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What does a positive pregnancy test really look like??


Re: What does a positive pregnancy test really look like??

  • I did FRER with a positive right away. Did a Clear blue digital (without the weeks estimator) came up not pregnant. Broke it open after googling why I would get 2 different results (Gross, I know...) but it had 2 blue lines inside! A week later I took the other test in the 2 pack and it said pregnant...
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  • This first test was from the first pg test I took to confirm pregnancy last Monday FRES
    The second was one I took last night to rule out negative test ar doctors office due to me diluting my urine in accident. I have been so constipated so I drink alot of water to keep things going lol
    Second test was cvs brand early response but blue dye, just found out blue dye tests are bad and that you can count them. Sorry both of my tests are sideways and sorry about the counter.yikes!
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  • I used some internet strips. Lighter line is 11 dpo (day I should have had AF) and darker line is 12 dpo. Went to clinic and got positive test there at 13 dpo. These worked just fine for me! I also used the internet strips for OPK an had great results, obviously! I'm just over 4 weeks now.
  • I used a clear blue test n it said pregnant 3+ weeks n did a second test n got a bright plus sign. I went to the doctor n found out 2weeks ago I was 7weeks but am 9weeks now! My boyfriend n I are super excited having our first child together
  • Wow, I have only ever used FRER so all these other kinds are so confusing. I didn't know there were so many. These were 23 DPO and 24 DPO respectively. 


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  • My LMP was 10/10/14, I'm not sure how many DPO.
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  • My doctor told me any pregancy test will work whether .99 at the dollar store or $25.00 at Walgreens! Look for the test strip to make sure it is made correctly then if any part of the pregnancy strip shows up half, light, dark partial you are indeed pregnant. He said if it is working correctly then there is "never" a false positive, But there are false negatives! Hope this helps!
  • Hi. You are correct, it could be a pain trying to decipher what is really happening specially since aunt flow is not showing up. I remember buying the test that is digital looking and will give you the exact word - "pregnant." I took it to fast and it came back NOT - then a week later.... guess what? Yes. Congratulations!!!

  • I bought eht digital one. It says either YES+ or NO-.... Mine came up RIGHT AWAY WITH ABIG FAT YES+!!!

    I took another test with the lines. The Pregnant Line came up before the regular line on the stick. BIG AND BLUE

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  • Took this on Monday! I'm so excited. According to my calculations, I'm 5 weeks 4 days.
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  • I took the Wondfo. Then when it was positive took the FRER, then took the Clear Blue digital because DH wanted to see another test turn positive.
  • I got my BFP on Saturday. Still waiting on my blood work to come back. I took a total of 3 different tests. DH and I are very excited.
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  • Took Walmart equate +/- blue dye tests, 2 faint positives 4 days before AF, tested with FRER pink dye to confirm the next day and got another faint positive, then I just couldn't believe it lol so I took 2 dollar store tests one day before AF and took full 5 mins for + and then the first day of what would be AF and another positive!! It's true; a line is a line :)
  • I took a first response 4 days before my missed period and got a veryyyyyyy faint second line. I immediately started googling to check and see what that meant and if it could be a mistake, but it was right... I was definitely pregnant (because I have 3 other tests to prove it lol) I took another test later that day and got a little darker second line. Another one a couple of days later and then one the day before my missed period. I took a digital one last to see if that showed the "pregnant" and sure enough... :) I just can't believe how fast it happened. I was on the BC pill for 5 years straight. Never once did I miss one or take a break from it, and it just so happened that I took my last pill the day of our wedding on 10/18/14 had my period the following week and we went on our honeymoon and then bam pregnant. We're stoked to say the least!!!
  • Got a BFP this morning!
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd.... Because I didn't believe the first two! This was all at 4 weeks. 
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  • I took a dollar tree test on the day I was supposed to get my period, and saw a line, faint but there. So I used a clearblue digi which showed pregnant 1-2 weeks! :)
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  • Got faint lines on a FRER and a Walgreen's brand blue dye test yesterday, and then again today. Here is yesterday's FRER.
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  • My 3 . First One Was Equate , Then Dollar Store Then Finally Clearblue ! Happy Beginnings :) !
  • Thank you for this!! I took one test this morning and another tonight. Both were light, the PM seems maybe a little darker. (Maybe?) I have my beta tomorrow morning. Today is 13 days post IUI. We used a Ovidrel trigger shot 2 days before that. So 15 DPO? This was the 4th IUI for my wife and I and we couldn't be happier!
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  • Mine was a test the said te pink lines that make a cross is postive and on line is negative... When I took the test there was no denying the bright pink cross in the little window!
  • I used a Wondofo my first test, BFP, then used another cheapie brand, BFP, then used a FRER BFP, last I used a clear blue digital....
  • Congratulations to all :x
  • I tested on 9 DPO and got a BFN. Here are 10 DPO and 13 DPO BFPs on FRER!
  • 15dpo
    I used a first response test. Couldn't believe it the first time so I tested again.
  • I found out when I was 2 weeks
    With clear bluee
  • Exactly 2 weeks after ovulating
  • Here's mine so far this pregnancy. I go to my midwife on Friday, so hopefully it's going well!
  • @KirianaTi‌ lol.. Just to pee! Now exhaustion has set in and I pee, then pass out. But a week ago I was having lots of problems going back to sleep post-pee.
  • Taken one day before AF was due, First Response early... took less than 30 seconds to show!
  • This morning I used a Wondfo and a FRER but the Wondfo was a crazy-faint squinter compared to the very obvious BFP on the FRER! The Wondfo today was much darker than the one I took yesterday, so I could still see progress.

    Anyway, the attached photo is the FRER from this morning, 11 DPO.
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  • Good idea!  Blue dye test have been known to run and even given false positives. FRER's are the best way to go.

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