 12/11/17

  • Do any of you get pms-like symptoms around your O time? I'm so exhausted and cranky and it could be due to other things but if I didn't know where I was in my cycle I'd swear AF were on her way :(
  • Do any of you get pms-like symptoms around your O time? I'm so exhausted and cranky and it could be due to other things but if I didn't know where I was in my cycle I'd swear AF were on her way :(
    Yes. Yes. Yes. I also get sick to my stomach. I think it's even written down in that big book of crazy I just confessed to. 
  • lol ya I should add to that "I'd swear AF were on her way OR that I'd think I were pregnant", which is the more likely thought lmao
    But I'm glad to hear it's normal. I want to go back to bed..... :(
  • I do @rainbowturtles! I also feel waves of nausea, fun, fun! I was a weepy mess the other night. So now I get to be cranky and moody during O time and before AF. The joys of being a woman!

    CD 13 for me. If we can BD one or two more times this weekend, I will be satisfied with that. Just realizing I have my annual appointment right around when I would start testing. Would be kinda cool if I found out I was pregnant then!

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    A "you're pregnant" fortune cookie would be awesome @Wishilivedinflorida. Sorry about your BFN :( but until AF shows you aren't out! 

    CD 19 still low fertility on opk. Last month I didn't get high fertility until CD 21. I usually O late in my cycle but started doing opks earlier after my loss because I wasn't sure what my cycles were doing. Hope to go to TWW next week sometime!
  • @Spartanrd4 Thanks for the pep talk. I'm about 90% sure I'm out because I've always turned a test by 12dpo. (How cruel is that...I have no babies but I have a "routine" day of getting a BFP.) I guess I'm kind of bitter today and didn't want to spread that energy over at TWW because I am so happy for all the BFPs. Ok, enough self-pity. 

    I signed up for 90 days of FF VIP and I'm going to buy some Wondfos for next cycle. I've never used OPK's and really don't want to, but I think it's the best deal to get a combo pack. If anything, it'll be a neat experiment to see if I can turn one. I really just want the cheapie HPT's because I'm tired of peeing on my money.  
  • @wishilivedinflorida I got my BFP at 12DPO too but I had a 11 day LP so technically it was when AF was due.

    It's okay to be bitter, I'm happy of course but it also increases the anxiety and pressure on my self when others get KU. FX we both have our day in the sun with our rainbows.

    I've been using clearblue advanced digital opks and just started adding wondfos because they are cheaper. Like I mentioned I rarely get positives/peaks but it still helps me know when my FW is. I've never used a cheapie HPT, only digital....I'm not the best at decifering lines lol. 
  • @Spartanrd4 OK the Wondfos are officially ordered! I feel like a real Bumpie now! I'm starting to feel a little more upbeat today. I hope you get into the TWW soon!

    When do you guys start using the OPK's? I usually O on CD13 or 14 according to FF, so maybe CD10 or 11? We try to HIO ED or EOD starting CD10 (or before, recreationally) anyway.
  • citygirl17citygirl17 member
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    Is anyone trying to do this without using OPKs?  If I don't get KU this cycle I think I will order some Wondfos because they can't hurt.  I'm at CD12 today; I usually O around CD 14 with a 28-29 day cycle.  But yesterday afternoon I got home and had a flood of EWCM.  DH went out after work but I told him to come home ready to HIO just in case.  So we did last night and again this morning.  More EWCM today, so I think I'm O-ing a little early this time.  Hopefully our timing is OK.  I really want to give this our best shot this cycle.  My OB/GYN wants me to come in to "discuss a plan," so I think I will schedule an appointment with her if it doesn't happen this cycle.
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  • @citygirl17 Are you temping? I don't think OPK's are necessary if your O's are being confirmed by temping and you generally end up having good timing by noticing other fertility signs based on previous cycles. Then again, they can't hurt to try!
  • @Wishilivedinflorida CD10 would probably be good day to start. Once you get a positive you should ovulate in the next 24-48 hours.
  • citygirl17citygirl17 member
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    No, I haven't been temping, either.  I should probably step it up a bit, right?  It's unbelievable how my M/C has increased my desire to be KU again exponentially.  We were much more casual about it before; now it's all "let's make this happen!"
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    Baby #2 M/C 4/5/16
  • Officially CD1 for me today. Let's get this over with! 
  • @Wishilivedinflorida sorry for the cd1. It totally sucks. I'm on cd5 so I'm just coming out of that low. 
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    And here I thought temping would help keep the crazies at bay  :D I never thought I'd be so impatient for O, but I swear I wouldn't mind so much if my symptoms weren't so AWFUL this month!!:dizzy: Do y'all mind if I vent? I had EWCM on CD 10 and 11, same as previous months (I only temped starting last cycle, but logged CM previously). But I practically dried up after that, had a few days of "randiness " lol and now nothing. Breasts started hurting a couple days ago and now are SO SORE. I'm incredibly cranky and just want to murder DH (not really, but ykwim). So so tired. Bloated. But my temps remain down. It's only CD18 and I O'd on CD17 last month so I know it's not a big deal lol I'm just not used to all these symptoms around O and not sure where they came from! Just annoyed at the thought of possibly feeling rotten all the way to AF. You ladies must think I'm a nutbar lol

    @Wishilivedinflorida sorry for CD 1 :(
  • @rainbowturtles I hope you see a temp spoke soon! Keep HIO! 
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