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What does a positive pregnancy test really look like??


Re: What does a positive pregnancy test really look like??

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  • Idk which brand I used lol but I DO know that I saw a positive... Unexpected baby # 3... Yikes!
  • Oh... It was E-P-T
  • Here you go--- one of them is a cheapy Walmart brand, one is a First Response fancy-dancy digital, and the other one is a Target brand.  

    I initially took the Walmart one thinking that there'd be no way I'd be pregnant, but I thought I'd use my last test since I was leaving in a few hours for my 15 hour drive to Wisconsin for my wedding the following weekend..... I glanced over at it and saw a faint blue line and immediately sent the hubby out for a "real" test. Turns out that faint blue line on the first test was a definite positive!  I was leery too, given the relative faintness of the other line, which is why I took several tests!

    The rest is history.  I'm due in 16 days!
  • FIRSTLY: Congrats to each and everyone of you!

    I was 5 days past my period but as SOON(literally seconds) as urine hit the EPT stick a bright blue positive line jumped up.. the Clear Blue digital took a bit longer to process but the Pregnant font popped up within 1 minute and then the weeks a few minutes after...

    I was the same way - I was 5 days late, having some symptoms, the clear blue plus sign came up right away. I'm still skeptical though, so i was going to take another one Monday. I haven't been feeling all that well, but my symptons aren't all that bad, im tired, but not exhausted, nauseous but no vomiting, boobs hurt but just a little.
  • Hm now I'm starting to think my test might have not been accurate? Based on my calculations i'm only about 3 weeks. I thought this because on March 26th, I had an appt with a fertility doctor and they did an ultrasound. We saw an egg she said that was ready to go, but nothing else, and (sorry if I gross you guys out), but we were pretty active that whole week before and after but some of it was protected. Maybe it was a false positive?
  • I tested positive last night! I used ClearBlue and it gave me the plus sign almost immediately!
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  • These are most of mine.. I took 8 total, so I definitely can tell you about a positive test haha
  • This is a FRER at 14DPO. A couple friends have remarked that my line is really dark. I hope that's a good thing?
  • Here's my 2 FRERs and my clearblue digital :)(:
  • It's good to see other faint line First Responses! I just got my first super faint one this morning. Crossing my fingers it gets darker tonight/tomorrow :)
  • I tested early with a digital clear blue (9dpo) got BFN. Tested 14dpo and got my BFP usin FRER at 7pm.
  • I used First Response the first time and tested the day before I was due to start.  The response was extremely light and my husband couldn't even see it though my best friend came by that day and said she saw the line.  The next day I tested again and the line was darker and Spousal Unit saw it.  Left for a 4 day trip and came home and used Clear Blue digital so I could have a picture to share with my mom (she's getting it on Mother's Day) and it was pretty obvious.  Now I just have to figure out how to tell my brain because I still keep thinking this must be a dream that I'm going to wake up from any minute.
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    @NikolettaWindby‌ I completely understand. It still hasn't sunk in yet. With my first it sunk in as soon as I got a BFP. But we had no clue I was pregnant, the only reason I tested was because of nausea. I have no symptoms whatsoever this go around but I'm only 4 weeks. I hope it sinks in before we tell people! Thinking we're going to wait and tell after my first doc appt.
  • It took about 8 minutes to conceive DS.  So when I got a + with him it was exciting.  .

    With this one- we have tried for 2 years.  So getting my BFP's this week has been weird.  Almost surreal.   I have seen so many negatives and had so many phantom symptoms over the years that it is hard to believe that this time it is actually the real thing.  

    I'm just taking things day by day at this point.


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  • Am I pregnant? I can't have 4 false positives right? And there is a line, right?! Faint. But there is right?!
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    So at first I just used the ones from the dollar store. At first I was shocked to see a positive, so I took multiples. I couldn't get to the Dr until today so I went and got the prediction test on how far along you are. And sure enough it was right on 5 weeks!


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    I tested 5 days after my missed period with FRER and got a bright pink line within seconds. Then ran out and bought a 3 pack of Clear Blue digis, got BFPs with those over the next couple days. Finally went and bought an Up and Up test and tested with that as well. This was a big surprise so I guess I need the confirmation to help it sink in! Lol

    No idea how my pictures got all turned around, but you get the idea...there's a baby in there!! :)
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  • Thought I wasn't pregnant because of my cramps but I was wrong! Found out May 22nd at 6am took two tests just to make sure I wasn't crazy. Honestly it doesn't matter what test you take. If your pregnant it will show up. My first test was an answers test my second was tge more expensive clear blue with week estimator. Love them both
  • I just found out I am pregnant. It was our fourth attempt and I was expecting anothe BFN but was beyond thrilled to see a faint, but visible line!!!
    I used Wondfo OPKs and never got a line darker than the control, hence why I why I was expecting to not be preggers.
    Took the Wondfo pregnancy test on day of expected period.
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  • I did 6 tests from the dollar store.
    I was only a few weeks, but had such nausea that I figured something was up.
    Since it was so early, the second line to form the "+"  was verrrry faint.
    After doing 6 in the span of 3 days, the result was always the same.  The second line was very faint but it DID appear within 3 minutes.
    I have read that if you are NOT pregnant, there will be NO line at all.
    I later went and grabbed a First Response test and did it that evening.
    Clear as day, a "+" as well as "Pregnant" appeared.

  • Did the cheap stick first and then the CBE digital! :-) I am now almost 8 weeks along...
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    Do y'all see a very faint blue line or is it jus me?
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    @princessbell, it's hard to tell... maybe repeat the test in a few days?

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  • I'm goin to
    Blues are notorious for dye run and evaps. Try a pink test like First Response.
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    I started testing with the strips about 4 days before my period was due.  Then on the day my period was due I used ClearBlue. I was so happy to see the positive results I kept using the strips. lol
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    I started testing at 12dpo. After my first positive on that day I got a negative on a digital. Too early I guess, but here's how the last three days have gone.


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  • this is what mine looked at at 4 weeks 1 day, 4 weeks 2 days and 4 weeks 5 days
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  • I did an Up and Up with the two lines instead of the cross, and it was a very strong positive before I even put it down.
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    Congrats to everyone! I'm new to these boards :)

    I tested about 2 days ago, and my test line is significantly darker than the control line which I found strange. I've tested 3 more times since then (I didnt attach those images) but the results are all alike....darker test lines than control lines.  Any clue as to why this might be?

    I was supposed to get my period the day I tested, but now I'm suspecting maybe I'm further along than I think I am...

    Boobs are killer. As is fatigue!
  • My test was exactly the same. I read somewhere that this means the HCG levels are so high that the dye pulls from the control strip to make the result strip darker. I am taking it as a good sign : )
  • This is surreal! I got mine today and on the FRER my test line is darker as well. Congratulations to each and everyone of you!
  • That's the same test I took. I don't see the point of getting the big expensive ones. They all seem to work :)
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    Call me crazy, but I have tested with three different brands. 8-}

    First Response (ya know, the 6 days before your missed period) was the clearest.
    The Dollar Tree brand (LOL) was faint, but there were still 2 lines!
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  • I've never had to wait the 2mins. It's almost immediately the two solid line or plus sign. The $ store ones worked just as well as the more expensive ones.
  • My tests at 3w4d... 2 days before I expected my period :)
  • 10dpo and 11dpo
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