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June 2020 Moms

Introductions! *Introduce yourself here first!*

Hello Fellow Mamas! Welcome to our Birth Month Board. Please introduce yourself here. Potential things to share: 

- EDD (Estimated Due Date)
- How you found out 
- Hobbies, Job, Etc. 
- Spouse, Partner, Kids, or Furbabies
- Anything you’d like us to know 🙂

*Stolen from May 2020*

Re: Introductions! *Introduce yourself here first!*

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  • julievdm12julievdm12
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    @diagonalley haha I emailed too. 🙈
    edited to add: Thanks for getting more discussion boards running. I felt a bit lost. I’ve never found out before a BMB was well established.
  • @julievdm12 ; I've never been around that early, either, but I also think TB just isn't nearly as busy as it was with my first.  I'm sure lots of random posts will turn up eventually :)
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  • @MssyMmmy I am so excited to not have another winter baby! That was brutal last time here in Chicago. 
  • @NikkiSings
    I really hope your cat is named after Dumbledore.  Also, welcome!  What a journey you have been on!  
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  • Hi @diagonalley! He sure is! :) His full name is Dumbledore's entire name, I can't recall it all right now. He's been a bright spot in our lives the past 3 years - fur baby #2. Thank you so much for the welcome! It certainly has been a journey. <3 
  • runwmusicrunwmusic
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    @BumpAdmin sticky please 
  • @marfi236 My first son was born 6 weeks prematurely as well, but we have no idea why.  My second was almost born on his due date and it was a world of a difference having a full term baby after a preemie.  I hope you're able to make it further this time around!  Congratulations :) 
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  • @knottie325d07bee5a6b7c9
    I'm not sure it matters what number pregnancy, they're all terrifying :) Welcome to the bump! It's a great place to get support and find others experiencing what you are! I find myself constantly thinking about this pregnancy but I'm pretty sure noone else does, lol, so it is nice to have a place to come and talk.

    I'd recommend changing your username to something else that would be easier for others to use to refer to you by. Knottie blahblahblah is quite cumbersome and difficult to tag. 
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  • I went and changed my username on my profile, but its not carrying over. I sent an email to support for advice, but any tips? 
  • @knottie325d07bee5a6b7c9 it might take a day or two to go into effect. Emailing was a good idea, too! 
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  • kayldawn said:
    Hey everyone! Posting in here pretty early- just took a test last night and was completely shocked that it was such a strong positive. Husband and I were not trying... I just had a feeling, and thought I was experiencing a few symptoms.... nausea, spotting, and my resting heart rate was going up significantly on my Apple Watch, which was weird because I have been running so much. My period was due in 4 days so I took the test... and here we are!! EDD is June 16 (not sure how accurate that is, my cycles have been a bit all over the place!)

    I am a K-6 Music teacher, working two days a week and I love it. My biggest hobby is running, and I actually ran a 5k race this morning. I am signed up for a 16k race in a couple weeks... we'll see how that goes now lol.
    I have been married to my husband for almost 10 years (anniversary is February!) We were both babies when we got married (20 lol) and I just turned 30 this year. We have two other little ones, my daughter who is 2.5 and my son who just turned 1. I am absolutely terrified right now.... we are going to have a busy family when this little one comes along!! 3 under 4 here we come.... oh man lol.

    Nice to meet all of you... and excited to venture through this pregnancy with all of you <3

    Our first 3 were within 3 years. It was a wild ride, but wouldn’t change it for anything! You’re going to do amazing! ❤️
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