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  • I feel like a water birth would be so amazing. My house doesn't have a tub only a shower so I've only taken a bath once at a hotel and it was pure bliss. I was so jealous and "salty" when some ladies started that tub snacking thread lol! But anyways regular hospitals don't do water births do they? 
    My hospital has tubs in the delivery rooms to labor in or to do water birth. Maybe yours will too! Sorry to cause you jealousy with the tubs my heart genuinely aches for you that you do not have a tub!! Fingers crossed your hospital will have one! 
  • Pretty much what @stellaluna14 said.
    My OB actually requests that we make a plan and we're bringing a printout to our next appointment. 
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  • STM- I did not have a written birth plan, but DH and I discussed what we wanted beforehand. Ex. I wanted to be up and moving for as long as possible so gravity would help baby, However, I threw up so much during labor, I couldn't walk around and ended up getting an IV after a few hours. After 10 hours, I had a c-section because neither baby or I were doing well. However, I felt like the staff did a great job talking me through everything and asking what I wanted, so I came away from the experience feeling happy. I think if I had a strict, written plan that didn't work out, I would have felt sadden by my experience.  

    This time I am having a planned c-section. The hospital already does immediate skin-to-skin, help with breastfeeding, no guests for an hour, and no baths. I think that covers what I want, so no additional birth plan for me!  
  • @victoria98 a lot of hospitals have tubs you can labor in, some will let you deliver in them as well. But not all practitioners will do a water birth which is why I picked the practice I did. You should definitely ask, at the very least you may be able to labor in a tub for awhile. 
  • ^^WSS My hospital will let you labor in a tub up until your water breaks (after that the risk of infection is too high, but you are still allowed to shower). 
  • @Nerdchild oh nice! That's pretty awesome. I have Kaiser so I might not have my OB at time of delivery, and Kaiser typically does do all that stuff, but they recommend you put it in there anyway cause you never know who you'll get and how well they'll cooperate the whole time.
  • @kasg @megstervt That was me. :-)

    I wanted as few interventions as possible, but from what I understand from reading and talking to people in the medical field, handing them a long list of things "not to do" doesn't go over very well. Often things don't go as planned and things you wouldn't choose should be done for the best. We wanted a birth plan that made my doctor feel trusted and respected.

    Our birth plan was about 3 sentences that thanked them for helping us with the delivery and explaining that we would like as few medical procedures performed as possible and to please discuss any procedures with us beforehand so we can discuss them and ask questions. My L&D nurse said it was her favorite birth plan ever and was incredibly supportive.
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  • My OB already does delayed cord clamping, and the hospital encourages skin to skin and immediate breastfeeding... So my "birth plan" is just the same as last time: 1) Get the baby out safely by whatever means necessary. 2) Drugs, please. kthx.
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  • Yeah I'd be happy with at least laboring in a tub. You probably won't be able to get an epidural with it though right? I've been kinda on the fence about one anyways.
  • We had our birth class and hospital tour this weekend and I didn't realize how many things I'd want were standard at the hospital (tubs and birth balls to labour with, wanting you to labour at home as long as possible, minimum one hour skin to skin unless there's a medical necessity for the baby to be monitored elsewhere). It certainly made everything a little more real and reassured me on our hospital choice
  • My hospital has one tub for laboring with jacuzzi jets. The lights dim in there and they have music to play. It's definitely on my "plan" to use it if I can. They've told me that you can't get in with an epidural obviously but you can have an IV (wrapped up) or have your water be broken as long as there's no other contraindication. 
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  • Our hospital has bathtubs in the L&D room also, however, that shiz has to be "prescribed" by your doctor in order to use it.  Also, at the hospital we went to when my first DS was born, there were tubs in there as well, but we couldn't use them because I immediately had a heplock put in when I arrived and was hooked up to monitors, therefore restricting my movement. For these reasons, I plan on laboring at home as much as possible before heading to the hospital. You may want to ask under what circumstances the bathtub can or cannot be used. I was under the impression that we could use ours and then disappointed after we got to the hospital and found out that wasn't exactly the case.
  • My hospital has a tub that you can labor/give birth in and that's what I plan on doing. Although our doula told me the other day it wouldn't be a good idea to get into the tub too early because then I might be stuck in there. 
  • @whataboutscience, it definitely was.  Sorry I couldn't remember before!!

    @victoria98 you cant use the tub after an epidural at my hospital because of the monitoring and also one of the requirements is being able to independently get in and out.  However, you could use the tub for awhile and then get out and get an epidural at that point which, from what we learned in our childbirth class, is pretty common.

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  • I had no birth plan either.  Just to come home with a healthy baby.  and epidural.  Otherwise, I was kind of go with the flow. 
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  • I just logged in with my iPad instead of phone, all these dancing speedos are awesome!  I suddenly realize I've been using the wrong thing to bump since November
  • Weville said:
    I just logged in with my iPad instead of phone, all these dancing speedos are awesome!  I suddenly realize I've been using the wrong thing to bump since November
    Lol...I did the exact opposite of this. I get dizzy ridiculously easily, and the siggys threw me off pretty badly when I tried to bump on the computer. As annoying as the app can be, it keeps me from feeling sick, so app it is. :)
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