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  • @hbird0723 I just picked some up at Target today, put them on as soon as I got home! Hoping to get relief! I also bought some 100mg B6 and Unisom to try at night. 

    I am 7 weeks today and I’ve had nausea on and off since 6 weeks. Mostly as the day goes on I feel worse. It hits around 4:30 and comes and goes until bed time. Some days are better than others but the past 2 days I haven’t even wanted to leave the bed...just general malaise. Boobs are tender, but less than the first couple weeks. Dry eyes 👀... food aversions to literally EVERYTHING. Cramping and general stomach pain, And maj stomach burning, although I do have IBS so not sure what is what. Not sleeping very well either. I’m ready to not feel like I’m constantly coming down with a virus. 😩
  • Two things I can say about today:
    1- I almost puked in my lap while driving
    2- its been a pretty good nausea day 


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  • I have had on/off nausea since earlier this week.  I'm somewhat relieved to feel something but I feel like garbage.  It was hard to hide when we were with my family but I just kept saying I was tired.  
  • @shaqn0sis I hope they’re helping!! I feel like I’m switching to constant heartburn now. I also have IBS and reflux disease but I’m able to keep them maintained with supplements. However, I feel like pregnancy has always made them so much worse and this time my throat burns so bad it’s giving me a sore throat. Can’t be healthy! I had to take Zantac all throughout the last pregnancy day and night but now with the recall I’m scared to. It’s the only thing that seems to work for me though...ugh 🤦🏻‍♀️ 

  • @hbird0723 I was the same with DD. Plain or vanilla yogurt with a bunch of honey on top was all that helped with the Zantac didn’t (Tums are a joke 😂). DH googled natural remedies, since the meds didn’t always work and those two seemed to help. Maybe you can try that?
    Though, I was talking with someone last week who said yogurt made their nausea worse.... so if that was you, ignore me lol 

  • @hbird0723 ok as someone who did a lot of research into this topic let me share my very educated two cents 1. The recall is only on gsk Zantac, not all manufacturers As they are the only ones with the contaminated material 2. The risk associated with it is lower than the risk of eating a hamburger ( and no one blinks an eye at that) 3. There are other H2 antagonist available if you are still uncomfortable with Zantac 
  • To all using the sea bands... assuming that the original is probably the same as the one branded for “mamas” (and hence more expensive)? Just curious what you all tried and had success with before I order
  • @blaf322 I actually just ate a yogurt because it was one of the only things that sounded good but now I’m regretting it. It was lemon though and I’m pretty sure lemon isn’t the best for reflux so that could be why 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’ll have to try vanilla next time! Also, I’m sorry you got sick today. That’s no fun! 

    @beckylookatherbump thanks for the info! I’ll have to check mine out more. It seemed like it might have gotten a little carried away when I was reading a bit about it but I wasn’t sure about all the facts. I feel like if it’s the only thing that helps and is safe during pregnancy I might take it if needed because I don’t want to do harm to myself. Its pretty bad! I feel like it just burns all day 😩 

    @asf0613 I just bought the regular sea bands brand. I didn’t get the one for pregnancy and it’s working well. Like I said I’m still feeling the heartburn but the nausea is so much better! 

  • @blaf322 and @hbird0723 I eat the yoplait Greek yogurts that are only 80 calories. Have some protein, low calorie and come in a lot of flavors. The coconut vanilla is my favorite. And don’t worry about it, the way these recalls are worded it’s easy to get scared and they aren’t exactly in consumer friendly words. 
  • 1) I’m not liking the bread aisle. Nearly threw up walking past it. Sourdough is making me cringe and that used to be the best.
    2) Do I get to sleep more than 4 hours in a row again?
    3) Alexa didn’t respond to me asking to add almond milk to my list so I got mad at her and unplugged her.

    TL;DR: Nauseous and moody.

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    While I am truly grateful  for some symptoms to let me know baby is doing ok, the 2am wake up call to let me know that everything I had ever eaten needed to be expelled from my stomach right then is a little much though. 
  • I have the fun new symptom of fainting. I was standing for too long and down I went. Since then, I've had nausea and have been just feeling slightly off balance. I told my boss today just in case it happens while I'm teaching. 
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  • @rachelredhead I've been having the same stretching/pulling and low back pain. I'm only 5w4d today. Grow, grow, grow!

  • @hbird0723 I'll say this... it seems that yogurt either makes your heartburn better or raging. Milk made mine worse and yogurt better.... my friend was the opposite. So if the vanilla with honey still seems to make it bad, I'd stick with milk.

    @beckylookatherbump Ugh.. I'm so sorry that happened to you! So far I haven't actually been sick, just reeeeally feel close and I feel like the minute I lose it and puke, that'll be it. I'll just be puking until this goes away. Like breaking the seal lol.... Hope you're feeling better today!

  • I really think today will be the day I throw up... I just keep saying that’s a good sign but definitely not the best feeling in the world. This was about the time I started having morning sickness with the girls but this time I got it a good week or so early so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised it’s getting worse. I really hope 2nd trimester is better but I keep having this feeling that I’m going to be one of the ones sick the whole time. 

  • @hbird0723 ugggh... I'm so sorry. FX you aren't nauseous the entire time. I thought I was with DD.... but the low grade nausea I had with her the entire pregnancy is NOTHING compared to this. I'm really hoping 2nd tri is easier. 

  • @modoodles sorry you're not feeling well... did you have bad MS with your previous pregnancies?

  • @blaf322 with my daughter (14+ years ago) it was the worst. It started around 5 weeks and lasted until 20, 8-10x daily. It was awful. The boys weren't nearly as bad. My last pregnancy with ds7 I was told to take unisom at bedtime, so I'll probably start that soon. With him it lasted until beginning of 2nd tri. 
  • At my surprise appointment today I was very much a baby and complained about how I just feel miserable and can’t sleep. She is calling in diclegis and has me trying some antacid. With the reflux disease she said until I get that under control it will be hard for me to feel any better even with meds for nausea. I’m hoping the combination helps. My blood pressure was pretty low and I’m starting to feel dehydrated. Hoping to be better or semi normal in a few days 🙏

  • @modoodles I'm with you on those dream symptoms! I'm also hitting the nausea wall. 

    @hbird0723 I hope you feel better soon! I took diclectin (which I imagine is just Canadian diclegis) with my first and it saved me big time. 
  • i thought i was in the clear not actually getting sick (just nausea when spacing meals too much) and woke up friday into saturday with nausea and bowel movement together, which was just so fun!  though honestly i think ive been so constipated lately i welcomed the latter.

    Luckily no more nausea since then but since it completely ruined my sleep, i called out of work that day.  Thinking the weekend gig will not be lasting as long as i had hoped it would!!!
  • This is my 3rd pregnancy but the first time I have experienced this so I am not sure what to do! For 3 days now I am incredibly dizzy and lightheaded. The only time I don't feel this way is if I am lying down. When I walk around I almost feel like I might faint. Has anyone experienced this? My 1st prenatal appointment is not until next week but I am wondering if I should call the midwives office. TW I read dizziness can be a sign of eptopic, but I have not had any pain or bleeding. 
  • @zande2016 I haven't had it to that extent, but if I'm going to have a bad nausea day, it seems my day always starts with me feeling dizzy when I first get out of bed. I think some others have said they're experiencing the same as you though. 

  • @blaf322 hmmm I haven't really had any nausea yet. it's more light headed than dizzy i guess. almost like my head is going to float away from my body
  • @zande2016 Mine is more like, I'm either going to pass out or puke, b/c dizzy, and I need to be horizontal to stop all of it lol

  • @blaf322 ughhh if only we could just be horizontal 24/7 for the next couple of months! mine only feels better if i am lying down too. 
  • @zande2016 it might be worth a call in. I was feeling that way as well and found out my blood pressure was very low. I was fine sitting or laying but any time I stood up I had to grab onto something so I didn’t fall. Water intake can affect blood pressure as well and with it being hard to drink while feeling sick I wasn’t getting enough but maybe try upping your water intake and see if that helps.

    Another possibility is vertigo. Have you ever had that before? Usually that makes you nauseous as well. @blaf322 sounds like you might be having some vertigo. I get pretty stuffy when I’m pregnant and that can affect it. The room feels like it’s spinning a bit and lying or leaning to one side helps. I’ve had it since a week after my first was born on and off. They nicked a nerve when they gave me my epidural and it caused a spinal leak. A week later I was having headaches so bad it turned into vertigo and I ended up in the ER with a one week old 😳 not to scare anyone because I still got a second epidural the next time and it went just fine. But all that to say vertigo is no fun and maybe that’s what’s going on? 

  • I woke up (!) with heartburn. How is that even possible???
  • @hbird0723 wow thats' scary! my sister had a horrible spinal headache after an epidural and had to have a blood patch. honestly though, it's still worth it lol. I was thinking low blood pressure, but not sure what they could really do about that. i am pushing water and eating a lot of protein and not really noticing a difference. also have a headache to accompany the light headedness. i hope this isn't my blood sugar going crazy. i had gestational diabetes in my last pregnancy 
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    Oh, definitely possible.  I had that same issue with my first pregnancy.  Like...WHY!  It was 24/7.  I am pretty sure I kept Zantac in business single handedly. 

  • @zande2016 I had to have a blood patch as well. Definitely not fun but yes, I’m still getting another lol goodness, I hope it’s not that either 🙏 hope you feel better soon! 

  • I chronically have problems with lightheaded/dizziness. But it’s definitely magnified since becoming pregnant! 
    Also now starting a New fun game: is it morning sickness or antibiotics?? (Before starting the meds only mild occasional nausea, but much has changed now haha) 
    I’ve had inconsistent cramping and occasional sharp “pulls” on both sides of my pelvis. Wondering if it’s just from things growing in there. 
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    @hbird0723 It definitely could be that, but I'm thinking it's actually low BP. Mine runs lower so if it drops suddenly for any reason, it can have an impact on me. It happened with I was waiting for the anesthesiologist to come for my epi with DD. The stress/adrenaline from everything plus the analgesic I had received the night before made my BP plummet an it was lay down or pass out/puke. Spoiler... the RN was the WORST and wouldn't let me lay down so I puked. I still resent her. lol

  • @hbird0723 I hope you feel better soon! I've also gotten a prescription for Diclegis (mine is for Bonjesta, a newer formulation, but same components)

    In case it helps anyone else:  the manufacturers are offering a special cash price for Bonjesta through a mail order pharmacy for anyone whose insurance doesn't cover it (mine doesn't).  
  • @blaf322 oh my that’s terrible! I would still resent her as well. My blood pressure started crashing with my second during delivery and I remember saying I feel really tired. Thankfully DH had gotten there shortly before because no one was in the room and I guess the monitors weren’t hooked up so no one knew they were going off 🤦🏻‍♀️ All they did though was roll me to the other side and I was fine if was so weird! It only happened if I laid to the left so my epidural was all messed up. I could feel more on the left but was still thankful for some relief! 

    @sandhill123 thanks! I’m feeling a lot better today than yesterday so I’ll take it. It was expensive but right now it’s worth it! 

  • *TW birth stuff... not sure if it requires one, but I'm putting one out there in case anyone is really terrified of something birth related. 

    @hbird0723 that sounds awful! My friend had to have an emergency CS and part of the reason was b/c she kept passing out from low BP. It was insane. She remembers almost none of her son's birth b/c of it. Fortunately, I don't think that extreme of a situation is super common. 

    RE: the epidural... mine worked for my belly only... so delivery was fun lol... Until I had DD, I had no clue they didn't just always work for your whole lower half! But, it worked out, my placenta got stuck some so the doctor was, like, elbow deep inside me and I couldn't feel a thing b/c of the epidural. So it was worth it b/c of that, among other things.

  • @blaf322 oh my that is definitely scary and I’m glad you had one too after them having to do that!! Yikes! Definitely getting one this time lol 

  • @blaf322 😂 same here! My sister told me once... you don’t get an award either way!

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