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  • @pocketrose, I have to agree with @mehugg and @pretzellover - you need to feel comfortable with your care.  I think some people interview doctors so you should be able to shop around a little bit.  

    @enchantindragon @pretzellover I should also mention that eventually, I did have an amnio.  They found something in my anatomy scan at 20 weeks and felt that we may want to confirm there were no bigger issues so we did one.  The test itself was very unpleasant but the baby was never in any danger. 
  • @pocketrose My advice is to also trust your gut. I go to a a FNP for regular pap smears and such so I knew she wouldn't do anything OB related when I got pregnant with DD. Because of this, I knew going into it, that I'd need to choose an OB while pregnant. It was NBD. I think you're considering staying with this practice for no real reason other than, you've always gone there. When, really, your doc doesn't specialize in that so switching from another doc in their practice to one outside of their practice is no different.... does that make sense? Hard to explain via text.
    If it were me, I'd spend some time researching reviews of OB's in the area (they have sites that focus on only that... but also, google and hospital systems typically provide reviews as well), figure out which one sounds right for you and switch. You can always go back to your regular doc once you're done with your prenatal/PP visits... I did. That's a totally normal thing to do :smile:

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  • @pocketrose echoing everyone else to trust your gut! It's totally fine to switch OBs while pregnant - I don't think switching becomes an issue until much later in pregnancy (at least 3rd tri). You will definitely want to be comfortable with who you're seeing and feel like you're not bothering them with any questions you have, especially as a FTM. I'm sorry your first appointment was a not so great experience!
  • @pocketrose I totally suggest switching but do so soon. The good ones start to fill up. Having said that I start with a new ob in December with my first appointment. It’s important to find someone you trust. 
  • @pocketrose I would change if you feel like you should. I didnt with my first, despite not really liking the midwife that took over halfway through my pregnancy.  I really wish I had.  I dont think it would have changed the way my brith ended up, but I would have felt more comfortable.  Im with an OBGYN when I graduate from my RE and I love both offices, and even DH was really happy with them both.  They involved him is so much, and I really appreciate that. 
    **TW Loss/pregnancy mentioned**
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  • @pocketrose It is super easy (and very common!) to switch.  With my first I switched from one OB practice to another around 6 weeks (at a friend's recommendation) and it still wasn't the right fit for me and after my 16 week appointment I switched to midwifes.  The process is very simple, and I cannot recommend enough finding a provider you trust and feel comfortable with.
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  • Anyone have experience with high TSH that has gone on to have a successful pregnancy? My doctor called today to say that they got the results back from my blood draw Friday and my TSH has somehow gone up to 4.4. I should’ve never googled TSH levels in pregnancy and now I’m sort of freaking out 
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  • @b_1029 if you look a couple posts down, a few of us have thyroid issues. I’ve had 3 successful pregnancies with a thyroid disease. And my TSH is currently at 4, has been higher. I might suggest finding an endocrinologist - they may get you on something to adjust you levels. It’s really important in the beginning to have a regulated TSH. I will add that I had 2 pregnancies where I wasn’t even on meds, and 1 that I was. So yes, you can have a successful pregnancy with higher TSH. And 4 honestly isn’t terribly high.
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  • @rachstar18 ah thank you! Totally forgot about that thread. 
    married 10.2016
    ttc #1 11.2017
    dx: unexplained
    letrozole + trigger + ti: bfn x 2
    iui #1 9.25.2019: bfn
    iui #2 10.24.2019; bfp 11.4.2019; edd 7.17.2020

  • dancingtreepose I used finacea for my acne while preggo but one of it's major uses is rosacea, worth a try? 
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  • @modoodles  I'm a little surprised it's so late. I have to go for a nurse's appt at 7 weeks and a drs at 8 weeks and I'm low risk. 
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  • @pocketrose I changed my obgyn at 12 weeks. The office admin was awful, they didn't do ultrasounds in office and I had to pay additional if I wanted one, they made me wait an hour for each appt and they screwed up my appt time when I was trying to make sure my baby was ok after a car accident and was unapologetic. It's super easy to switch early and I was so much happier after the switch. 

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  • FTM here...wondering what people think about drinking kombucha while pregnant. I asked my doctor at my first appointment and she said officially it's a no-no because of the small amount of alcohol in it. But unofficially she was supportive of it...since it's trace amounts of alcohol and has other benefits. I've been drinking it this week at night and think that I've noticed it has helped with the slight queasiness I've had (either that or it's a placebo effect). Just curious if anyone has any experience or opinions on it.
  • @eljames83 I have a glass of kombucha sometimes when DH has wine. I find the gingerade flavor of GT kombucha helps my queasiness a bit. But since kombucha also has caffeine, I don’t tend to drink much in the evenings, more of a pretending-it’s-a-mimosa option for brunch. 
  • @eljames83 I tend to agree with your doctor.... it's fine. The tiny bit of alcohol in kombucha isn't going to hurt anything.

  • How does everyone feel about deli meat? Like from a sandwich shop, or a local butcher, or on a meat and cheese tray?? 

    I had a deli meat sandwich from a sandwich shop today and I know there will be meat and cheese trays at Thanksgiving. Just wondering how well everyone else follows the guideline?
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  • modoodlesmodoodles
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    @millpe I have had it, but only heated. I've never been this cautious in previous pregnancies, and i have 4 very healthy kiddos, but for some reason it makes me uncomfortable this time.
  • @millpe I try to make sure it's heated.... but also don't think it's a big deal to have it here or there if you feel comfortable with the source. 

  • @millpe I'm probably more restrictive than I need to be, but I stay away from deli meat (unless it's heated) and cheese that I'm unsure of. I'll still eat whatever cheese if I can see on the label it's made with pasteurized milk. Most of the cheese sold in grocery stores here is made with unpasteurized milk, but I'm of the "better safe than sorry" philosophy and pretty strict on the guidelines. Fully aware some of my strictness stems from my first daughter needing unexpected surgery after she was born and not wanting to blame myself if something's "wrong" with this one.
  • @millpe if I really wanted it I'd eat it.  It's not my favorite food and has been close to an aversion since getting pregnant.  I'm more on the moderation train unless the science completely makes sense to me.

  • Hi all and Happy Thanksgiving!! DH just told me that I should have tonic water because of the quinine will pregnant? However, I thought this was a nice alternative to a gin & tonic; just doing tonic and a little lime and no one will be able to tell the difference. I was hoping to drink this at Thanksgiving dinner as I'm not ready to tell everyone yet. Thoughts ? Is a little tonic water bad for the baby? 
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    Huh. I had never heard that one before but Google seems to agree with your husband. Do you like sparkling water? I love the slightly lime flavored kind and that might be a safer alternative which still resembles a gin-less gin and tonic. If you've already had the tonic though it sounds like it would take quite a lot to actually have any effect.
  • I was planning on announcing to my family T Christmas. My older sister has one kid (struggled with infertility with him), and has been trying for over a year with no luck. I, however, will now have 4 kids in 4 years and in her words I “sneeze and get pregnant.”

    I want to be sensitive to her situation and don’t want to her to be upset but I also want to share the news with everyone. I also don’t want to patronize her. She will be happy for us, sad for her. I’m close with her. Would it be more appropriate to share with everyone privately? I just don’t know how to approach it this time. 
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  • @rachstar18. I would definitely tell her privately.   She can process her emotions and react how she wants to and not feel like she has to react a certain way since everyone else is around.  

    That's so hard though.  I hope your sister is successful soon.  <3
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    @rachstar18 I have been in the situation as your sister. We struggled with infertility before this one. It stinks. But it doesn’t take away the joy she will have for you. I asked everyone who I knew was trying to tell me through text first so I could react and process before face to face. Most of the time I was beyond happy for them, but it did hurt a little. I wanted to make sure the hurt didn’t ruin their moment 
  • Hi! Have any STM+ previously used the Owlet system? Saw on buy buy baby the set is $100 off for Black Friday, though I read so many mixed reviews about it. Separately DH is concerned about it being outdated by the time we use it (he likes the latest and greatest) though I’m looking for a bargain :wink:
  • @rachstar18 I'm not really adding anything new here, but I was that sister (in law) struggling when my brother and his wife got pregnant. They told me via FB as they live in Alberta and I am so glad they did. It would have been worse to have been left out or to have been told in some large way with no warning. Hope all the advice from the lovely ladies has helped!

  • Thanks for the opinions. I agree. I’ll definitely tell her privately and will do the same with my family. It’s nice to have the perspective of my sister
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  • @asf0613 I don’t recommend anything like that, tbh. They move around and false alarm or don’t connect right and just cause more trouble/stress than they alleviate. They were different when DD was little but we got something similar and I ended up returning it bc it actually made me worry more. I find that most people on DD’s BMB felt the same. A handful, though, really did appreciate their monitors like that.

  • @asf0613 I agree with @blaf322. My first was born at 35 weeks and spent a week in the NICU on O2 support. I asked the neonatologist before we discharged home if we should get one and he said no. He said they cause so much unnecessary worry and that if your baby needed something like that, they would be discharged from the hospital with a hospital grade one. We chose not to get one and instead had her sleep in a halo bassinet right next to us to be monitored. 
  • Does anyone else take any medication they had to stop when finding out they were pregnant? I have ADHD and last year decided to go back into medication after stopping close to a decade and a half ago. I felt I would be a better parent if I wasn't so scattered and all over the place mentally and I really do think it helped, maybe not in huge ways but enough to make me feel like a more productive partner and parent. Since finding out I have had to stop and while there is no withdrawal issues I am definitely more unfocused, unmotivated, and overall more blah I feel. I can still get myself to do things but it's harder and overall I'm more sluggish. I miss my medication or rather I miss who I knew I was or could be with it and while I know it's only temporary since I can go back once the baby is born or after breastfeeding I'm sad that I'm this blob again who can't pull it together most days too. Not sure if anyone else can relate but I felt like I needed to put into words these feelings which have been bothering me lately.
  • @enchantindragon I stopped my Paxil when we started trying to get pregnant.  No withdrawal, but I definitely felt the difference on my mood.  And since finding out I'm pregnant, I stopped my PRN Ativan for acute anxiety...I didn't take it often, but when I need it it's...hard. :(
    Current pregnancy -
    First BFP on 10/31/19.  Estimated due date 7/8/20 (pending sonogram confirmation on 12/6/19).

    Previous loss - 
    Ultrasound at 10w on 1/8/14 showed no heartbeat and stopped growth at 7w5d.  Actual miscarriage on 1/19/14.
  • 1) What is your experience with due date based on LMP vs ultrasound dating? I thought I read before that if not a big difference, they go with LMP? 
    My first appointment isn't until December 20 and they said we'd talk then. Based on my LMP my due date is July 18. Based on my ultrasound it is July 14. I went overdue last time (1 week) so I want my date, July 18. I went for ultrasound at 5 weeks, 4 days but the ultrasound showed me at 6 weeks, 1 day. I know ultrasound before 12 weeks are most accurate for dating but I think this one was too early. The only reason I had this is because of a previous *TW* loss *END TW*.

    (It is near impossible to get in for ultrasound, especially at the hospital (our city has two hospitals, each has their own women's practices, that's it as far as ob/gyns, techs). I went to my hospitals clinic for ultrasound because no avails at hospital which has older equipment, they may not show you screen (my husband was there and watching and then they briefly showed me). Your provider will call you for results. They don't typically do ultrasounds until 20 weeks, again, mine was special case (& completely different from where I lived for my first pregnancy where they do dating ultrasound which my insurance covers). I'm thinking they might decide to do one but at that point it is holidays etc (& we are going out of town and then it is getting beyond 12 weeks) so scheduling will once again be a nightmare. I kind of want to message them now and ask if they're deciding to do ultrasound can we just schedule it now.)

    2) Nausea, B6? What is dosage you take and how many times per day? I was told mg 3x per day but online says less. Another dr said just whatever bottle says. I read about taking too much so I don't want to do that.
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    1- really, stop stressing over this. 14th or 18th, baby’s going to come when the baby comes. It truly doesn’t matter. And FWIW, I’d hope they date at the 14th bc if you go over, that’s 4 less days you have to wait for induction. 

    2- I think the ones I’ve taken were 25mg? Have you tried googling to see what typical dosage is? Or call and ask your doc? That might be most helpful. 

  • @busymom247 With my first, based on my LMP , I was to be due October 15, but based on my ultrasound, they put me at October 1st.  My son was born September 28, so personally I would go by the ultrasound.  But...the baby will come when it wants to come!!
  • @kboydbowman I'm happy to see I'm not the oy one even if it's not the same medication. I know I can go back one day but I just miss the me I was in the sense of being a more productive and helpful to my family. My husband understands and I was off medication more years then on so it's not like he isn't use to it I just know I can be different too and I want to be mentally but it's hard to push past the fog now that medication doesn't lift it for me. 
  • Hello Mommies,

    Q:1 When does pregnancy start to feel real , as a FTM it is all surreal to me at this point despite symptoms, Ultrasounds, heartbeat etc... I know I am but it’s like-is this really happening?

    Q:2 Anyone on here slated to have a c-section week 36-37? -I had a myomectomy in March...

    Q:3 Did your ob prescribe a daily dose of baby aspirin? 
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