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  • @bex_and_her_baby welcome! I have a 10/4 son too, but a different year. Yay for a good ultrasound! My words of advice as an AL person is not to worry until you have to. Try to enjoy your pregnancy as much as you can today bc if/once you do get bad news its impossible not to be anxious  :)
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  • @sugarcoateddonut I’m also Canadian 🙂 I live on the westcoast of Canada. I also had a loss this July too. so sorry for your loss. 
  • @sugarcoateddonut  and @mindyb2019
    Also a fellow Canadian on the east coast! 
    Last BMB we had a thread for Canadian moms since we e have some different stuff with maternity leave and even different car seats etc. Might be time to get one going! 
  • @kristah2 I really like that idea for a thread for Canadian moms. You should definitely start that up
  • @sugarcoateddonut I’m also Canadian 🙂 I live on the westcoast of Canada. I also had a loss this July too. so sorry for your loss. 
     I'm so sorry for your loss as well! <3 

    My parents live on the westcoast. I really wanted to fly out this summer with my daughter but with the self-isolation rules here I would have needed almost a month off.

     kristah2 said:
    @sugarcoateddonut  and @mindyb2019
    Also a fellow Canadian on the east coast! 
    Last BMB we had a thread for Canadian moms since we e have some different stuff with maternity leave and even different car seats etc. Might be time to get one going! 

    A Canadian thread would be awesome! :smile:
  • @sugarcoateddonut, @kristah2, @mindyb2019 also a fellow Canadian but I live abroad currently. Hardcore missing Canada lately though since I haven’t been able to visit in 2020 due to covid. 😭😭😭 and now with the pregnancy, not looking like I’ll make it for another year. 

    *Live, Love, Laugh, Learn*

  • @kristah2 - love the idea of a Canadian moms thread!
  • @allie_v1 welcome! I'm also a librarian (elementary school) working from home! So happy to be doing this during 1st tri
  • @KristinUM12 - I have a 9 month old too, and I feel you on "stop biting my boob!" She just got her 5th tooth, and it's not fun for mama. Welcome and congratulations!
    DH (30) + Me (28) - May '15
    TTC #1: Mar '16 - Jan '17 | DD1: Sep '17 (41w)
    TTC #2: May '18 - May '19 | CP: Jan '19 (4w+6d) | DD2: Jan '20 (40w4d)
    TTC #3: NTNP | EDD: Jun '21
  • @KristinUM12 my son likes to jump off my lap while still latched 😒😫
  • @megggosaurusrex hey, another North Carolina Mama! Welcome to the group. 
  • sonson808sonson808 member
    edited November 2020
  • @kfc1983 you are so sweet! We are definitely in this together girl. Reach out to me anytime you need to vent.

    Me:31 DH:33
    Married: September 2013
    Loss 8/2014
    DS: 6/8/15
    DS: 4/6/18
    BFP: 7/10/20
    loss 7/15/20
    BFP: 9/29/20
    Confirmed twin pregnancy: 10/19/20
    Loss of Twin B: 12/1/2020

  • @kfc1983 another +1 on the not so excited train. I already have 2 kids who are my world. We were going back and forth about whether or not to have a 3rd but we were trying to prevent but I was having problems with birth control and here we are. I cried for 2 days solid after I found out. I’m almost 14 weeks and coming around to it now but I still haven’t told many people. 
    On top of navigating feelings there’s so many hormones. Feel your feelings, girl. There no right way to take the news. 
  • @kfc1983 hi from the initially not so excited club. We have 2 kids and hubs had a vasectomy in 2018. That’s how done we were.... but he never went in for his follow ups and here we are 🤷🏻‍♀️ I definitely cried a lot that first day. Now I’m coming around to the idea and I like buying baby things. But hubs isn’t that connected to this pregnancy which definitely makes it harder and we’re busy with every day life with 2 other kids in a pandemic. So solidarity, friend. Welcome!
  • @kfc1983 and others. Yep, me too, but for a different reason. I'm not unhappy,  just numb. I wish I could be excited and jump for joy but just not feeling it. I have no other kids and this is all Ive ever wanted. I've been told that a pregnancy where you're just like "meh" can change when you give birth like day and night. I hope so, for all of us. Besides, you can still have your kickass career and be a mom. Lots of people do it! Welcome :)
  • @kfc1983 It's for a very different reason, but I'm also just not "feeling" it yet. Not upset, just numb...and we planned for this pregnancy. Even in the moments where I have been happy, I've also felt kind of sad for what we'll (presumably) be giving up. We have a great life together, with lots of travel and going out (pre-COVID, naturally), and my career is also in a really awesome place. Even small stuff, like the fact that it'll be harder to sleep in (or sleep at all?) for a while, have a lazy day, or be a bit spontaneous. We want kids, very much, but I have wondered at times if it's really worth the struggle and tradeoff. 

    So, long way of saying: you're not alone. Even my mother told me that she didn't really feel that excited until after I was born which, if you know her, is totally shocking.
  • @akoros I’ve been struggling coming to terms with the changes that are going to happen in my husbands and my life too. We have lived a pretty charmed dual-income-no-kids life for awhile now, and while we really want kids I’m scared about how our long enjoyed freedoms will change and how that will affect our relationship. Not going to lie, I’ve had a few “my life is oooover” crying breakdowns, but I’m going to blame that on hormones for now.  One thing that has made me more excited for life with a new family member is talking about all the things we CAN do with kids, and places we’ve traveled that are kid friendly. We’ve already talked extensively about how we want to take the baby (preferably a toddler at this point) to Munich, push a stroller through the English Gardens, pretzels at the beirgarden, etc. Thinking about mixing our former life with our future life makes me excited, something to look forward to as a family! 
  • @ashleyjillian15 That's a really great approach! You're right, DINK life is pretty sweet, but there are definitely positives to having a little one. The idea of introducing them to everything is exciting. There are all sorts of neighborhood events here that we don't really take advantage of, but would be *so* fun with a child. Fwiw, my parents traveled more after I was born than they did the twelve years prior, so while there are undoubtedly changes and challenges, you don't have to give up everything.
  • @kfc1983 Like others have said, it’s totally normal to feel that way! Your life is about to change.

    From my experience, I was super apprehensive about the whole “having a child” part that came after pregnancy lol. It took me a LONG time to feel like it was the right decision and feel joy from it. I felt I had ruined my life. My babe was maybe 6-7 months old when I fell in love with him and being his mother. 

    Now distanced from the postpartum fog and depression, I can see more clearly that these are all just seasons in your life. Yes, it will be hard and change everything, but you’ll be surprised how adaptable you become. Even though this season now comes to end, there will be more and full of joy! And eventually your kids will be older and less needy and you’ll have more time for you and your partner. I thought I was gonna be home bound with a crying baby for the REST of my life and it blew my mind how quickly they stop being babies. 

    I’m losing my train of thought. Be down! It’s normal but know that there is something new and exciting on the horizon, it might just take a while to get there. 
  • @akoros - exactly and ditto to all!!!
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