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  • @Elle131 
    1- With my first it started to feel more “real” when I could feel baby moving and when I started getting prepared for his arrival. And once my body started changing and I was showing. But I think everyone’s experience is different.

    3- I’m on a daily dose of baby aspirin to lower my risk of preeclampsia (I had it with my first). 
    Me: 31 DH: 34 :heart: Married: April 2016
    TTC December 2016
    BFP 2/28/17 // CP 3/1/17
    MFI Diagnosis: Aug 2017
    BFP 11/1/17 // DS born 6/18
    TTC January 2019
    BFP 3/21/19 // D&C (MMC) 5/8/19
  • blaf322 said:
    1- really, stop stressing over this. 14th or 18th, baby’s going to come when the baby comes. It truly doesn’t matter. And FWIW, I’d hope they date at the 14th bc if you go over, that’s 4 less days you have to wait for induction. 

    2- I think the ones I’ve taken were 25mg? Have you tried googling to see what typical dosage is? Or call and ask your doc? That might be most helpful. 
    1) But it if is July 18 due date then that's extra time I can over without being induced. My provider allows 10 days before induction. I have no desire to be induced. So I would prefer the July 18 date. Last time I had no braxton hicks contractions, pre-labor, etc.
    2) I did ask doctor first and they said what's on bottle (which would be 1 tablet on my bottle, 50 mg tablet). My NaPro doctor (who manages my progesterone) happened to see I had asked it said 50 mg 3x a day. Online it says 10-25mg 3x a day. It says going over the recommended can cause nerve damage. Online has a lot of that recommendation so I'm going with that for now. Seems to be working
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  • JessDG said:
    @busymom247 With my first, based on my LMP , I was to be due October 15, but based on my ultrasound, they put me at October 1st.  My son was born September 28, so personally I would go by the ultrasound.  But...the baby will come when it wants to come!!
    I read if more than 1-2 week difference they would go with ultrasound, which makes sense!
  • @busymom247 I would want to go with whichever due date seems most likely to be the actual due date. They can have whatever policy they want about induction, but they can’t force you to be induced if you don’t want to be. 

  • @jkbrownstein  Sorry for the late response! Somehow I missed this one.  I have Finacea, I had high hopes for it because it was so expensive but even after a couple months of use I didn't see any change. I guess I just have a very stubborn case.
  • @Elle131
    q1. Honestly, it took forever to feel real with my first. I remember being super pregnant and sometimes forgetting I was preggo until I looked down and was like oh yea. 
    q3: I've had friend who were prescribed baby aspirin due to risk of preeclampsia 
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  • @Pascal86 They can't technically force you, but they can drop you as a patient if you aren't willing to comply with what they feel comfortable with... which isn't ideal that late in pregnancy. 

    @busymom247 I'm glad the dose you chose is working well! I'd probably just call or email your doctor's office to ask. It seems like that's going to clear up your questions most quickly/easily.... and give you a more accurate answer than you'll get with us just speculating. Have you considered a birthing center? They don't force induction nearly as early as a typical OB office does.

  • blaf322 said:

    @busymom247 I'm glad the dose you chose is working well! I'd probably just call or email your doctor's office to ask. It seems like that's going to clear up your questions most quickly/easily.... and give you a more accurate answer than you'll get with us just speculating. Have you considered a birthing center? They don't force induction nearly as early as a typical OB office does.
    I did ask my drs office and they said dose on bottle *shrugs*. Not much help when my NaPro dr told me something else and yet many evidence based websites say another thing (spread it out, lower dosage, too much is not good, etc).

    The closest birthing center is over 1 hour away and I don't have that desire at all with traffic and my son and no family here (and insurance). The hospital with the midwives is really great. I handed them my birth wishes last time a month or so before birth (that actually give you a checklist of what you want/don't want but I had my own). They're really good about respecting all of it. I was never questioned on any of it! 

    (We have two hospitals here each with a women's practices. My practice/hospital is the only one with  midwives (overseen by OBs) They're not as pushy and I was pushing to go to 11 days if needed (rule is 10 days). It seems like the OBs only let their patients go 3-5 days? But a lot of people don't question it where as I did/do).
  • @busymom247 sorry I wasn't clear. You should ask them what your EDD is so you have an answer vs us just speculating. 
    I could have separated those thoughts but I'm hanging on by a thread over here today and it didn't occur to me until I reread in your quoted text lol

  • @enchantindragon I developed anxiety and mild depression after my youngest was born and it came to a boiling point a few months ago. My doctor put me in Zoloft and I felt soooo much better. It made a world of difference. Since finding out I made the decision to wean off. I took my last pill a few days ago and I know it’s already affecting me. Like you said, I liked who I was and how I was on it, and it sucks to go backwards, but I already have one kid with autism and I’m terrified of taking things during pregnancy that could potentially cause issues to my baby later on. 
  • @busymom247 I read an article a couple days ago about a Swedish medical study that was done where they allowed some babies to go beyond 40/41 weeks without inducing. Long story short, they halted the trial after 6 babies died in the cohort not induced. Worth a read...
  • blaf322 said:
    @busymom247 sorry I wasn't clear. You should ask them what your EDD is so you have an answer vs us just speculating. 
    I could have separated those thoughts but I'm hanging on by a thread over here today and it didn't occur to me until I reread in your quoted text lol
    They are going to discuss my EDD at my first dr appointment. My due date based on LMP is different than ultrasound.  I have my first appointment 12/20. 
  • @pretzellover yess.... it's so dangerous to wait just for the sake of waiting. The mortality rate is so much higher. 

  • @busymom247 do a lot of your own research as well! Even if you have a provider itching to induce you right after you turn 40 weeks you can still say no. But make sure you’re finding reputable scientific articles. Sounds like if you’re a good candidate Maybe try to get in with the midwives again(sorry if you mentioned something about this, I tried to read the entire thread but may have missed something!) 
    I work in a high risk labor and delivery unit and our midwives are also more lenient on induction times but with increased in clinic monitoring near the end! (My two cents, if you care, otherwise ignore haha, From what I’ve worked with personally, and from what our docs do for themselves, 41 weeks is cutting it close for your placenta to adequately be able to oxygenate baby really well through the entire stressful labor time. But I’ve seen horrible 39 week placentas and beautiful ones at 41w 3d. But most importantly work with your provider, and do what YOU feel is best for yourself and babe(after lots of research of course 🙈)
  • @pretzellover thanks for sharing! 
  • A little update on the Rosacea issue I had talked about earlier (in case anyone else has Rosacea)... I went to the derm the other day and because my case is so stubborn he wants to try a long term, low-dose of doxycycline. At that point I revealed I was 8 weeks along and he was like "Nevermind!  Come back when you are no longer pregnant or nursing."  He did tell me I should start using the Finacea again because even though it might not clear up my skin, he said it would prevent it from getting worse during my pregnancy. 

    While I was there, I asked him what he recommended to prevent stretch marks on my belly and he told me absolutely nothing will prevent it. He said stretchmarks are genetic so don't waste your money on any fancy creams. He said some people use things like cocoa butter or other moisturizers which can slightly improve the look of the stretchmarks but if you have them in your genes there is nothing that will prevent you from getting them. So there it is. Ah well.  
  • @zande2016 I'm sorry you had to stop your meds too. Are there any safe alternatives or you just don't want to risk taking anything superfluous if not needed? Will you go back once baby is borm or once it's deemed safe? I definitely plan on it as soon as I know it's ok whether after birth or breastfeeding. I'm not sure yet if it's safe during breastfeeding or not. Its one thing I definitely am looking forward to again after these nine months are over.
  • @enchantindragon from what I've read it is relatively safe but there is a slightly higher risk of birth defects and heart defects. For me personally I don't feel like the benefits outweigh the risk because my depression was pretty minor and although my anxiety gets the best of me I want to try to control it in other ways. If i totally spiral I would go back on but so far I feel okay. Not as good as I felt on it though. 
  • Should we avoid all soft cheeses, even if pasteurized? I was under the impression that pasteurized was safe, but the pregnancy booklet I just got at my appointment said to avoid “pasteurized and unpasteurized soft cheeses.” I definitely ate a ton of feta and Gorgonzola during my last pregnancies thinking pasteurized was fine..looks like I need to avoid the charcuterie boards at the holiday parties 😩
  • @Fullhandsfullheart I’ve never heard that pasteurized soft cheese was bad. My understanding is that it’s only the unpasteurized element that causes concern. And you’d have to make a point to buy/eat unpasteurized cheese since the vast majority of cheese sold in the US is pasteurized. Best to double check if you’re shopping at farmers markets and co-ops, etc, as raw milk cheese does pop up there. 
  • @Fullhandsfullheart
    I typically go for it if it is pasteurized.  
  • Last pregnancy I ate SO much brie at the end, because I was using it to help choke down the insane number of dates I was eating to try to reduce my chances of being induced. Which did not work, by the way. ☹️

  • Ok ladies thanks! I thought pasteurized was fine and I always read the ingredients and have never seen one say unpasteurized so I’m going to continue to enjoy my cheeses 
  • Ok people! What's everyone doing about flu shots? I had an appointment booked for DD and I to both get flu shots yesterday ( I had booked before I knew I was pregnant). But I get there and the nurse sketched me out about getting it while pregnant so DD got hers and I left without mine. Will you/have you gotten a flu shot? 
  • @mrsdrez I got my flu shot less than a week after getting my bfp- from what I understand, when you're pregnant your immune system is a little compromised, so the flu can be especially devastating to pregnant women. 
  • @mrsdrez I got my flu shot before I found out I was pregnant.
  • @mrsdrez I'm surprised that nurse discouraged you from getting it. I got mine shortly after getting my BFP. You just let them know you're pregnant and they give you the preservative-free one. That's actually the only one they carried where I went anyway. My doctor really emphasized the importance of getting one while pregnant.
  • @mrsdrez I also got my flu shot shortly after my bfp. The nurse didn’t mention any harm in me doing so. Also when I was pregnant with DS (born in March), I also got a flu shot when I was closer to 30 weeks pregnant, so that DS wouldn’t be at risk when born.
  • @mrsdrez every time I’ve gotten pregnant, the first thing my doctor does is make sure I’ve had my flu shot or immediately give me one if I haven’t yet. Two years ago I got the flu when I was just out of my first trimester (even having had the flu shot) and it was probably the worst experience of my life. So I would do everything in your power to avoid the flu!

  • @mrsdrez i got mine in October right before I got pregnant. with my last pregnancy, also a July baby, i decided not to get it. when I was maybe 6/7 months pregnant I got the flu. it was HORRIBLE. worst flu and most sick i've ever been. congestion combined with a baby compressing my lungs was awful. i ended up in the ER because I was having trouble breathing. i say GET IT. 
  • I got a flu shot as well, highly recommended by my OB. I work in a high risk flu area, so I usually get one.
  • @mrsdrez
    Definitely get one!  That was one of the first things my doc asked me when I went for my confirmation appointment.  Especially if you work in a place where you could easily catch it or have other kiddos.  I'm a teacher and I get one every year.  Even High schoolers are not good about keeping germs to themselves.
  • @mrsdrez per my RE office, absolutely go get your flu shot. I got mine a few days after getting my BFP

  • @zande2016 omg that must have been awful! I agree with everyone else, def get it. I already got mine before getting pregnant this time, but last time around I got it when I was like 6 months along, I think? I had a March baby.
  • I should have asked you all before I went :joy:  . I knew to tell them and I just assumed they were going to be super supportive but no one at the doctor's office really inspired my confidence. They read the friggin manual to me, which said something about "has never been tested on pregnant people" and use at your own risk lol. I do remember my OB recommending it with my last pregnancy but my daughter was born before I could get it (end of October). I do speech and language therapy at a school board so I work with germy kids alllll day but I've never gotten a flu shot before. I guess I'm calling to book another appointment lol 
    Thanks everyone! 
  • @mrsdrez oh yeah as a ST you probably are at very high risk of getting sick. My son's ST is always touching and manipulating his face/jaw/cheeks so I can imagine all that germiness. I find doctor's offices just don't want the liability of doing anything when it comes to pregnancy.
  • @mrsdrez 2 years ago with my DS I got my (first ever) flu shot at 9w preggo in the OB office. They were insistent I do so to protect me and the babe. 
  • @pretzellover I think that's what threw me off! I was totally expecting insistence but they were like "hm it's up to you. You have to weigh the risks." Oh well, at least this time when I go back I won't have the ol one-year-old ball and chain with me so it should be less of an ordeal  :D 
  • Any home birthers here? I had all 3 in the hospital.
    Baby #1 (induced for bp at 39 weeks) - 10 hours of labor
    Baby #2 (induced for bp at 39 weeks) - 2 hours of labor
    Baby #3 randomly showed up at 38 weeks - 20 minutes of labor. Barely made it to the hospital.

    So i'm basically half planning to deliver this baby at home. Anyone else have precipitous labor?
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  • @Pascal86 I changed my username like 2 babies ago but were you in May 16? I recognize your name.
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