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What does a positive pregnancy test really look like??


Re: What does a positive pregnancy test really look like??

  • I started testing at 9DPO. All positive. 3 from makeababy.ca and two clear blue one digital. 5 all together
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  • I used a dollar store test first time. Left it for a couple minutes and nothing came up. Forgot about it, came back maybe five more minutes late and saw the second line. It was faint but I've heard even a faint line means yes! Bought another test just to be sure and the second one (grocery store generic) came up positive right away. I'm definitely impressed with the dollar store version both times I used it, got accurate results, first BFN a month ago and now BFP this month. Made myself wait five extra days, though. Excruciating!
  • I went on 4 different sticks lol. The first one was first response, the second 2 were Clear Blue and the last one was digital because I was SURE my eyes were playing tricks on me. :)
  • I used a First response test 10 DPO and got a negative.. I thought by that time "oh I guess it will be nothing then"... then 4 days later when period should have been coming around... I had the weird back ache and stuff... but I did another one and then I got a faint but definite pink 2nd line that said positive! so for me the 6days before period thing didn't work with First response but it can still tell remarkably early that you are pregnant.  
  • These were my super faint positives, before I took a digital. :)
  • I tested when I was 5 days late. I first used first response and got a dark line and another lighter but very clear pink line! I then used clear blue with the weeks indicator and all 3 confirmed I was 2-3 weeks along! ( from date we conceived!) our first baby will be here around 10/19 and we are ecstatic!!!!
  • Both were done two days after my period was due, not using first morning urine.



  • Here are mine. The two dye ones showed very faint lines, the one in the middle almost invisible. I don't know exactly how many DPO I was because I'm not entirely sure when I ovulate but I estimate I was about 12-13 DPO. I wasn't quite sure if I should believe them or not so I went out and bought a digi. That was pretty conclusive! :-O They're all Clearblue. 


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  • Here are what mine looked like. I took 2 rather inexpensive ones as this pregnancy wasn't planned so I didn't really think I could be pregnant. Once I got 2 positives, I went back and spent over $20 for Clearblue's test that also shows how far along (estimate). I had to read the directions multiple times because I just couldn't believe it ;)
  • I had the faintest lines imaginable and ended up buying the digital test because I kept thinking maybe I was seeing things.  Why this uploaded upside down is beyond me.  I feel old and technologically incompetent when it comes to these boards.

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  • These are mine.  I took the Digital the same day as the two first response the dollars store one a couple of days later
  • Took a 5 days before misses period. (First response early response) negative.

    I took another on the day of my missed period! Bam. Within seconds. My big fat postitive. Good luck!

    (The heart was because it was valentines day, and this was my surprise for my husband)
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  • Took an EPT three days past my missed period.  It was light, but the + was there!

    Took a First Response one later that night for a for sure positive. Only 5 weeks here. :)
  • I used First Response and a strip both were super faint but positive.
  • I used the First Signal (88 cents at Walmart lol). My cycle was all whacked out right before this one, so from what I'm guesstimating, I ovulated around Feb. 8th and got a positive test on the 28th. So, 19DPO I guess? At any rate, I used this test with my DD as well and I wasn't due for AF yet with her and it came up very faint.
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    Blue Wondfu Sticks

    Top to bottom

    10DPO FMU - faint line
    9DPO - very faint line
    9DPO FMU
    8DPO FMU

    FRER 10DPO afternoon 
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  • Here are some positive EPTs. I just found out I was pregnant yesterday morning (!!!), and happened to still have these on my counter. 
  • I used the Equate Early Result Pregnancy Test. It has two windows, the first is your result, and the second is the control. First and foremost, if a blue line does not appear in the control window, the test is defective and should be thrown out. The first window is your result, and if a blue line appears, you are pregnant. If the line does not appear, you aren't. The box says it will take 2-10 minutes for your results, but mine appeared in less than 30 seconds both times. Also, make sure you follow the directions on the box. People joke about "There's no way to mess up peeing on a stick.", but you have to be sure you're holding the test the correct way, and in your stream for the right amount of time, and placing it on a flat surface right away, etc.
  • FMU and SMU with digital. 4 days after missed period and basal temps still high. Yay!!
  • Just a few ;)
  • looks positive
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  • I did clear blue...
  • And first response!
  • Top test was 3+6 and the bottom was 4+1. Not sure why I felt the need to take another but I did. lol

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  • Well I guess it's real. Three Kroger brand tests later and I still don't believe it!
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  • I used clear blue digital. I tested 3 days before my period and within a minute I got "pregnant." I don't like the "+" "-" ones because sometimes the the second line is blurry and it's hard to tell. I've read a lot of positive reviews for clear blue. 
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  • my first pregnancy. test lines are darker used scanner to take picture of them. get to find out if its true on the 7th of april 10 days before my bday.
  • 10 dpo, FMU: 


    11 dpo, FMU: 


    11 dpo, evening: 



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  • I had a few cheap walmart tests that I took first. after 3 days of light pink lines...I went and got a First Response Gold...and it TOLD me YES+  :)
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  • This is what mine look like. I just took the test yesterday. Because doctors had told me my chances of conception are very low and my husband and I didn't concieve for over eight years. I didn't keep close tabs on my periods, but my best guess is I am 5-6 weeks pregnant. The line is very bright so I am confused!
  • 2 FRER's had BFPs...hubs didn't like that he couldn't read it but it was clear ad day for me....two lines.....so two CBE's (with week estimator) later with BFPs +3 set him straight.






  • Got mine this morning 13DPO :)
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  • my collection.  8DPO was SMU, 9&10DPO were FMU, digi is afternoon 10DPO (yesterday, actually).

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    I tested at 10 DPO with a Clear Blue and First Response and got BFN both times- which really upset me since they were early response tests. I retested at 13 DPO and got a BFP (Yay!!!) just barely on Clear Blue and a definite BFP on First Response. Tested again today at 14 DPO (day my AF was due) and got 2 more BFPs on a First Response and a Dollar Tree test. I'm so excited.... this is going to be an incredible journey!!

    (Top test was at 10 DPO, Bottom Test was at 13 DPO)
  • I got a clear positive with urine at 5:00 in the evening with a FRER. I estimated that I was about 9-10 DPO at that point. DH asked me to take another immediately after, which was another clear positive. I think he was in a little more shock than me, lol. Used our last test for the heck of it about three days later, mid-afternoon urine, and got an even darker second line.
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