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What does a positive pregnancy test really look like??

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Pregnancy tests can be tough to decipher – pregnant, not pregnant… that kinda looks like a line?

What does a positive pregnancy test reaaaaaly look like? Help others figure out what their test says:

How did you know yours truly was positive? What brand did you use? Share a picture of it here or email it to photos@thebump.com

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Re: What does a positive pregnancy test really look like??

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  • @alyssa719 That looks like a FRER... Did you use both brands?
  • @vikingmom806 - crap, you're right, the box was pink - thanks so much!!  I made DH buy them so I guess I wasn't paying total attention and didn't get the acronym of FRER at first.  Ugh, I'm so stupid some days.
  • All of my BFPs were on digital tests.
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  • Used FRER one week after period was due (5 weeks pregnant). The line was super strong and appeared before the moisture even hit the assurance line.

    Sorry for BW image, I only have the edited picture left on my phone.


  • Meery82Meery82 member
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    potterowl said:
    This is my FRER AT 9dpo they day I was supposed to get AF.

    This is what mine looked like on the day I was supposed to start my period. I tested again 3 days later and it turned bright pink right away.

    ETA: quote fail. The first test was an extremely faint pink line that made me think my eyes were playing tricks on me. I read that HcG doubles every 2-3 days, so I forced myself to wait that long to re-test.
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  • haliebabyx3haliebabyx3 member
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    On the right picture the line showed up almost instantly. I wasn't trying to get pregnant so I haven't really kept up with dates, but don't get me wrong my DH and I are very excited. I was on my birth control in November. My first day of my last period based on my birth control was around the 13th of November. My periods were irregular before birth control.

    Edited because I had put bottom picture instead of right and sorry for the gross counter in one. My hair falls out like crazy, I promise I clean up! Lol. 
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  • I used the Family Dollar brand (Early Result Pregnanty Test), and tested about 5 days before AF was due. It's a blue dye.



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  • These are FRRR (rapid result) that are not sensitive like FRER. I stopped peeing on sticks after seeing this!
    photo bf6df11a-4a10-4156-814b-c27eee7e0e89.jpg photo 6e679f21-d3f5-4ab8-bd2c-3c7a839092d8.jpg



  • I can't remember the name of the pregnancy test, but I used this one with my girls when I got pregnant with them and now again!  This time around, I definitely saw the second line but thought they'd be closer together.  We followed it up with the clearblue easy the next day to be sure. :)

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  • I got a negative at 11DPO and then a positive at 13dpo then a positive digital the next day. The pics are all positive tests.
    Yes I kept all the tests and labeled them because I'm weird. They looked the same within the time frame.
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  • First time mom and my DH and I couldn't be more excited! Based on LMP my due date is Aug. 31st. Took the test 2 days after Aunt Flo was suppose to visit. The pregnancy line showed up almost instantly while the test line took a little time!.
  • Here's what my positive test looks like (sorry it's upside down)
  • My tests were faint on a wondfo at 9 dpo and I was very skeptical. I even threw it out... then took another one the next morning. Still faint so I verified with a frer... people were like "doesn't the line have to be the same color" started having me sorry lol. The one with the lighter line was the one people questioned. So I got a digi!

    It's a BOY

  • lookame3639lookame3639 member
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    These are from the day i found out. I took the picture on our (very old) coffee table which is why it looks kind of gross.obviously even with the very clear first responce line I still didn't believe hence the digital. I still tested well until my first dr appointment 3 weeks later.

    based on fertility friend my test day was 12 dpo. I usually have an 11 day luteal phase.
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  • HlancasterHlancaster member
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  • FRER day period was due
  • I used a cheap drugstore generic brand first and it showed two dark lines...pregnant. I couldn't believe it, was totally shocked. Then I took 2 First Response tests and both showed teh same...two dark lines.
  • Tested on 1/11/14 at exactly 5 weeks with morning pee, Walgreens brand. It showed up positive RIGHT away.
  • marina3203875marina3203875 member
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    Tested 2 of them, positive. The next 2 the next day. All of them are positive.
    The pink one I believe is First Response, the purple one I believe Walmart brands, and the blue one is Clear Blue.
  • The reply is above ⬆
    Man, I can't upload a pic, still uploading for like 20 mins :( why?
  • I used a FRER for the hell of it because I was not feeling good at all and got a positive result at 4 weeks.  


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