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What does a positive pregnancy test really look like??


Re: What does a positive pregnancy test really look like??

  • Like this 12, 13 and 14dpo and a digital.
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  • I was feeling funny but held out until the day before my period was due. I used clear blue and it turned positive almost immediately :D
  • 1 day after I was due on
  • 88 cent walmart tests :) 3 days before missed period!
  • KCHays678 said:

    I purchased the dollar store tests...started showing a VERY faint line at 7 days PO.
    The line started getting darker the closer I was to my missed period.

    KCHays678 do you mind telling me how many days before your expected period you were when you took the test in the third picture? The one with the darkest line. And also if you are far enough along now that you know if youre having one or more babies?
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  • So excited!!! First one was during the afternoon on Monday, March 2, and the second one was from right when I woke up, Tuesday, March 3. I was expecting a BFN because of my lack of concrete symptoms but, every woman is different, you know? I just hope it stays this way, lol. Which is most likely not the case, but oh well! ^_^

  • The first one I did was a non digital test and I had a very faint second line which was barley visible.  So just to be sure my fiancé bought a digital first response test and it came up plain and simple "Pregnant". :)

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  • Here are mine. Taken the day my period was due.
  • Super faint, but it's there. :)
  • I was expecting my period on Tuesday..... This was thursday.
  • I've never had a positive pregnancy test gave up trying for 1 at week 22, and I'm now at week 37 by week 22 if not sooner you should know if your pregnant or not
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  • Here is mine. Due 11/13 Baby #5
  • Hope this helps ;)
  • 12 dpo! Baby #2 on the way!
  • Bought an easy @ home kit with ovulation tests and pregnancy tests. I took one when my boobs hurt was negative then another on the day I should have had a period and was negative. So I waited 3 more days to get my first positive! Never even got to use one ovulation test, but all the pregnancy tests have come in handy because I am paranoid and keep testing! I have also done some digital!
  • I didn't get to see mine it was done at a doctors office ;[
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  • First response wasn't clear enough so I tried clear blue.
  • A nurse once told me any second line, no matter how faint, is a positive result. I sprung for the digital ones which eliminated the guesswork.
  • I felt better with a digital too - but even them I kept going back and looking at it again to make sure I hadn't misread it.  At one point, my fiancee saw me reaching for it again and he's like, "It's still positive honey, I checked." lol!
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  • I'm not sure how far along I am yet. I think about a month, but all of my tests were very clearly positive, which almost was hard to believe, since we weren't really trying for a baby yet! But I guess we got extremely lucky to not have had to try hard and had very clearly positive results. That or I'm farther along than I realize.. Or twins.. (I shudder at the thought)
  • I used different tests. When I was pregnant with my first, I got a negative test for 3 MONTHS! 
    With my second I found out at 2 months.
    Now with my third I found out at 6 weeks!   I took a dollar test because those are the only ones I trust and the only ones that have ever worked when all the others said negative. 
    This time (pregnant with my third) I did a dollar test, and a digital.  Digital I got from walgreens, and its their brand, and the dollar purple test from the dollar general. 

    At first I took the dollar store test, and I was like "FEWWW its negative"  Next I know, I look at it and the second line shows up. Faintly but enough to make me know that its positive. So, I went to visit family in GA and while I was there I got a digital test. 
    I took both of these with morning urine. I took the digital about a day or two later and it said "Yes+".

    What I like about the digital tests, is that they either say yes or no. They don't leave you guessing "oh is that really a line"...


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    Here's mine, I took mine because I felt like I had the flu and wanted to rule out pregnancy, I had pretty much given up hope on having another baby. The blue line showed up in 2 seconds, same with the second one I took that night.

    I haven't tried a digital one, but if there's ever a question of lines, I'd try one, or even go to your obgyn for a blood test. 

  • 3 days late and around 17 dpo.
  • I tested the day my period should have arrived (12-13dpo) and got a faint positive then tested a week later
    (21-22dpo) and got MUCH darker positive!
    EDD- 6th Dec
    5wks 2days
  • After 2 + years of ttc... Here they are! My BFP's... 1st one was the CB digital which I took on 11 or 12dpo with fmu the regular first response was taken later on that afternoon and the digital first response was taken today about 5 min ago. Good luck to everyone on their journey!
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  • Mine were very positive!!! I used tests from work. (I work at a hospital)
  • I did the digital clearblue weeks indicator this time. I got pregnant 2-3 weeks. which would really make me 4-5 weeks. when i took a normal test it was VERY clearly positive, there was no "guesswork" "is there a line or isn't there?" guessing involved. it was very prominent.
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  • guausguaus member
    I loved this test. You don't have to decipher if it's a line or not.... There's no way of reading it the wrong way. :)
  • This was one day after AF Didn't come x
  • Instantly positive for both 4 days late :)
  • I used clear blue digital test. And it came out positive!
  • Positive test I took 5 or 6 total one day after missed period! They were all super bright and bold lines! I could clearly see both lines each and every time! I took so many cause it was April 1st and I was skeptical at first lol.
  • I bought a cheapy test then did a clear blue to confirm and tell how far along I was
  • This was the test I took on the Friday I was supposed to get my period. I am now 5 weeks and 6 days.
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    I tested three days late for my period putting me at 4w3d. The dollar tree line was super dark. I was able to be see the Dr, that day because I use to work for the clinic hehe normally they make you wait until 8 weeks. My beta was 1554. Had my beta drawn again 3 days later and it was 6054. 

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  • I did two different ones and went to the doctor Say the least after all was said and done I still can't believe I'm pregnant
  • I used First Response 3-6 days after my missed period and my second line was so faint I practically convinced myself I was making it up in my mind! I got repeated faint positives on the traditional stick and a "not pregnant" on the digital stick. I had a blood test done at my PCP to be sure, when I was a week late, which came back positive. But it still wasn't until I was 8 weeks pregnant that I got a clearly positive reading on the traditional and digital tests. 
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