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What does a positive pregnancy test really look like??


Re: What does a positive pregnancy test really look like??

  • These are 3 days before my period was due, but my dating ultrasound actually put me a week farther along than my LMP
  • For both of my pregnancies I used First Response. I figured if it detected my first one it would do the job the 2nd time. 2 lines mean pregnant with a first response brand test, even if the line is faint.
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  • LMJLLMJL member
    I used the generic drug store brand. Didn't take a pic, but it was the kind with 2 lines if your pregnant. There was a second line within 30 seconds, not as dark as the first, but a line nonetheless. I know that any positive indicator (even a faint one) means that you have HCG in your system & barring an ectopic pregnancy, if it's positive, you're pregnant. False positives are really almost non-existent. It's the false negatives you need to worry about. This was about the time I was expecting my period (my cycle was kinda screwy from a previous miscarriage) but I was nauseous already & have been queasy ever since with exponentially expanding breasts. Yay! I kind of welcome the nausea though since I never had it with the last pregnancy & it makes me feel like everything is still going ok. 
  • EK91EK91 member
    I wish I knew lol
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    still waiting lol
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  • Used wondfo and got a faint line... Confirmed with FRER 13 dpo. A line is a line is a line! After TTC for 10 months with an early miscarriage mixed in there as well--we are pregnant! DH & I are so happy!
  • I just went to a lab to get a blood test and be 100% sure if I was pregnant. Or not. The test came up positive when I was 5 weeks pregnant. Just a few days after I missed my period
  • rawrzShaylenerawrzShaylene member
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    I did an $.88 pink line test it showed up within seconds. I ran to the store and grabbed an electronic test- positive. The next morning I took a second pink dye test and a blue dye. I was 5weeks2days.

    I still breastfeed [going on a year May 5th] and haven't gotten a period since 2013.
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  • Here are my positives!

    Last week bought a cheaper dollar store brand. It was faint. So I waited this week - tested and received these results after the past 2 days.
  • sgw93sgw93 member
    Mine were all clearly positive.
  • Mine was instant and very bright one week after my missed period. But I noticed on another forum that they range from very dim to one line brighter than the other, to some like mine.
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  • Digitals are pretty obvious when you get a positive result.
  • I used a clear blue easy digital. It is the kind that says pregnant or not pregnant. When I got pregnant I thought something was wrong with the test so I retested the next day, another positive. Still in disbelief I used a dollar store test and a first response all positive. I was so used to seeing negative that it was hard to believe. I see the dr. 5/18
  • I used clear blue! I still look at the picture to confirm that it still says pregnant! I wanted to keep them, but the battery died!
  • I tested 5 days before my missed period with a First Response and got a negative. Tested one day after my missed period and the BFP came up almost immediately! Just watch that you are not testing too early. It's better to wait if you can than be disappointed.
  • LalanChrisLalanChris member
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    I was out of town visiting family in the tiniest town I've ever been to. They literally only have a Dollar General, so I bought two .99 hpt the day of my missed period. It sucked waking up and holding my bladder until I could get those tests. It was definitely worth it when I saw those pink lines. I tested again the next day and still positive.

  • My pregnancy test results came fast
  • I took CVS brand yesterday morning, all faint positives. But I also took 3 digi tests that all said negative. I went for bloodwork this morning. Will find out tomorrow for sure!!
  • Here's my 4!! One clear blue, 2first response, and one clear blue digital. 2 days before my expected period! :)
  • I have to say, I've been extremely disappointed with FRER. I honestly believe that someone 8 months in could get a negative from it. I'm on my 2nd pregnancy, hoping for baby #1. Both times, I used FRER and Clear Blue, each time, the FRER ALWAYS showed negative while CB was showing positive and blood confirmed pregnancy. I seriously will never waste my money on FRER again.
  • Mine from April 27th and then May 5th
  • The first one I took was a super faint plus sign - so I freaked out and asked my husband if he saw a plus.  He said he thought so, but to go buy a digital one just in case.  Then it said "pregnant" - which is pretty easy to read.
  • Hi guys!!! I took a pregnancy test few days ago and this morning also three of them came out like this what do you guys think?? I'm pregnant???image
  • It could be an evap line. I would wait a few days and test again or you could get one of the digitals. FMU though is the best. Baby dust your way.
  • Got this about three days after my missed period.. Just stared at it in awe for a good half hour lol
  • Here's mine! I've taken five in total. I started yelling from the bathroom for DH because I was in complete shock and disbelief! I'm over the moon now and can't wait for my first appointment at 8 weeks. I'm 6weeks 3d today and I go in June 1st :)

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  • Got my first positive 3 days past expected period. I've never had a regular cycle, but averaged a 31 day cycle, based on what I had been keeping track of, since trying to conceive. I was on day 34 of my cycle, and didn't think anything of it, because I've gone as long as 38 days. :D I was in SHOCK and super excited. Next day, I took a digital and it came back, "yes" right away.

  • Really faint line but it's a positive!! Going to test again today but it seems as if my period is trying to start. Is this normal?
  • After 13 months trying with 2 CP... this is what a positive looks like.
  • I am 4 days away fom my period. I have been having early symptoms I think. I took a first response yesterday it said negative. Then naseua woke me up this morning and I took another one. Two faint pink lines then I turned my head and looked back and it was negative. I'm so confused. Anyone have any insight.
  • Got BFNs until 2 weeks late.
  • MrsDessMrsDess member
    It depends on what type of test you use and how far along you are. I was one of the lucky ones that was able to find out I was pregnant 7 days after ovulation. Most people never get to know that early, but because it was so early, all of my tests started off as very faint positives. They all took awhile to turn positive as well... even the one I took at the doctor's office. But I will say FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS TO A T. Do NOT try to read the tests after the amount of time that it says the results are valid because you will trick yourself. I am very guilty of doing this a lot. On tests that have lines, even a faint second line counts, but after the allotted time you could possible start seeing what is called an evap line. A lot of times they'll be very yellow, but very obvious. If it doesn't turn pink or purple-ish... it's probably NOT a positive line 
  • MrsDessMrsDess member
    Same thing here. I hate them. I just always go with the little dollar pregnancy test cassettes. They have never been wrong and they actually gave me a very early positive at 7 dpo which was 10 days before my missed period. I never got a positive with FRER... and I've already been to the doctor and got a blood test confirmation as well.
  • My internet cheapies Wondfo have now twice given me positives (super faint but still there) without FMU at 9 dpo. And I got the digital positive (surprisingly) at 9 dpo.
    -Kimberly :) 
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  • Momona1Momona1 member
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    Hello 1st Trimester!

    So, this happened about 30 minutes ago with a cheapie stick. The 2 clear lines came almost instantly; I was shocked! This was our 5th cycle and I would be about 5 weeks pregnant. I will use my Clear Blue Digital test in the morning (because I'm paranoid)

  • I used dollar store tests a day my period was late.
  • Baby3ooBaby3oo member
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    My positive results (Family Wellness) I'm 9 1/2wks along now :x
  • These are mine from this week! :) top is 11DPO, middle two are 12 DPO, and digital is 13DPO
    Benjamin born on - 4/5/12
    BFP 12/31/14, EDD 9/08/14 ~ Natural M/C 2/21/14 at 11.5 weeks
    BFP 5/24/15 - EDD 2/4/16

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  • No denying this lol I waited until I was 9 days late! I still don't believe it
  • Did you try instructions ?
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