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What does a positive pregnancy test really look like??


Re: What does a positive pregnancy test really look like??

  • 12 dpo! Tried all different brands just in case! Super excited especially after last months chemical pregnancy.
  • Wishful thinking, or does this look positive?
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  • These were my tests starting at 2 days before period was due! Latest ones were done at 10 days late!
  • I took four over the course of three days. I got a positive on the first test, two days after I missed my period.
  • Seeing everyone else's tests have helped calm my nerves a bit, but my tests (fri, sat, sun, mon -- from top) aren't really getting darker.  The darkest tests (second from bottom) was in the afternoon, my lightest tests are all FMU!  I'm really hoping it's not a chemical!  Oh-  They are all frer.
  • Mine was obvious the first time
  • I was five days late for my period. I had zero noticeable symptoms. Feel bloated and pinching in lower uterus. Took at FRER on CD31 (not with first morning urine) and I got two lines almost immediately! It was clear as could be, a bit faint but very there. Took a second later in the afternoon and then a third with first morning urine on CD32. Both showed two lines immediately just like first and both were darker then the first.
  • I had been doing Pregnancy Test on a Monthly basis for about a year. I noticed my test was positive after seeing the test so often. Even to double check I went and bought a clear blue test that said "Pregnant" or "Not Pregnant" from the excitement I didn't believe the Test that was an obvious positive 
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  • A faint line is still a positive.......I took a test before travelling to Europe last week and there was the faintest line to make a plus on the test. I asked DH what we thought - he said, "You probably shouldn't be drinking wine."

    Took a test a week later when I got home and there was no mistaking the positive line - it was darker than the test line! I would give it two days and then try again.

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  • Woo hoo!
    (There were 3 others that also said that. Guess I just wanted to be sure-sure)
  • Mine was done at an alternative living community place. They were not nurses so I did it myself, but they provide everything and support thru babys 1st year. Im just 5weeks,and been so sick. Dark line showed up almost immediately.
  • I heard some people say blue line tests are unreliable, only pink line tests are good. Is this true?
  • Mine was faint
  • Here was mine on the day before my cycle was supposed to start. Have had 2 more positive tests since then...I have to keep seeing the positive because it's hard to believe after almost 2 years of seeing negatives. Praise to God for answering my prayers!
  • Here was mine. Superstore brand first with clear lines one day after period due. First pee in the morning. Didn't seem to sink in so went and got a digital which was done that afternoon. Both positive so we're very happy. Been trying for 18months.
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  • I got a + wondfo and FRER at 10 DPO, negatives on both the day before at 9 DPO. I turned the digi at 11 DPO with FMU but don't know if I could've turned it sooner since that's when I first tried.
  • This was my super faint line the day before my period, using FMU. This is from a frer test I took apart to see it better in pics. I also took 2 cb digi tests and they all came back positive as well!
  • Here are mine! Frer taken at about 830am and clear blue digi taken about 7pm the day I got my bfp, about a week after af was due.

    Wondfo internet cheapies have yet to give me anything.
  • Mine was really easy to determine. I used clear blue and it told me how many weeks I was along.
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    Hi Ladies!
    Top on his 3/7/14, bottom one is next morning.. It is getting darker isnt it...

    Thankss xx
  • Here's mine, from 10 DPO, FRER Test and Confirm.


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  • I used an equate test from Walmart 13 dpo, it was negative. It wasn't until I was 16 dpo when I used FRER test and confirm and got a YES and a faint pink line.
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    Haha I used the purple tiny one too! ^_^
  • Hi, I used one of the digital clear blue tests and got a positive 4 days before my missed period.
  • These are my three positives.
  • I done the first response first 4 days before my period was due popped up a faint line decided to get a digital to get rid of the guessing and it popped up pregnant also. One happy person after tryin for almost 2 years. Dh and I could not be more happy
  • Mine were all cheap ones the first one from the dollar store the others from Walmart I took all of them the day after I missed af
  • cvs brand tests
  • day before missed period
  • day before missed period
  • day before missed period
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    With my first pregnancy I took 2 generic dollar store tests and 2 First Response tests and got immediate positives with my period being only 1 day late. 

    Coincidentally this post may help with a problem I'm currently having. Last week (my period was over a week late) I took 4 First response tests and got very faint positives on all four. A couple days later I started having some light spotting/bleeding (lighter than a period but heavy enough at times to need a pad). Called the doctor a couple of times and they assured me that it sounded normal. Today the spotting was much lighter so I took a Clear Blue digital test and it came up negative (it sounds like some of you have had a similar situation). So of course I'm on a total emotional roller coaster having no idea what's going on. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow to get it figured out but I'm curious to see if anyone else has had a similar problem. 
    Did I just take the wrong test?  
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    The month that i found out i was pregnant i bought the digital tests because they were on sale. I decided to take one before i missed my period since i would be going wine tasting and figured it'd be safer to know for sure rather than waiting the 2 extra days to see if my period would come. Little did i think that the digital test i was taking was not an early response so it came out negative. i went about my wine tasting weekend only to get incredibly sick on Sunday and my period still had not come. Came home to take a new test and low and behold i got a pregnant written right on the stick. Better than trying to figure out what the lines mean...
  • I took 2 and one showed positive (walgreens brand) and the other negitive (1st responce) i am 7 days late! I have an appointment on Tuesday... am I carzy or am I prego!?

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  • knlouis said:
    I took 2 and one showed positive (walgreens brand) and the other negitive (1st responce) i am 7 days late! I have an appointment on Tuesday... am I carzy or am I prego!?
    The blue dye tests have a bad rep of giving false positives. But I hope you are pregnant and the doctor's visit goes well.
  • I have had this problem a couple of times...it's heartbreaking for the doctor to say you have miscarried...but I research EVERYTHING...and most miscarriages happen before the woman even knows she was ever pregnant and just thinks her monthly was late...there are the unfortunate few of us that find out days after conception and know that it has been a loss rather than a late monthly
  • I just took another test because it seems like everyone here takes so many and I had only taken two the first day (the first one only had part of the line even on the test side to I was afraid it was defective) well here is the one I just took (Ingles brand) and HOLY DARK LINE BATMAN!
  • We just got the positive test the other day! I was so in shock i took 3....2 were first response and one was clear blue. The directions say that even a faint line should be considered positive. Its just a matter of how much HCG your system has and the sensitivity of the test.



  • I took the clear blue when I was only 2 days late , then took a dollar store one(yes they work) then took another clear blue a few weeks down the road
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