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  • @LJMoon6 isn’t it the best?! So weird but so cool at the same time haha 
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    @zuuls_mom wow I’m impressed at your stamina! Sounds like a fun weekend! 

    We went to the local zoo for “big equipment day” it was super cool. They had tons of types of trucks kids could climb in. Chick-fil-A had a food truck giving away free boxes of nuggets and they were delicious. I take back everything bad I said about them before! I swear when I had them 10 years ago they were much different! 

    ETA: spelling
  • @LJMoon6 whoa, that’s awesome! Can’t wait to experience it for myself. 
    @zuuls_mom sounds like you’re having an amazing Comic Con. Very cool to meet Matthew Lewis; he seems like such a nice guy. Have fun today!
    @duewithpu2 maybe the nuggets were so tasty because they were free 😜. It’s neat that your zoo does a big equipment day. 

    I started feeling the the onset of a cold yesterday and woke up this morning to full blown symptoms. Waaahhhh 😡. 
  • Hope the cold passes quickly @themadcamel

    a chic fil a food truck sounds amazing.. give me al ml the waffle fries! Haha @duewithpu2
  • @themadcamel I had a cold this weekend too. Max dose of vitamin c seemed to knock it out though. I hope that's it for me until the next sick season.
  • @themadcamel Oh no! A cold took me out a couple weeks ago too. It's no fun. Drink lots of water and rest up! Hope you feel better soon.
    *TW* TTC history
    Me:32 DH:31
    Married: 8/2015

    TTC #1: 4/2017
    Testing: HSG, U/S, BW, and DH's SA all normal
    DX: Unexplained
    8/2018: Clomid + TI = BFN
    9/2018: Clomid + TI + Progesterone = BFN
    11/2018: Clomid + IUI + Progesterone = BFN
    12/2018: Letrozole + IUI + Progesterone \\ Cancelled due to cyst
    1/2019: Letrozole + IUI + Progesterone = BFP! \\ EDD Sept 30th, 2019
    10/7/2019: Healthy baby boy!

    TTC #2: 12/2020
    2/2021: Letrozole + TI = BFN
    3/2021: Letrozole + TI = BFN
    4/2021: Surprise! Natural BFP! \\ EDD Jan 6th, 2022 \\ Chemical, betas not rising
    8/2021: Letrozole + IUI + Progesterone = BFN
    9/2021: Letrozole + IUI + Progesterone = BFN
    10/2021: Letrozole + IUI + Progesterone = BFN
    11/2021: Letrozole + IUI + Progesterone = BFP! \\ EDD July 29th, 2022

  • @themadcamel feel better soon! 
  • @LJMoon6 so weird and yet so awesome. I had my hand sitting on my belly holding my phone and got a big kick that moved my hand. ❤️

    @themadcamel sorry you have a cold :( It’s cruel and unusual punishment to be sick while pregnant. You can’t take the good drugs!

    @zuuls_mom that is so awesome you got to meet Neville. Jealous!
  • Ha, forgot my random. 

    I’m at work. I don’t like to say the B word (lol, silly medical superstition) but yeah, I’m B word. I finished designated survivor and need to the next season to start on Netflix. I’m half watching a movie about Ted Bundy. I’m not sure why but it’s interesting. 
  • Thanks everyone, I’m drinking lots of fluids and trying to take it easy. 
    @calliah how come it’s a medical superstition to say the B word (are we thinking of the same B word)? 

    I bought 1 (ONE ) shade for the one window in the nursery and it was around $275. To add insult to injury, that was the sale price after 40% off. I’ve never bought a window treatment besides a curtain before and I think this might be the last time!
  • @themadcamel whaaaat? Is it a special kind of shade?
  • @themadcamel bored is the word I was referring to. Slow or quiet both apply too. Lol
  • @calliah ohhh, duh 😆. That makes sense! I was like why on earth would saying bitch be a silly superstition in a hospital? 🤔
    @cammie0526 I don’t know, I don’t think so..? It’s a Roman style shade and blackout. I thought those were pretty common though. I probably should’ve shopped around more, but I got impatient and just wanted it done. 
  • @cammie0526 I was going to ask @themadcamel if it was a magical shade!  That thing outta be putting baby to bed at that price  ;)
    Hope you're feeling better this morning @themadcamel!
  • Whoops! It's June and I'm totally breaking the internet rules by posting in the May post!!!  lol

    Hi folks :-)

    @LJMoon6 Past few days I've been able to feel kicks now and then from the outside too (not see yet though but haven't really been looking) but no one else has caught them yet until this morning when my 4 year old was just hanging in bed with me and he felt it.  The look on his face was sooooooooo cute!

  • @LilyASF42 Isn’t that just the cutest thing? DS felt a kick for the first time yesterday and my hormonal self was crying 😂

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    @themadcamel custom window treatments can get crazy. DH and I had to do some a while ago and we did shop around, but to get some we liked with the variety of sizes we needed we were still boggling at the price. I hope at least you like it! ETA: hope you are feeling better from your cold!
  • Hi ladies! I've been MIA for a week or so, my toddler got Hand/Foot/Mouth, my mother in law was recovering from an intensive skin procedure to remove skin cancer cells, and my nanny has been away for weeks, so piecing together childcare for a sick kid while working and being pregnant has had me feeling like I haven't had a moment to think, but I'm still here!! And actually there is more of me, went to the doctor today for my 24 week check up (a week late, at 25 weeks) and I've gained 30 pounds already. THIRTY. I gained 60 with my daughter but yikes I'm not sure it was this much so soon... 
    TTM - EDD 4/23 - Team Green <3 
  • @LilyASF42 I can’t wait for DS to feel him kicking. I’m sure it will be adorable. MH says baby is a jerk though because he always stops when someone else is around. Lol. Couple weeks probably. 
  • I truly don't think I'm making it past lunch today.  I am exhausted!  Yesterday and today, it's been this sort of 1st trimester deep sleepiness that I can not shake.  This kid must be growing a vital organ or something this week because my energy is completely zapped :-p
  • Also, I've been having fun the past few days being able to share with the kids feeling the baby move and every time I'm having the kids feel I tell my husband to have a feel too..........and he's turned it down every time!  The hell!  I mean, I get it, it's our third kid, it's not novel any more, been there done that, but dammit touch my belly!!!!  ;-)  

    This after my post yesterday about how I don't want anyone touch me :-D

  • @LilyASF42 DH isn’t into touching my belly for this kid...he’s like “been there, done that”. 🤣

    @MsBeachNJ I was wondering where you dropped off to - I was hoping it was a vacay and not the dreaded HFM. That is way rough. DS had it back in October. 

    DH got me a new travel mug and it works too good. The first day it was so hot I couldn’t drink my tea until 4h later!! I’ve developed a system now where it’s about 1/3 cold water & milk and the rest hot water. Seems to be working now!!
  • @lillywonderland thank you, its nice to be missed! What kind of travel mug is that? It sounds magic! 

    Also super random, but I am planning my daughters 3rd birthday party, its in 3 weeks, and there is a huge helium shortage so I'm not sure that I am going to be able to get any balloons. The party is Ariel/The Little Mermaid themed, anyone have great suggestions on what I can substitute balloons with to make the party still really festive? I was planning on having them as table centerpieces and at the gate etc. to make people know where the party is. 
    TTM - EDD 4/23 - Team Green <3 
  • @MsBeachNJ LOVE the Little Mermaid theme! You can still use balloons even without helium. Just buy some balloon sticks!
  • @themadcamel ohhh i hadn't thought of balloon sticks! Great idea, thank you! The full theme is "Turning 3 under the sea!" (She's majorly obsessed with the Little Mermaid right now) so we've hired an Ariel impersonator to come and surprise her, I can't wait! 
    TTM - EDD 4/23 - Team Green <3 
  • @MsBeachNJ HFM is the devil!! DS caught an awful case. Could you get a balloon arch kit?! 
  • @duewithpu2 oh I know Amazon has some! That may be a great idea for the gate! Thank you! Thankfully her case wasn't terrible with regard to the rash appearing all over her, but it was in her throat & mouth and she was just miserable, tired, and clingy for days on end. I'm sorry your son had it terribly! When my daughter got it the first time, she was 1, she handled it OK, but my husband caught it terribly for 2 weeks!!! That was truly awful. 
    TTM - EDD 4/23 - Team Green <3 
  • @MsBeachNJ What about crepe paper streamers? I used a lot for DS’s first birthday party. 

  • @MsBeachNJ that is such a cute theme! Great suggestions above. Streamers, honeycomb paper balls or pom poms would be easy to use to accessorize and fill the space!
    Me: 32 │ DH: 35 
    Married 8/16/13
    BFP#1 DS 11/13/16
    BFP# 2 MMC dx @ 13w 10/30/18
    BFP# 3 Preemie DD born at 38w (IUGR) on 8/28/19 weighing 5.5lbs. Our little miracle  <3

  • @MsBeachNJ Hold up I thought it was like chicken pox one and done?! SAY IT AINT SO! I’m glad she had a more mild case! DS had actual boiled up blisters everywhere 🤮 
  • @duewithpu2 It’s a virus, so you could get a different strain of the HFM. The only good thing is that they say if you’ve had it once, the next time will be milder since your immune system has fought it off once.

    @MsBeachNJ I have to ask (because our Pedi was soooooo careful to warn me 10000x about post-pubescent dudes getting it...) was YH’s manly region affected?? 
  • @duewithpu2 yeah, it's not fun that it can happen multiple times! DS has had it twice (maybe three times), but each time has been a lot more mild. The first time wasn't even that awful, thankfully. Still not fun to be on alert and have to be careful about catching it yourself! I know some adults that catch it from their kid and get it soooo bad. 
    Me: 32 │ DH: 35 
    Married 8/16/13
    BFP#1 DS 11/13/16
    BFP# 2 MMC dx @ 13w 10/30/18
    BFP# 3 Preemie DD born at 38w (IUGR) on 8/28/19 weighing 5.5lbs. Our little miracle  <3

  • @lillywonderland HA! I didn't even know that was possible, nor did he, thankfully or I think he'd have died of a heartattack! True to its name it was only on his hands, feet, and in his mouth! 

    @duewithpu2 I wish it was one and done deal, sadly NOT! 
    TTM - EDD 4/23 - Team Green <3 
  • @lillywonderland your decorations are adorable. Wish I was that creative. 

    @MsBeachNJ I was going to suggest hanging balloons from the ceiling or on the walls but everyone else has some great suggestions. 
  • This sounds silly but serious question: has HFM always been a thing? I never had it or knew of anyone who had when we were kids. The first time I heard of it was about 5 years ago when my boss’s son had it.
  • @cammie0526 I hadn’t heard of it until DS got it, but according to google it has been around since the 1800s. 
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