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  • I'm glad you said something about it, @Backbypopulardemand ... Though I wish it had taken more root in the recipient's mind.  Women should maintain a level of respect for each other in our language if we want others to do so!
  • Was excited taking a truck load of stuff to our new house...(still aren't moving in for at least 3-4 weeks) and am suddenly overwhelmed thinking of moving in unpacking etc and getting ready for a baby so close to my due date... 
  • @rnyland1 I don't blame you! Flip flops are totally against our dress code, but I've been wearing some interesting Croc styles to work....they are comfy and that is my priority right now!
  • @LNess that's very weird.  I'm not sure how I would have responded to that.
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  • lizhurtlizhurt member
    @rlopezlavalle  that is absolutely terrifying! so glad you didn't get stuck!! just reading your post gave my claustrophobic ass some damn anxiety! elevators are the devil.
  • yeah! I am so grateful for good timing. I can't even imagine what my reaction would have been! @lizhurt
  • @foxa319 Thoughts and prayers. Glad to hear you're keeping a positive outlook! Baby will be here soon!
  • @foxa319 glad there is a plan in place! It sounds like you have an amazing family to help do so much!
  • setoshsetosh member
    So I was painting the diaper changing table last night and wasn't even thinking that it would be harmful to the baby. I was doing it in a huge room that has ventilation. I don't really see a problem with it, but I told a coworker about it and she snapped at me and told me I should get my SO to do it. I looked online and I don't see anything that says it's unsafe to paint? It's just latex paint that barely has a smell. I just wanted some opinions on it. Should I stop painting or just wear a mask and take breaks? Thanks ladies! 
  • @foxa319 you'll be in my thoughts! So glad your son got to have a little party-those pics are adorable :) Hope all continues to go well with your LO so he can stay put for a couple more weeks!
  •  @foxa319 sounds like you have everything in place! Now time to relax as much as possible and take care. 

    @setosh I have painted rooms a few times while pregnant. It's totally okay. Just make sure the window is open and choose latex paint that is low or no VOC. 
  • @setosh Latex paints are better than others and hopefully you kept the room ventilated. I painted DD's room during my pregnancy and wasn't worried about it. It's no longer strictly forbidden for pregnant women.
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  • @setosh I've painted during this pregnancy and I just made sure I had the window open and took lots of breaks and had a fan going. I wasn't concerned. 
  • lizhurtlizhurt member
    Sending prayers and good vibes your way @foxa319
  • @rnyland1 I hear you on the shoe situation! I recently bought these Croc slip-on shoes in a couple colors. I wear them all the time to work and it's nice I don't have to bend over to tie them either haha https://www.crocs.com/p/womens-walu-ii-canvas-loafer/202489.html?cgid=slip-ons&cid=488#&origin=category&srule=CatPosition-SearchPlacement-Revenue7day-PRRating-PRReviews&start=19&sz=36&prefn1=gender&prefv1=Women&prefn2=variationSize&prefv2=&prefn3=refinementColor&prefv3=&prefn4=fitGuideFit&prefv4=

    @foxa319 I'm glad you have a plan until LO comes! Try to enjoy your time in the hospital while you're there. Your party for DS looked like fun and I'm sure he enjoyed it :smile: 

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  • @foxa319 I'm glad they seem to have everything under control! I can only imagine how hard it is for you to be away from DS right now, I'll be keeping you guys in my prayers!
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  • @stellaluna14 whoa...that looks awesome for an inflatable pool.  What is the name/brand of this product?
  • I am so sick of baby movements. They are cute anymore they just suck!
    @MurphaLurph During the day, I'm cool with them. But at night. No. Child let me sleep.
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  • @setosh I helped paint our house while I was pregnant. Paints are much more safe than they used to be. Years ago they used lead when they made paint and that was the issue for pregnant women. They don't use lead anymore. 
  • @MurphaLurph Same here. I have this thing with people poking my belly button - it's uncomfortable as hell. This baby is essentially pushing as hard she can against the inside of my belly button. I want to cry and vomit at the same time. Then there are the really quick/violent movements that take my breath away. Little movements are fine - trying to kill Mommy is not.
  • @murphalurph Right there with you!  I understand that space is limited in there, but I'd really appreciate it if the baby would keep her cute little feet out of my ribs and quit attempting to stretch out as far as she can.  At this point, movements are starting to hurt quite frequently!

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  • kellz14kellz14 member
    edited May 2016
    I had a giant homemade iced coffee today.  because I was dragging and needed a pick me up.  Now little man is bouncing around like CRAZY -- he won't stop moving. Freaking out slightly because I've never felt him move around THIS much for such an extended period of time.  Sorry little dude... Hopefully he's just having fun and my freakout is for nothing.

    ETA: I cut out coffee a few months ago and only have the occasional cup of low caffeine tea... except for today
  • I feel like I have completely forgotten how to put makeup on my face. I can do everyday stuff like tinted moisturizer with a little blush and mascara, but full face? Completely incompetent. Everything looks wrong, fake and garish. And I've tried YouTube tutorials and such, but I have slightly hooded eyelids and end up looking like Mimi from the drew carey show. 

    I don't know what I'm doing! I look ridiculous. 
  • @mandyjulie...I must have missed that. I don't remember anything about inappropriate joking dads. Was this a speshul snowflake post?
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