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  • @hayhay2501 Same here, which is why I want to get it done! My husband is dying to get to Asia (hence Cambodia, I've already gone to India and Hong Kong), but between Zika and water/food safety issues I don't think I can handle that pregnant so he'll have to keep waiting. 
  • @diagonalley - It makes me feel so outdated hahaha... that said, I remember US and birth announcement threads getting HUGE and crashing the app for anyone on mobile so I can definitely see the value!

    @chaos-and-coffee the dress up fine would annoy me to no end. I mean, I'm dressed up today b/c I can leave early for winning the contest. But do not fine me if I don't want to. That's rude. 

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  • My toddler decided after four houses that she hates trick or treating and wanted to go home. I’m so sad she deprived me of so much candy 🤣🤣
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  • @akoros lmao I haven’t told anyone at work either but I was so damn salty all day. Some people probably figured it out. Or when I tell them they’re going to be like ohhhh so that’s why you were so pissed about the pizza! 
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    Ok, this is ridiculous. I haven't been able to find my work cellphone since yesterday (at home I couldn't find it so figured it's at work, but today couldn't find it in my office either). Also couldn't find my umbrella (later discovered that my husband put it right by the door....yeah...). Dashed out of work so that I can get home for trick-or-treaters before the storms/tornado blows through and left my personal cellphone at work. So now I'm totally phone-less, and can't use "find my iPhone" for the work phone (checked again, it's not at home) because I need to look in my files to figure out my Apple password, which requires using the mobile token that's on my personal cellphone. Oh, and I tripped an fell on the escalator on the way home. 

    I need to wrap myself in bubble wrap and go to bed.

    Sorry, needed to rant.
  • We managed to make it up and down half of our 3 block long street before my 3 year old declared we were done. It's also 29 degrees, 5" of snow already down, still snowing, and with the 30+ mph wind coming off the corn fields wind chill is 10. BUT it's a dead end really close knit street. Most people giving out full size bars or huge handfuls, and our buckets were full by then anyway.
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  • Ordered Pho, went to go get it with DH, ended up at a burrito place for him.  They burrito sounded delicious so I scarfed that down and have pho for tomorrow (this place doesnt put the ingredients in the broth for to-go. 

    Trick or treat was a success, winds of 30 mph, was 70 degrees and every so often it rained.  Littelest did great and has a quick draw when I comes to taking candy. The oldest and I went out a little longer. We get so many kids that we went through 3 costco sized bags of candy. 
  • We got lucky with the weather as well, storms held off until 9pm (when I went back to work and found BOTH phones). So many adorable kids, these two little twin Elianas snuck by at least 3 or 4 times (they're only toddlers, didn't have the heart to tell them no). We even managed to carve our pumpkins and get them outside before most treaters came by
  • I just had my first midwife appointment (scan is tomorrow) and she could NOT fine my veins for the blood tests. Ended up having to bring in a nurse and it took three times. They had to go through my hand. I had to lay there for 10 minutes after because I was so light headed. My stupid baby veins!!!
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