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  • @char245- Thank you for the youtube idea! They saved my sanity! I'm finishing out day 4 of stims, and I finally feel like I'm slightly getting the hang of this. So I am more thankful now than ever that I am a teacher, and not a nurse, because I don't know how you nurses out there do it! 
  • @ah80- I took your advice and prepacked all of my days in labeled Ziplock bags! Everything you said, was exactly what happened! On day one it took me almost an hour and a half to get the shot ready, convince myself I had all of the steps right, read all the pamphlets, watch YouTube videos, walk through each step mentally, and then give it a go. And the pharmacy that I got my meds from gave me the wrong needles. So on day one I had to give two injections in the morning instead of just one. But I guess it was a good way to break me in. Haha! 
  • Good vibes to ALL this week! Inch by inch, row by row...this is how the garden grows!!! Sing to the follies  :D 

    AFM: Egg retrieval is tomorrow morning as most of the follies are 16+. 
  • @pgdwivf good luck tomorrow!! 
  • @pgdwivf Sending positive thoughts your way for a smooth retrieval!! Let us know how it goes! 

    AFM: I’m still doing 150 Gonal and 150 menopur nightly, centrotide in the mornings, and now daily ultrasounds and blood work. I’m not where they want my levels to be still. 

  • @pgdwivf good luck tomorrow! Hoping for many health eggs :). AFM I keep forgetting to ask the size of my follies :(. At US today there were a few 16, 17, 18, and others ranging 14-16. Took last stims this am after US, and just triggered now. ER scheduled for Friday AM. Getting nervous!
  • @yankeebelle77  The injections will get easier the more you do it. The pharmacy sending the wrong needles is not helpful!
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    Thank you everyone for the positive vibes. I did not tell many people so this has been great for me. Much appreciated! Strength to all with those injections. DH had to give me most of them while I kept my eyes closed.

     @platasolWed49228 don't be nervous need to be in as ease of mind as you can (I know its hard). But it is what is best for your progress. Those are great sizes for a Friday ER. Lots of fluids (I did sugar free Gatorade at least one a day to prevent OHSS) Just talk to those follies persuading them to grow. Once you have trigger (prolly today) talk to those eggs about being strong and healthy.

    AFM: 18 eggs retrieved! Feeling pretty good, relaxing at home. FX for best maturity quality and health. Fertilization to become embabies later today more updates to come.
  • @platasolWed49228 good luck on Friday!!
    @pgdwivf that’s a great number! FX they all do well!
    AFM I had my baseline today and start my stims tonight. Here’s hoping this will be our cycle!!
  • I received great news today!! I got the green light to trigger. I’ll be triggering in about an hour, with retrieval scheduled on Saturday morning. The nurse said I may be getting a 3 day versus 5 day transfer because I don’t have many eggs and the concern about their quality because of my trouble with estrogen this cycle. I’ll take it though!! So thankful we didn’t need to cancel. 

    Those of you with retrieval done or scheduled, are your RE’s planning on 3 or 5 day transfers? 

    Also anyone with experience with progesterone? Good or bad? Ha! I had to reduce my dosage last stim cycle because it made me feel drunk and dizzy. Anyone else get this and have luck combating it? 

    Sending lots of thoughts and prayers to everyone! 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼
  • @pgdwivf 18 eggs is amazing! Fingers crossed they all make it to day 5 blasts. 

    @telda715 good luck with trigger and with ER in the AM. Will be thinking about you and sending good vibes your way. 

    AFM: day 3 of stims with follow ultrasound and blood work in the morning. Having terrible migraines from the follistim the past three days. Seems like eternity until ER and ET!
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    @pgdwivf congrats on 18 eggs; that’s great! Thank you for the kind and helpful words of advice :).
     @char245 fingers crossed for you this cycle!
    @telda715 yay, I’m glad you got good news! I have not heard yet if we are 3 or 5 days, I’m assuming 5 though. I will start progesterone this weekend so can let you know if I have any symptoms.
  • @sheltoe2 sorry about the migraines, that sounds awful!
    AFM I actually didn’t get to start my stims yet. According to my bloodwork I ovulated late and my progesterone is still high so I go back tomorrow to see if it had come down. FX we can start tomorrow!
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    char245 FX for you!

     @telda715  Ours are to be 5 day as they will be biopsied and sent for PGD/PGS testing.

    @sheltoe2 i did have headaches the last day of stims. Hang in there.

    AFM: Waiting on my embabies to grow! FX for Dec FET!

    Me 42, DH 41 Genetic disease (My Father had hemophilia) kept us from TTC til now

    11/29 18 eggs retrieved

    11/30 14 mature, 9 fertilized

    12/6 Survivors to 5day blasts go for PGD/PGS testing

    Lots of baby dust to ALL!!

  • Hi all.  I just started my menopur and gonal today. So far it's better than expected.  Anyone have any side effects?  
  • @pgdwivf that’s all great news! FX for excellent news on the 6th!
    @Truetngal I started Menopur and Gonal F tonight as well! I did a cycle with them before and did not really have any noticeable side effects. Nice to go through this with someone else!
  • @pgdwivf fx for your embabies!

    @Truetngal I did those meds also. Had some headaches early on, but was mostly just very tired while stimming. 

    AFM I had my retrieval on Friday. Went pretty smoothly; I came out of anesthesia talking about doughnuts! Not sure what that’s about :). Retrieved 15 eggs and 13 fertilized. Now just wait and see how they do between now and the transfer on Wednesday. I feel ok for the the most part. Lots of pain and difficulty trying to empty my bladder, so I do hope that resolves itself soon. 

    Thoughts and and prayers for everyone on this fertility journey!
  • @platasolWed49228 that’s a great number! FX that your transfer goes well!
  • @platasolWed49228 13!! That’s exciting. If you were thinking about doughnuts when you woke up, I’d consider that smooth! Haha 

    @Truetngal I started on gonal and they added menopur for the last few days before retrieval. I didn’t reallg have any side effects other than feeling foggy after menopur. I ended up just going straight to bed afterward and woke up just fine. 

    @char245 Hopefully you get your green light soon! Waiting has got to be the toughest part, in my opinion. 

    AFM: I’m waiting on a call from the office to let us know how many embryos fertilized. They ended up retrieving 9 eggs in all. Doctor said a couple will likely be immature, but it was what he was anticipating since I did mini-IVF. I have to be on call Tuesday for transfer, but praying they are strong enough to do a 5 day instead. 
  • @char245 thank you! we are on a similar schedule! how is the cycle going for you so far? when is your first follicle check?

    @telda715 thank you! how are you feeling after the retrieval?
  • @platasolWed49228 sounds like retrieval went well! I worry what I will end up talking about coming out of anesthesia so doughnuts is perfect 👌🏽 how is the recovery going now? Anything you have taken/drank/ate to assist in recovery? 

    How many days did you all end up stimming? I’m on day 6 right now and only taking follistim and ganirelix. Do clinics typically use ganirelix and menapur interchangeably? I feel as if I will have a lot of extra medication left over at this rate. 
  • @sheltoe2 Unfortunately instead of improving, i am pretty sore today. Yesterday I felt ok most of the day until evening when I started to hurt a bit. But today I woke up feeling sore and crampy:(. I have been drinking low sugar Gatorade and have taken Tylenol a few times. I also have Tylenol with codeine that is helping me today. Also using a heating pad and trying to stay reclined. 

    I stimmed for 10 days Gonal F and Menopur. Also added cetritide on day 8 until trigger shot. Now doing progesterone in oil shots nightly. 
  • @platasolWed49228 sorry to hear you are feeling so bad. Fluid builds up after ER and can be uncomfortable. During my first retrieval I drank about 120 ounces of gatorade a day, tons of salty food, soup and stool softener. I had mild hyper stimulation but after a few days the symptoms subsided. I hope you start to feel better. 
  • I’m feel ok today! I came home and slept all day yesterday and kept a heating pad on my abdomin. 

    If I keep moving, I feel less sore ironically. When I sit for a while and then get up, I am in more oak.  🤷🏻‍♀️

    Nurse called to check in me and shared we have 5 fertilized eggs! They think we might do a 5 day transfer afterall. So thankful things have turned more positive after a few intense days last week. 

    I am so thankful to read all your updates! It is much less isolating hearing others experiences. 
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    Nice to hear all the updates!
    AFM: I too had a case of OHSS. Cramps, bloating, and severe abdominal pain while drinking tons of Gatorade with extra strength Tylenol. It has now passed!! What an experience!! I was on Gonal F with a Lupron trigger
  • @anared my first check will be Tuesday. Where are you in your cycle?
  • @char245 I started stims Friday and will have another check Tuesday as well. They told me Sunday that I need to bring my cetrotide to the appointment, in case I have to administer it there. They didn't ask me to do that during my first cycle, so I am a little nervous about carrying the cetrotide all day and keeping it cold especially since I have to go to work right after. Good luck at your check tomorrow!
  • @anared I’m a little surprised that you might start the cetrotide that soon. How did your Sunday appointment go? Do you already have some large follicles? Good luck tomorrow, I would think if you brought a lunch bag with an ice pack in it that should keep it cool enough. 
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    @anared I too had to carry the cetrotide (I started stim day 6). I had saved the ice packs that came when meds were shipped and put it in an insulated lunch bag! The remainder of the appointments I continued to carry with me as I needed to take it in the morning before work but after my ultrasound/blood work.

    Good Luck to ALL  
  • @char245 I was surprised too, it is earlier than my last cycle. I started out with a cyst on my left side but, today they were second guessing that it is a cyst and maybe an actual follicle because it went from 15 mm on Friday to 19mm today- they were worried I may ovulate in case it is a real follicle so I took the cetrotide in the office this morning. They didn't tell me the sizes of my other follicles, the sonographer just said they are still small. How did your appointment go today?

    @pgdwivf Luckily, I still have the foil medication bag so I rolled it up in a tote with ice packs and it worked out great. I may try to get up a little earlier to take the cetrotide instead of bringing it with me- they just said to take it in the morning. How are you recovering from the ER?
  • @anared that makes sense. Did they tell you how many there are other than the large one? My appointment went well, I currently have eight (which is good for me). They are all still small which was to be expected bc I started with higher than ideal progesterone and estrogen but those are coming down which is good. I go back again on Thurs to see how it’s all going. 
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    char245  Congratz! That is great news. 
    @anared Recovered ok as I did suffer a bit from OHSS. Just remember no cetrotide before blood draws. 
    Talk to those Follies!! Persuade them to grow. I used a heating pad during stims for circulation and growth. Which I was told not to use after ER.
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    @telda715 congrats on the 5 fertilized! Any news about when you’ll transfer?

     AFM unfortunately I will be moving to a different board :(. We went in for the transfer today, but they cancelled it because my blood pressure was higher than usual and they suspect some OHSS. Feeling pretty emotional today and quite disappointed. They said we’re probably looking at FET in February, which just seems so far away.

     Good luck to you ladies and thank you for the support these last few weeks. Fingers crossed everyone stays healthy throughout this process!
  • @platasolWed49228 Oh no!! I’m so sorry to hear this. The first few weeks of a new cycle is always promising. The last week, when delayed or we see those negatives are gut wrenching. Even though there was no waiting for a bfp this cycle, having to reset still needs to be grieved. Have you done a FET before? In some of my reading it said doctors can prefer FET because our bodies aren’t all stressed out from producing so many follicles. Hopefully that’s the case for you. 

    I go tomorrow morning for my transfer.
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    @platasolWed49228 I am sure it is meant to be and the luck for you is in Feburary! I will be joining the January board for my FET.
    telda715 Best of luck today! Remember CALM and ease of mind is best for Transfer Day

    11/29 18 eggs retrieved

    11/30 14 mature, 9 fertilized

    12/6 2 5day blasts going for PGD/PGS testing

    12/16 Next mile stone, PGD/PGS Results

    Lots of baby dust to ALL!!

  • @char245 glad to hear your follicle check went well! They didn't tell me how many I have, I peeked at the monitor and it looks as if they are still small, so I anticipate to be on stims well into next week. My next check is tomorrow and will see how they are growing from Thursday. 

    @pgdwivf OHSS is the worst, I had it mild my first IVF. Hopefully the symptoms are getting better. thanks for the tip, I may try the heating pad!

    @platasolWed49228 oh no I am sorry to hear the transfer was postponed. I know its so hard when things change suddenly during this process. February will be here before you know it! 
  • Status check! How’s everyone doing with stims? Anyone scheduled for retrieval and transfers yet? 

    I had two embryos transferred Thursday. All went smooth. We froze three, just in case. Now, I’m in the waiting period. Daily progesterone injections. They did checked my hormone levels today. All must be looking good because I didn’t get a call. (No call = all good for these appointments) I go back Friday for more blood, then the 19th for the important test. 

    I had a tiny bit of spotting Saturday (2dp5dt). I’d love to be excited, and assume implantation, but after so many months with negative news, I don’t want to jump on that roller coaster just yet. 
  • @telda715 that’s all great news! FX for good news on the 19th!
    AFM they think I’ll trigger Thursday or Friday. 
  • @telda715 I am tentatively scheduled for Transfer end of January based on the PGD results (ETA 12/22). I guess I will have to join the January FET board, but I will check back with fingers crossed. When is your next hormone check?

    char245  Thinking of you! How did everything go?

  • @char245 I hope all is going well!! Triggering this late in the week means a weekend retrieval. I liked mine being on a Saturday, less people in the office. No waiting! :) let us know how it is going.

    Pgdwivf Thanks for the support. You can always update us here. I’ll keep rooting for you!! Good luck with testing. 

    I had hormone levels checked again today. The office didn’t call, so that means all is good. 

    I go Wednesday for a blood pregnancy test. It can’t come soon enough! 
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