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  • Hello I’m MaKaela this will be my first baby. EDD is 9/10.  Already had blood test to confirm first appt is on 1/27. My bf and I have been together for a little over 5 years. We’ve been trying for a a little over a year. We bought a house a year ago. We just have a cat. My boobs and nipples are super sore. I have wicked smell aversion. But we love Chicken patties right now I dream about them 😂. We found out New Year’s Eve ✨. 
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  • @runsonoatmeal Welcome! Congrats on the good/encouraging news this morning. What a good thing to learn on a Monday morning. 

    I’m 38 - will be 39 when I deliver. And, I work in higher education! Are you teaching remote or in-person right now? 
  • @magnolia209 Thank you! I'm doing a combo of remote and in-person and we don't start up until the 24th since we have a 3-week January term also. Our grad classes and some of our undergrad ones have always been online so I'm used to having at least one remote. I'm glad we're proceeding with in-person, but since we don't have any vaccine, testing, or mask requirements I'm probably still going to keep wearing a mask when I teach and go to meetings. How about your school?
  • @runsonoatmeal I’m in Los Angeles where everything is taken super seriously with Covid. We’re on a quarter system. The quarter started on time on January 3 but with a sudden change to fully remote until January 18. That just got extended to January 28. When classes go back in-person (if they ever do) there are mandatory vaccine+booster requirements as well as mandatory weekly testing and of course, mandatory masking. As well as daily symptom monitoring reported to a central system that gives you a clearance certificate to show up on campus. It’s intense! I think we should just go remote for the whole quarter and try this again in Summer! I’m in program administration. And I work specifically in continuing higher education.
  • Introduce yourself: I'm Hannah. I'm 29 (turning 30 on the 13th! Happy Birthday, me!) and live in south Alabama on Mobile Bay.

    Due date? Based on ovulation test - September 6. Not yet confirmed by a doc, though.

    How did you find out? My husband and I have been trying since May 2020. After Christmas, my husband was at work, and I was at home on Christmas break. It was the day before I was supposed to start my period, and I just couldn't take the waiting anymore. Took a test in the middle of the day and got a BFP in less than a minute. I wrapped the test in a box and put in under the tree for my husband to find out.

    Tell us about yourself (Other children/pets? Job? Things you like to do? Spouse/partner?) My husband and I will have been married for 4 years this coming April, together for 9 years. We have one fur baby, Chipper, a 4-year-old brown dog mutt rescue. I'm a high school theatre teacher, and we're about to start our spring musical. I love music and singing, and I also love to read. I'm a big old millennial nerd, so I love Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Doctor Who. I also love any type of murder mystery or puzzle.

    How are you feeling? (First appointment? Any symptoms? Emotionally?) I'm extremely nervous. I had an early miscarriage in August, and that has left quite the emotional scar. We're already past when I lost the last one, so I'm cautiously allowing myself to feel a little excited. I'm still mostly terrified to have the rug yanked out from under me again. I have an appointment on the 13th to do an ultrasound. As for symptoms, I haven't been able to stay awake past 8pm, and I've had sporadic nausea, cramps, and sore breasts. I've also been emotional and cried at weird things. A dog account I follow posted a roundup of all their dog videos, and I was laughing at them and then suddenly I was sobbing.

    GTKY Fun fact: Tell us what you would choose if you could only eat one thing forever. If I could eat only one thing, it would have to be a family recipe called burnt spaghetti - it's angel hair pasta, browned butter, and parmesan cheese.
  • @bumptink Hello fellow high school math teacher! 
  • Introduce yourself: My name is Tiffany, and I’m 33. This will be my first pregnancy!

    Due date: estimated at 9/7/22

    How did you find out: Home pregnancy tests the day after Christmas, then double checked on New Year’s Day…just confirmed last week at our local doctor’s office.

    Tell us about yourself: My husband and I have been married for 8 years. I am a teacher, coach, and assistant principal at a small rural school, and I’m currently finishing up my masters in administration. My husband and I have a small hobby farm (goats), and we have several fur babies. 

    How are you feeling: I’m feeling okay, the symptoms kind of shuffle around. I’ve had fatigue, tender breasts, mild back pain, leg cramps, constipation, smell/taste aversions, and mild nausea. Acne is the only symptom really annoying me 😂. My mood is great compared to pre-pregnancy, and I feel very unstressed for the most part. 

    GTKY Fun fact: My food I’d eat forever is definitely Chinese food.
  • @magnolia209 wow that is intense! It sounds like a lot of schools are going remote at least for now. I can't believe we don't have at least a classroom / indoor public spaces mask requirement like our flagship state school has, but, well, that's Nebraska. Hope things go at least somewhat ok / smoothly for you in admin this term!
  • Hello and welcome to the September 2022 BMB!

    Introduce yourself: I’m Lucy. I’m 30 and live in NH. Not engaged or married yet but now the pressure is really on my boyfriend 😂

    Due date? September 7 from what we’ve calculated.

    How did you find out? My boobs had been crazy sore and I missed my period, my period is not super normal so I wasn’t too worried about being a week or so late, but on a whim I took a pregnancy test and to our total surprise it was positive. We had been actively trying to not conceive so I realize how lucky we are that it’s happened (truly what a blessing) and I cannot wait to be a mom.

    Tell us about yourself (Other children/pets? Job? Things you like to do? Spouse/partner?)

    This is my first pregnancy, although I do have a fur-baby named Gus who is a beagle-hound mix. I work as a recruiter for a tech company and I used to teach yoga too. I love to hike, bake, binge some mystery podcasts, and do yoga.

    How are you feeling? (First appointment? Any symptoms? Emotionally?) I don’t think I’ve ever been more scared or excited in my entire life. I also keep crying at anything remotely happy or sad. What a combo of feelings! I cannot wait to head to my first appointment and ask all the questions...literally all of them because I feel as if I have no idea what I’m doing or what to expect. Our first appointment is with a midwife on Jan 24. At that point I’ll be 8 weeks!

    GTKY Fun fact: Tell us what you would choose if you could only eat one thing forever.

    If I could only eat 1 thing forever I think it might be margarita pizza. I love basil and cheese.
  • @greeneyes1796 i never knew that was called brined spaghetti, I LOVE that meal. I sometimes load it up with a little garlic and hot peppers too. So yum!
  • Hello, my name is Jessica I'm from Pennsylvania, this will be my 2nd child my husbands 3rd, I missed my period around Christmas, tested on my son's 1st birthday and big positive, took 3 more positive my EDD 9/2/22 though not confirmed by doctor yet my first appointment is on January 25th
  • @knottie7678eb67febb763c Welcome! I have a bloodhound named Gus and I also work in HR/Recruiting! 

    Don't forget to change your name from the original "Knottie" so we can address you easier and get to know you better!
  • @knottie7678eb67febb763c Ooh, I'll definitely have to try adding those. It sounds delish! My family has always called it burnt spaghetti because "spaghetti with browned butter and parmesan" doesn't nearly flow off the tongue as well lol.
  • Introduce yourself: Hi guys! I am Macie from Seattle. First time mom.

    Due date? September 13 (not confirmed by the doctor yet)

    How did you find out? I felt super off right around my period, very emotional and easily stress. Usually I do not have many PMS symptoms so it was really strange that I cried over tacos. My sister just had a baby in November and was telling me that I was pregnant. I did not believe her since I was cramping and my period wasn't "really" late. I was sitting at work after another negative dollar store test and did some math. I was a day late and 15 days since ovulation. I ran to the store for a test and the rest is history :)

    Tell us about yourself (Other children/pets? Job? Things you like to do? Spouse/partner?) My husband and I have been together for almost 8 years since we were 19 but just got married in August! We just decided to start trying last month and to our surprise my cramps last week were not the start of my period. We have a 2 year old rottie named Beedu and love to walk our neighborhood and read books at our favorite coffee shops! I thought cutting down on coffee would be tough but thank goodness for those food aversions. I am in real estate and my husband is a music producer so our lives are busy but flexible and fun! We love our family and are extremely close to our parents so for that reason we have decided to live with my in laws while we start our family.

    How are you feeling? (First appointment? Any symptoms? Emotionally?) Our first phone intake appointment is next week but we have to wait until 2/3 for our first in person prenatal visit. Boy these emotions come in waves, mostly excited but also have those first time parent jitters.
    So farm my symptoms are manageable, still cramping (especially when I don't get enough water), intense mood swings mostly in the evening and mostly crying. The morning have been off and on rough, not necessarily nauseous but very food adverse. Boobs are starting to get sore. I am craving spicy things which is not like me, give me all the Takis, Hot Cheetos and Mexican food!

    GTKY Fun fact: Tell us what you would choose if you could only eat one thing forever. I would typically say steak but right now Mexican food or Chinese.
  • @whitta1015 no way! Hound dogs and beagles are the absolute best I’ve learned since adopting him. Talk about some serious personality...and their noses never turn off 😂

    I’ll have to go back to my profile and try to update it again, I thought I changed it to LucyG00cy. Nickname has stuck forever.
  • @knottie7678eb67febb763c you may have to log out and log back in for it to show up
    Current pregnancy -
    First BFP on 1/4/22.  Due date 9/13/22.

    Four prior losses, no living children - 1 first trimester miscarriage, 1 blighted ovum, 1 chemical, and one extreme premature live birth daughter who died at 15 days old.

  • Hi everyone! Gabby from California. 

    Due date? Sept 13 based on rough calculations. Not confirmed yet. 

    How did you find out? I had all these period symptoms but no period. Decided to test and figured out I was ~4 weeks along! 

    Tell us about yourself (Other children/pets? Job? Things you like to do? Spouse/partner?) My husband and I have two big pups that we love dearly. If this all works out I’m very excited to watch them play with a future little ones. I like to read, cook, run, hike, workout, be outside all the time, and listen to true crime podcasts. 

    How are you feeling? (First appointment? Any symptoms? Emotionally?) I’m in shock. My feelings are all over the place but really I jump from disbelief to sheer terror. I haven’t felt really excited but I think it’s because it’s so early and I’m not letting myself feel much. First time pregnant but a lot of close friends have suffered losses so I’m aware of what could happen. Hoping for the best and hoping my feelings change once I have my first ultrasound in Feb. 

    GTKY Fun fact: Tell us what you would choose if you could only eat one thing forever. CHEESE, all kinds of cheese. Can’t live without it! 
  • wisehwiseh member
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    Introduce yourself: I'm Hannah, I'm 30yo & live in a remote mining town in the Pilbara, in Australia. 

    Due date? Mid September some time. Dating scan is on the 24th of Jan & will find out then :smile:

    How did you find out? We've been TTC for a year so I've been taking tests before any event where I would normally drink. I was only 8 DPO but it was a BFP! Digital test said 1-2 weeks, got bloods the next day & they were at 16 so confirmed pregnant.

    Tell us about yourself (Other children/pets? Job? Things you like to do? Spouse/partner?) I have a DH, Simon, who is 38yo. Together we have a 2y 7m girl that is a typical toddler. We also have 2 cats, once loves my daughter & the other hides the entire time she's awake. I work in mining as a reliability engineer & Simon works for an engineering construction company so is often at my work which is nice - we get to have lunch together every few weeks :smile: Together we like to go 4wd, swimming at the pool or beach, and travel. Not much travel now as we live in such a remote area and it is wayyy too hot to do anything except sit inside under the aircon. Should start cooling down in April/May so I'm very much looking forward to that & getting out doing more stuff.

    How are you feeling? (First appointment? Any symptoms? Emotionally?) I'm OK. *TW inside spoiler*
    I've had 2x miscarriages this year. The previous losses were around 4 weeks & I have surpassed them and my pregnancy tests keep getting stronger and stronger, so I am cautiously optimistic that this one will stick.
    Other than that I am really, really tired but not much nausea which I am thankful for. Baby brain has kicked in already, though that's still a hangover from last pregnancy - it's just gotten a bit worse haha. I'm also not a raging hormone bag full of anger like I was when I was pregnant with my daughter so I am grateful for that too.

    GTKY Fun fact: Tell us what you would choose if you could only eat one thing forever. I could not choose but my go to is currently mac, cheese & tuna. Takes a total of 10 mins to cook in my thermomix and it's so yummy!
  • Introduce yourself:
    Hi, I’m Hannah. I’m 28 and this is my second pregnancy! I’m from Bismarck, North Dakota :)

    Due date?
    Sept. 15 (estimated)

    How did you find out?
    Quite a few positive pregnancy tests

    Tell us about yourself (Other children/pets? Job? Things you like to do? Spouse/partner?) I have been married to my husband, Michael, for 3 years. We have a 20 month old daughter, Eloise. Michael is a hospital pharmacist and I am a stay at home mama. I used to teach 2nd grade and still miss it dearly. We have a dog, Bear, and cat, Tarantino. We are big movie buffs! I like to run, do puzzles, read, go to museums, and do crafts with Eloise. My in-laws got me a ton of incredible cake decorating tools and sets for Christmas so I am excited to get into that to stay busy during this pregnancy.

    How are you feeling? (First appointment? Any symptoms? Emotionally?)
    I am feeling great so far! With my daughter, I was so incredibly exhausted during the first trimester starting around 6 weeks. So I’m curious to see if that happens again! Emotionally, I am super excited! I am trying to savor these last months with just me and my daughter though. I know she’ll be an amazing big sister. I have my first appointment on February 4th :)

    GTKY Fun fact: Tell us what you would choose if you could only eat one thing forever.
    Bread and butter! I love bread so insanely much!
  • x_tina729x_tina729 member
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    Ahh I literally feel the same way. Complete shock and terrified. It’s hard for me to be excited yet also because it’s so soon and idk what can happen. Glad I’m not the only one
  • x_tina729x_tina729 member
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    Introduce yourself: my names Christina and I’m 32 years old. This is my first time pregnant. I live on Long Island and I’m a BCBA (behavior analyst)

    Due date? 9/10/22 (as per an online calculator )

    How did you find out? Was 2 days late and had very sore boobs. I just knew. I was only off birth control for 3 months after being on for 14 years and though it would take much longer but I just had a strong feeling. Took a test and almost passed out from panic lol

    Tell us about yourself (Other children/pets? Job? Things you like to do? Spouse/partner?)
    No other children. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 14 years and he’s been wanting a child. I do too but for some reason I’ve never felt “ready” and truthfully still don’t! I love to do hot yoga/Pilates and cook. I’m going to miss my hot classes for the next 9 months!

    How are you feeling? (First appointment? Any symptoms? Emotionally?) physically I feel great. Only symptom is sore boobs and super bloated. Emotionally I am scared. Mind is racing and my mood all over the place lol. I am excited but also super super nervous. My first appointment is 1/26 which feels like forever. I keep having thoughts like “am I reallllllly pregnant?” Lol

    GTKY Fun fact: Tell us what you would choose if you could only eat one thing forever.
    Probably pizza??
  • Potential due date buddies! Honestly, I am so afraid to get excited. Everyday the feelings are so different!
  • Hi everyone, it’s nice to meet you all and read your stories. I’m 34 and located in Vancouver, BC.

    Due date? September 12, 2022

    How did you find out?

    My period was about 4 days late while we were on vacation out of town, and I knew that was odd because my cycle is regular like clockwork. Next day, I started having cramps, and told my partner "false alarm - my period is here". Except that my period never came. We got home around 2am at the end of our holiday, and I couldn't wait - I took the pregnancy test I’d squirrelled away just for situations like this. Bingo! Two lines. My partner could barely believe it. I took 5 more tests because I couldn't believe it, either. Didn't sleep much that night.

    Tell us about yourself (Other children/pets? Job? Things you like to do? Spouse/partner?)

    This is my first pregnancy. My partner and I have been together 16 years - I think our families had given up on us getting married or having kids or anything moderately grownup, so it'll be fun to hopefully break the news in the near future. I work in marketing at a university and run a small freelance business on the side.

    I like to play video games, read, hang out with my two kitties, and going for walks along the ocean when it's raining (and it rains here a LOT).

    How are you feeling? (First appointment? Any symptoms? Emotionally?)

    I'm really nervous, but cautiously excited. It's a tough feeling. I'm so scared to miscarry. I know this happens, and there's not too much I can do, so I'm just trying to take things one day at a time.

    Feeling fatigued, mild to moderate cramps throughout the day and at night (my doctor says this is ok), and some breast soreness and bloating. I had my first phone consult with my family doc today, and we're scheduling my bloodwork and ultrasound in a few weeks.

    GTKY Fun fact: Tell us what you would choose if you could only eat one thing forever.

    Vancouver has incredible sushi, so I would eat it for the rest of my life if I could. Goes without saying, I'm missing salmon rolls at the moment.
  • @x_tina729 I relate to so much of what you said. I'm also feeling scared and nervous and excited. You're not alone!
  • Hey I’m Megan! I’m from a small town in Michigan, USA! 

    Due date? September 9,2022 (same due date as my youngest daughter!)

    How did you find out? I drank a smoothie and was bloated like no other for the rest of the day. Sooo I did the usual and took approximately 356 tests….just to be sure 🤣

    Tell us about yourself?: I celebrated my 8th wedding anniversary with my hubby this past October. I have 3 littles- Zander (7) Charlotte (4) and Maya (2). We lost our St Bernard to cancer just before Christmas, so we’re down to just one fur baby! I own a luxury photography business and also have my Masters in Social Work! 

    How are you feeling? So far so good! My appetite is all messed up. I’m pretty much in a constant state of starving but then can only eat a few bites before feeling full. Andddd then I’m starving like 10 minutes later again 🤣

    GTKY Fun fact: Tell us what you would choose if you could only eat one thing forever. This is a toughy. I like food. Right now nothing at all sounds good though 🤣 Maybe…. Tacos? 

    BabyFruit Ticker
  •  Very happy to feel I’m not the only one feeling shocked/terrified. I was kind of scared I was alone in the feeling! 
  • @lilbean18 You are definitely not alone! This is my 2nd time, so I definitely feel much calmer than last time. All the same - the day I found out I started shaking from head to toe. It’s shocking. Even when you were trying. It’s shocking and scary. And amazing.

    @Megcha0812 Congrats! I have the same due date as my last pregnancy too! I can’t believe it! I just hope they end up more like a week apart and feel bad that my son is probably not going to have a big party this year! He hasn’t had a party since his 1st birthday. 2 and 3 were just so deep in the pandemic. And, we moved on his 3rd birthday. Now we’re going to have a baby on his 4th birthday! It will be ok! We’ll figure it out! Maybe do a party a little later? 
  • Hello everyone! It’s surreal to be here!

    Due date? EDD 9/22/2022. Unconfirmed by doctor but based on LMP.

    How did you find out? Took a pregnancy test when one of my dogs just started acting strange with me. He wouldn’t leave me alone!

    Tell us about yourself: My husband and I got married legally over a year ago, but we have our actual wedding in May! I have three beautiful dogs, and I’m an accountant while my husband is a lawyer.

    How are you feeling? I’m very cautiously excited. We’re new to TTC and I definitely stress myself out from thinking of every possibility. Our first ultrasound is February 11. So far, just some dull pain in the lower back and sore boobs. I also fall asleep way earlier.

    GTKY Fun fact: I could eat just basic noodles with marinara sauce every day for every meal. I have done that actually for a prolonged period of time!
  • @mokay19 Hi, friend! So great to see you here! ❤️❤️❤️
    TTC History
    Me: 38 DH: 52
    Started trying June 2018
    BFP Jan 2019 DD born October 2019
    TTC July 2021 BFP, ended in MMC August 2021
    TTC October 2021
    BFP January 2022
    MMC March 2022
    Beginning May 2022 under the supervision of an RE - Benched while undergoing testing

  • @mokay19 another bmb with you! 

  • Introduce yourself: Hello! I'm Courtney. I'm 34 years old and this is my first pregnancy. I'm 6 weeks along now. 

    Due date? September 4th 

    How did you find out?  We were TTC but didn't know it would happen so fast. I was feeling off and took a test on Christmas Eve that came back positive. 

    Tell us about yourself (Other children/pets? Job? Things you like to do? Spouse/partner?) I live in Connecticut with my husband. We have a cat and a dog that we adore. I am a professional photographer and I love taking photos. 

    How are you feeling? (First appointment? Any symptoms? Emotionally?) I am overwhelmed. Full of anxiety but also hope and joy. I am tired and my boobs are sore but I'm so excited and grateful to be pregnant.. 

    GTKY Fun fact: Tell us what you would choose if you could only eat one thing forever. Either sushi or tacos! (I am already missing sushi!)
  • @jhysmath yes! I’m sure you’re happy to not be in May with another 😂
  • *lurking*

    @mokay19 hi there friend! So happy to see you here. I went back to check the last time you'd posted to TTGP and I guess new work insurance wasn't needed for this little bundle! I hope it's a sticky one! H&H 9 months. 
    TTC History
    Me: 38, MH: 37 | Met 02/2009 | Started Dating 08/2017 | Married 02/02/2020
    TTC #1 since 02/2020
    2009 | Dx PCOS; likely a misdiagnosis
    07/14/20 | Dx Hashimoto's Thyroditis
    07/21/20 | 1st RE appointment
    07/2120 - 08/20/20 | so much testing; no signs of PCOS
    08/20/20 | Dx Unexplained; AMA
    09/08/20 | IUI #1 Clomid + Trigger + Prometrium | BFN
    09/30/20 | Urology consult; more testing required
    10/2020 | Clomid + OPK + TI + Prometrium | BFN
    10/26/2020 | Starting 2nd IUI cycle, with Letrazole and with a new RE / different clinic
    11/03/2020 | New Dx "poor egg quality"; IUI cancelled in favor of Trigger + TI + Prometrium | BFN
    11/26/2020 | Combo IUI (Clomid + Menopur) + Trigger + Prometrium | BFN
    12/20/2020 | Combo IUI (Clomid + Gonal-F) + Trigger | IUI Cancelled due to thin lining; TI only | BFN
    01/14/2021 | Combo IUI (Letrazole + Menopur) + Trigger | BFN
    02/06/2021 | Switched to a new RE (TEW) ; trying naturally until we complete additional testing 
    03/14/2021 | Hybrid Double IUI, with Zymot (Letrazole, Gonal-F) + Trigger + Endometrin | Ovulated 4 mature eggs but still a BFN ☹️
    04/07/2021 | Natural cycle while we regroup | BFN
    04/09/2021 | Employer announces fertility benefits starting 05/01/2021! | Search for a new doctor who accepts insurance
    05/10/2021 | New RE consult & plan for IVF
    05/13/2021 | Mid-luteal IVF cycle #1 interrupted; had to get cancer genetic screening done to make sure I didn't have the same SDHA gene mutation as MH. 
    06/10/2021 | Aygestin priming IVF cycle #1; opted to Cx after 9 days of stims since only 5-6/12 follicles responded
    07/26/2021 | Attempt #2 at IVF cycle #1 (mid-luteal start): 8 retrieved, 8 MII, 6 fert (1 PN3), 3 Day 5 & 6 blasts: 3AA, 3AA, 6AB; 3 euploid
    08/09/2021 | Rest cycle / unmedicated TTC | Shockingly, a BFP! EDD: 5/25/202 | CP at 4w4d
    09/23/2021 | IVF cycle #2 (mid-luteal start): 14 retrieved, 13 MII, 11 fert, 5 Day 5 & 6 blasts: 2 x 3AA, 2 x 3AB, 3BB; 2 euploid
    11/12/2021 | IVF cycle #3 (mid-luteal start): cancelled due to ovaries being on vacation
    12/20/2021 | Rest cycle / unmedicated TTC + Pregmune Immunology Testing; BFN
    01/22/2022 | Rest cycle / unmedicated TTC + understanding uncovered immunological issues; BFN
    02/18/2022 | Mock transfer cycle! ERA, ReceptivaDx, EMMA/ALICE; start Prednisone to address NK activity
    03/16/2022 | Final, "Hail Mary" super-ovulation + TI cycle before FET; BFP! EDD: 12/21/2022 | MMC 05/08/2022
    05/20/2022 | D&C; recovering... 
    06/21/2022 | Trying naturally until October 2022
    07/21/2022 | BFP! EDD 04/02/2023

  • @acleverusername well, I got the work insurance and tried a cycle with oral meds and then injectables and then a couple weeks after cancelling it due to lack of response, I ovulated! And thank you! 

  • Introduce yourself:
    Hi Everyone, happy to be here! My name is Mel and this is my first pregnancy.

    Due date?
    According to the due date calculator, I’m due 9/12 - a Virgo like me! Hence the username 😊

    How did you find out?
    We had been NTNP since November. But right before what would have been my period this month I was super bloated. I didn’t think anything of it, I even joked to my husband “hey look! This is what I’ll look like when I’m pregnant!” haha but the next morning I woke up with heartburn which I NEVER get, let alone fist thing when I wake up. So I took a test and sure enough I was pregnant!

    Tell us about yourself (Other children/pets? Job? Things you like to do? Spouse/partner?)
    This will be the first baby for both of us! We have a chocolate lab mix who is a pain in the butt, but we love him dearly. Husband and I have been married for 2 years, but together for 10! 

    How are you feeling? (First appointment? Any symptoms? Emotionally?)
    Pretty mild symptoms so far, just some breast tenderness, bloating, and heartburn. I am anxious to have my first appointment so that I can know everything is progressing as it should be. I saw my PCP a couple days ago, but all she could do is confirm with a urine test and give me a referral to an OB. I have to wait for the referral letter to come in the mail before I can even schedule my first appointment :/

    GTKY Fun fact: Tell us what you would choose if you could only eat one thing forever.
    Weirdly enough, soup!! I love soup from all different cuisines. Ramen, Udon, Pozole, sundubu, minestrone, French onion, gazpacho - you name it, I love it. But if I had to pick just one it would probably be pozole verde! 😋

  • @virgovirgo
    enjoying some tom kha as we speak. :)
    Current pregnancy -
    First BFP on 1/4/22.  Due date 9/13/22.

    Four prior losses, no living children - 1 first trimester miscarriage, 1 blighted ovum, 1 chemical, and one extreme premature live birth daughter who died at 15 days old.

  • Ooooo I’m jealous 😋
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