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  • @RedBreast35 expensive but oh so good: MH loves the Green Rose Green's very fruity. Melbourne Breakfast is my absolute favorite – it's a vanilla black tea. New York Breakfast legit tastes like pancakes (so, so good in the morning.)

    I am more of a black tea person, but I do love a good earl grey tea. I usually have an Irish Breakfast tea in the afternoon as a pick me up at work (tbh I was a convert to Barry's Irish Breakfast Tea when I was in Ireland last year and it's dirt cheap on Amazon). I also like Harney & Sons teas. Their tropical green tea is one of my favorite summer teas. Their Earl Grey Supreme is very good and they also have a bangin' decaf vanilla black tea.
  • @lillywonderland the app and the site on mobile safari are acting weird for me too. 🙄
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  • rms924rms924 member
    Hate hate the app. 

    Im quickly mobile bumping to say hello, I am alive and I am reading your posts but just need some time to comment @ you guys! Work heated up (long story), In laws are back (even longer story). 

    Like @blitzybee, can’t wait to move to pg so I can be a bit more open. 

    Also, it’s so strange how much I miss you guys when I am off the bump. Not to sound overly sentimental, but I am like wow, where’s my tribe ?! 

    Also, thanks for tea suggestions - I desperately want to be a tea person!! 
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  • @rms924 hey lady! You’ve got mail. The group is up and running!
  • rms924rms924 member
    @themadcamel Thank god. I am trying to figure this out on mobile because god forbid I have a min to pull out my laptop. I’ll try on the browser :) 

    ps this may have saved my sanity this weekend! 

    it’s pineapple timmmmmme!!!!!
    Me: 34 DH:38
    DS: 18 months   <3
    Dx DOR AMH .2
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  • kdl89kdl89 member
    The mobile TB has been glitchy for me the last little bit and that's all I use. I will say it's better then my last pregnancy I used to have to delete the app and re download it  in order to get it to work. 

    I love breakfast tea so much, in the summer I like getting fruity teas and make  homemade iced teas with them.
  • All my bosses are out, I'm semi caught up on work and/or just dont feel like doing that I do have... so, here I am. 

    This weekend we sorted all of Henry's (age 2) clothes! Newborn-18 months and ahhh!  They're organized in bins now and all the newborn stuff, which is is unisex is out for me to wash. Then once baby comes I'll go bin by bin to see what, if anything works, since they'll be different seasons. I wish I'd gotten around to organizing the dresser to accommodate both babes, but next weekend...
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  • @nda_roxybabe I've had a similar week, but it also included sunning out spit up stains in half of the clothes I've saved. It's amazing how gross it gets when it has time to sit!  :D
  • Has anyone been on Zoloft during previous pregnancies? Did you continue to take it up until labor? 
    My mother and MIL will probably be in the delivery room and I don’t think it’s any of their business that I am taking the medicine. Will it be something discussed during labor?
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