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  • @blaf322 the first question I had when looking at all the dinky rural hospitals around us was, "do you give epidurals?" I've been to hospitals during a previous pregnancy where they did not administer them, and I have ZERO plan to go without. And actually, with that pregnancy, I went 3 hours away for Easter and surprise delivered my ds at 37 weeks with a doctor I'd never met and a hospital I'd never been in. And they gave epidurals, so I called that a win! 
  • Well, it’s 2 AM and the congestion is in full gear tonight. Maybe I’ll get some more sleep... I hope. I currently have on 2 nose strips and I still can’t breathe 🤦🏻‍♀️ Get the reflux and nausea to calm down and bring on the pregnancy congestion 🙄

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  • Welp. The past few days my nausea has been manageable in the morning and progressively worse as the day goes on. Today I got to start my day by vomiting when brushing my teeth. 🙄
  • @zande2016
    if it's blood pressure, you need salt too. I had a fainting spell on Saturday so I've been eating salty snacks and drinking extra water and I'm finally starting to feel normal. 
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  • @modoodles Ugh.. that suuucks! I'm sorry! Do you have the Sea Bands? I'm only on day 2 but I was skeptical before but starting to really think they're having a positive impact. 

    Re: hospitals with no epidural... nope! Not my jam haha... your situation was definitely a win b/c, let's be honest, it's super rare for your OB to actually deliver your baby anyway so the hospital was the real crap shoot there. 
    I was watching a show last night and this girl was giving birth in a public hospital in Brazil.... where they don't give epidurals and I felt triggered watching her.. like, give that woman some meds! :D 

  • No epidural...lso not ideal for me!  I walked into the hospital to deliver DS and was like "Hi, I'm Jess, I need an epidural NOW".  I was like 7 cm by the time they got me into a room an I was TERRIFIED that they were going to tell me I was too far along.  Wimps like me having children must be hilarious for those doctors and nurses.  

  • Oh man, I am the weirdo who really wanted to avoid an epidural last time (I hate not being able to get up and move around). I was induced and made it about 14 hours in pitocin before I caved and told the midwife I was dying and begged for an epidural because I literally thought I was going to die lol. 
  • @zande2016 I'm impressed! Apparently pitocin contractions are worse... or seem worse? I was in labor with DD for daaaaays so when I could get an epi, I was in HEAVEN lol

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    I would just a like to add my two cents about nausea and being dizzy. I have had two previous pregnancies and never tried sea bands, but I definitely feel relief! Highly recommended. Also, in an internet deep dive, I read about peppermint for nausea and feel sooo much better. I used some peppermint essential oil. PLUS candy canes! Slowly eat one late morning and slowly eat one late afternoon. 

    I know no one has mentioned peppermint yet, but it’s definitely worth trying, especially given the availability and fun of candy canes!
  • @zande2016 I’m impressed too! I had to be induced with my second and I felt like I was having my contractions on top of the pitocin ones if that makes sense. I caved pretty quick but mostly because I knew I was going to get one anyway so I was just like, when they’re ready I am lol. With my first I did the whole wait an hour from when they’re 3-5 minutes apart consistently and go in. It took me 4 hours of that to get to a 4 😳 I was like yeah I’m gonna be here a while give me the drugs lol I feel like with both girls it took forever to get to a 4-6 but then all the sudden I was a 10. 

  • Anyone else want to rip some heads off? I shouldn't be around people this trimester.

  • @JessDG I was 7 cm when I showed up to the hospital (oops) and I was like "I've made it this far without an epidural, what's 3 more cm?" Then the nurse was like "oh you're having a medium contraction" and I was like "THAT's A MEDIUM?! I'll take the epidural please!" lol. 
  • @meri-mac I mean, always. But definitely more so right now! It really is a miracle I didn't completely go off on my ILs this weekend.
  • @blaf322 i have no point of comparison because I was induced both times, but pitocin contractions are no joke. at first it was bearable but they kept jacking the dose up higher and i just hit a wall because it was taking forever to dilate. i am hoping this time around i can avoid induction, i want to test out the difference between natural and pitocin contractions lol

    @hbird0723 i was really determined to go all the way but once they were literally on top of each other with maybe a 5 second break and i was only 5 cm at that point, i caved. then i was 10 cm and ready to push an hour later. i was sooo mad haha. 

    @misskdreams the other day i was feeling queasy so i made myself a cup of peppermint tea. which helped my quesiness but gave me the WORST heartburn. grrrr 
  • @blaf322 @zande2016 I was also induced both times with pitocin (and wish I knew what it was like without!). My midwife says pitocin contractions aren’t worse, but ramp up so fast that your body/mind doesn’t have much time to adapt to them so they feel way more intense.

    I want to believe they are worse because they were so bad! 😂 Both times I wanted to see if I could make it without an epidural, but just got to a point where I was sobbing between contractions and getting an epidural wasn’t even a question.

    Just remembering now that the first time I was induced, they told me I was having regular contractions when I got there, but I couldn’t feel them at all. So by that comparison, pitocin was definitely worse! Though I assume if things had progressed on their own I’d have eventually felt them. 

  • This may be TMI but I am struggling hard with a low libido. I went off birth control a couple of years ago because of this same issue and now it's back. Couple that with being emotional and mentally ready to get busy with DH but physically I'm feeling a hard no.  I cried last night because I thought I was feeling great but just could not go there.  Anybody else have this issue?

    Just hope this doesn't last for long.
  • @nutter_bean well, I'd love some sex right now, but I told my DH yesterday that if he even touches me I'm going to be sick. I cannot fathom what that motion would do to me 😂 
  • @nutter_bean It is all waves of symptoms in the first trimester. I am sure your libido will come back. Ask your doc if you are really worried :smile:

  • @nutter_bean totally understand. I’ve had a cold, too, so constant coughing dampens things, too. But even without that I just physically have zero interest. I’m hoping that changes soon, for DH’s sake and mine, because I definitely miss it. 

  • @modoodles that's about how things have been over here too

    @hbird0723 I bet you had the same issue I did (or they suspected I did) when I went into labor with DD. I had a cervix of steel and wasn't dilated AT ALL. I finally got to a 1 during the second day of early labor and cried when they tried to send me home again so they admitted me, gave me an ambien and an analgesic so I could sleep and BAM! I dilated to a 4 or so after only a few more hours of sleep. My body was just too tense to dilate like it should have because I was hurting so much.
    I'm hoping my body gets it's shit together this time and dilates at a normal damn pace this time lol

  • @blaf322 that very well could be the issue! Once I got the epidurals it seemed like things started going a lot quicker. I found out recently through pelvic floor therapy that my muscles go into spasms almost instantly. She said it’s so strange there’s not an in between they just tense right up so that definitely could be! It took 9 weeks for me to finally be discharged 😳 I was having all kinds of knee and hip issues from it. Will definitely be doing it again after this one so I don’t end up like that again! 

  • @blaf322 I remember being terrified of the epidural not working when I was pregnant with my DD. So when they gave me mine, and it only worked on one side, I FREAKED out. They had to come back and re-do it two times, which was not fun but I was willing to have them try as many times as it took lol. It finally sort of worked on the one side, but damn...

    Also, I know it's early for birth stories but I just want to say that I love birth stories and hope that we create a thread down the road! I remember I couldn't get enough of them when I was pregnant the first time around.
  • @meanjellybean they had to re-do it 2 times! Once is scary enough. That stinks! Hopefully they get it going right the first time this time. I was pretty vocal about the spinal leak the second time and how I’d love to not have one again. I was also relieved when a different person from before came to do it. I mean I found out my nerves are just really close to the spot but still, I’m not sure I’d want the same person doing it again! 

  • @modoodles @meri-mac @rachelredhead thank you!! That makes me feel better
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    Oh yes! I would like to join in on the head ripping! Also, extremely sore nips, and the only foods I can stomach are fruits, starchy carbs, and chocolate :’( 
  • @modoodles Vomiting during teeth brushing sounds awful! But, I have to ask, did it make you feel better, even for a little bit to get it out? I am SO nauseous all day and kinda wanna call my bodies bluff already!

    My TMI / doozy of 1st trimester symptoms = my pregnancy hemorrhoids are officially back! I had them from week 3 to week 38 last time. 👹🤬  THE WORST.
  • @meanjellybean yes! We definitely need a birth stories thread... at a minimum, for after the babies come. 

    They had to re-do my epi bc they hit a vein. I was still loopy from the analgesic so, after the second time, I asked the anesthesiologist how he felt about the job he just did 😂 I totally meant, “is the epidural going to work?” But, obviously, it didn’t come across that way. He didn’t answer me 😂☠️

  • @pretzellover I have hemorrhoids even when not pregnant, so this is going to be loads of fun.
    Current pregnancy -
    First BFP on 10/31/19.  Estimated due date 7/8/20 (pending sonogram confirmation on 12/6/19).

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    Ultrasound at 10w on 1/8/14 showed no heartbeat and stopped growth at 7w5d.  Actual miscarriage on 1/19/14.
  • Also, I have a 45 minute drive to work in the morning.  By the time I get there I'm literally running for the bathroom.
    Current pregnancy -
    First BFP on 10/31/19.  Estimated due date 7/8/20 (pending sonogram confirmation on 12/6/19).

    Previous loss - 
    Ultrasound at 10w on 1/8/14 showed no heartbeat and stopped growth at 7w5d.  Actual miscarriage on 1/19/14.
  • @pretzellover, unfortunately no. 😭 I spent most of the morning feeling awful. It definitely didnt help that I passed out early last night and nobody loaded the dishwasher, so the food I craved last night made me gag this morning as I was cleaning up. I sprayed febreze all over my shirt and pulled it up over my nose to get through loading the dishwasher. 
  • @blaf322  @hbird0723 solidarity on the epidural horror stories! Def still getting one again though lol. 
  • @meanjellybean I also love birth stories and want to hear everyone's previous experiences like... now lol
  • @stlbuckeye132 yes! Last time it was like an obsession. I'm someone who craves information - I wanted to know everything that could happen, good and bad. I think it made me feel more prepared (I was not more prepared lol).
  • Also sorry for double posting but any other STM+'s already getting round ligament pain? I don't remember feeling it this early the first time around. But every once in a while I'll cough or sneeze (or just get up from bed) and feel like I'm being stabbed. Always freaks me out.
  • @meanjellybean I haven't in a couple of weeks, but yes earlier on. I was super surprised too b/c I definitely didn't feel it this early with DD.

  • @meanjellybean +1 for feeling RLP already. I also was surprised to feel it so soon!
  • @meanjellybean @stlbuckeye132 if you love birth stories you probably already know about it, but just in case the Birth Hour Podcast is my absolute favorite!!! All birth stories, all different kinds of births! It's so good!
    DS1: Nov. 2013
    DS2: Jan. 2016
    DS3: Dec. 2017
    Baby #4 on the way!
  • Just had the toughest Lyft ride of my life on my way to an ultrasound (in the waiting room right now eek!) - the car was too warm, had a weird smell, and we had too many starts and stops. It too everything I had not to hurl. I somehow survived. Woof. 
  • @mehugg that ride sounds awful. I hope your appt goes well!!
  • @KatieEl ooooo! I can't want to get into my car to listen to that OTW home today!

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