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What does a positive pregnancy test really look like??


Re: What does a positive pregnancy test really look like??

  • I think I am going crazy...does anyone else see a line here? We have been trying for 6 months and we would be *just* 4 weeks. I just felt different the past few days than I have any other month while waiting my period and so I took a test (actually 3 different ones, but this is the only one with a line) this morning. I have seen the evaporation line in the past, and it is kind of gray, but this one is definitely more pink. Is this really happening?
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    It looks like there is a light pink line, it's hard to tell. How long did the test sit for when you noticed the line? Have you tried First Response? I have always had the best luck with First Response. I wish you guys luck! I hope it's a big fat positive for you soon!
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  • Thank you! I noticed it right at the 5-minute mark, but this picture was after I went to wake up my husband (to make sure he saw it) and we both had a "Wait, really?" moment...I have taken other tests since then, and it seems to be getting darker, but it's still pretty light. This morning, I did a digital and it came back positive, so now I am just adjusting to the idea this is real and hoping it keeps progressing.
  • Yay! Keep us posted!! How exciting for you guys. It took me a while to settle into the idea the tests were positive for me and that I'm pregnant again. (With my daughter, it was hard to get used to the idea because I had miscarried before her.) Positives on a test are so hard to wait for and when that really light line shows up, you spend hours squinting trying to see it clearer. I love that your digital test came back positive and that just makes it better!
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