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  • Hey!  So I just returned from my egg retrieval. Stats:  26 retrieved, 22 mature, 18 embryos.  Now the 5 day wait.  I'm 42 so I'm not sure how the numbers will play out but we're super encouraged today.  Good luck everyone!
  • That sounds like a great outcome!! Have you ever had an IVF cycle before? 
  • No, this was my first and only.  
  • That’s the mind frame my husband and I are in right now as well. We don’t have the financial ability to do this repeatedly. 🤞🏼 for us both!
  • Those are excellent numbers @Truetngal Congrats!
    Thanks for checking on me ladies, my egg retrieval went well today! We got six eggs, which is actually really good for us. FX everything goes smoothly and one of them turns out to be our golden egg!! 
  • That’s great Char!!
  • I wanted to stop by and wish everyone on this journey well! I've been with you all for the past month and have really appreciated the support given, as well as the support I was able to give. Trigger PGD results: Unfortunately,  I'll be joining an early 2019 IVF board instead of the January FET board. We got the dreaded call today about our PGD results. 9 eggs retrieved, 8 mature, 4 fertilized normally, 2 developed to 5 days normally. Sadly, both that were tested had extra on 15 and one on 1. I asked our RE what that meant and she stated that based on the results, they both would've ended in miscarriage. To add to the disappointment, I was back at the RE four days post- retrieval with heavy bleeding and pain,  similar to what I experienced with my first non-IVF miscarriage. I made the rookie mistake of following the hospital's discharge orders, as opposed to the directions I received with my initial rx readings. The hospital did not mention progesterone, and I started AF. This proved to be a bigger issue than I had thought, as I was informed today that I won't be able to try stims again until the end of January. I've waited this long to start IVF, but this next wait seems a lot more crushing right now. I'm 41, and am now ridiculously preoccupied with my age and its impact on my egg quality. I'm trying very hard to be positive, but boy oh boy... I'm struggling. That being said, I wanted to thank everyone for the advice and support they were able to give during our first round. It was scary, unchartered territory and this board helped me manage all of the anxiety that comes along with that first round. So, fingers crossed for everyone in 2019... may we all have a little something extra to be grateful for next holiday season! xoxo
  • @yankeebelle77 I’m so sorry for the disappointing results! All of this waiting is extremely hard! FX your next cycle is the one! 
  • @Truetngal how did your day 5 go?
    AFM Just got the call, all three embryos are in the early stages of dividing (which is good) so they will take a look again tomorrow and see if they can biopsy them then and call me again.
  • @yankeebelle77 I am sorry you’re delayed. That’s difficult news, but thankfully for testing and this process they know there are issues before the transfer. It doesn’t make the let down any easier right now though. Hang in there! 

    @char245 That’s great news! Prayers for positive biopsy results!!! 

    AFM: I have officially tested positive on the beta on Wednesday.  However, my level is much lower than they anticipated. It was 106. The nurse said they like seeing 400-500 when they test (which is a little later than other clinics from what I hear.) So, I go back tomorrow to see if it’s doubled. Trying to stay calm and positive, but am very guarded right now. 
  • @telda715 FX that your numbers are doubling!! 
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    @yankebelle77 I am in the same circumstance as you at 42 years old

    11/29 18 eggs retrieved

    11/30 14 mature, 9 fertilized

    12/6 2  5day blasts going for PGD/PGS testing

    12/21 both (2) embryos were unhealthy, so another retrieval scheduled for 2019

    Lots of baby dust to ALL!!

  • I feel bad posting my results with so many others having disappointing outcomes.  It's strange how we all pull for each other and feel sad with the setbacks.  I am beyond thankful and grateful for my outcomes to date.  We froze 6 emys on day 5, 6 on day 6, and 2 on day 7.  TheyvTh all been sampled and sent for genetic testing.  I'll know more next week.  Praying for more good news but am still so cautious and aware of the potential outcomes.  

    I really appreciate the support and will continue to keep up with the threads in hopes of good news for everyone going through this incredibly stressful and difficult process.  
  • @Truetngal those are excellent numbers! FX you get some great results!
    AFM we had two “excellent” graded embryos biopsied and sent off for testing. Now more waiting... Praying that at least one will test “normal”. 
  • @Truetngal & @char245 Best wishes for your embies to come back with healthy results! 

    I have had two more beta tests, both have shown excellent growth in hcg with more than doubling each time. They finally scheduled our first ultrasound for Jan. 7th. 

    Fx to hear from you all soon with great news!!

  • Fx for All to have good news!
  • @telda715 that's amazing!!!

    @char245 how are your results?  

    I have 4 healthy ones!!  2 boys and 2 girls.  We're now super excited to open the discussion of FET and how many.  We have a 2 yr old daughter but my best embie is also a girl.  We're discussing the realities of a potential twin situation if we also go for a boy.  I'm 42 and think this might be my last pregnancy, assuming it's successful.  Not sure but very thankful.
  • @Truetngal that’s excellent news! FX that everything goes well for your FET!!

    We are still waiting on our results :) 
  • Truetngal  Wow! I am hoping for the same result this time around! Could you share what your stim medications were?
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    @pgdwivf ; sorry for the delayed response.  I was on lupron, gonal f, and menopur.  I did an orvidrel trigger and 2 lupron shots for ovulation.  I stimmed for 10 days and responded really well to everything.  I was also taking my daily vegetable based prenatal vitamins, vitamin d, ashwaghada (sp?) And ubiqunol w Omega 3.  
  • @truetngal thank you. They have added menopur to my gonal f, hope this improves the outcome. I am not familiar with ashwaghada but the other supplements I take as well as coQ10.
  • Good luck!  
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