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  • @yankeebelle77 hi! I completely understand how you’re feeling! Even after my class the last time I still felt totally unprepared, luckily it turned out to be way easier then I was expecting! The drugs each have a pamphlet with all the instructions you need and there are even videos you can find on the Internet if you need a quick refresher. It’s nice to know people are going through it at the same time! 
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    @char245 No BCP since my second visit  with the RE in July. But my labs today confirm their was no ovulation. We are going in tomorrow for baseline ultrasound, more labs and schedule tomorrow. 

    WELCOME @yankeebelle77!! I am a bit lost too with all the information and the rules. Seems quite a few folks here are well versed and help each other. Its nice to have a sounding board and realize your not alone.

    Our Story:
    Me 42  (yesterday lol) I am a carrier for a genetic disease (Hemophilia) which has prevented us from TTC til now. Fortunately I began a job with insurance that covers most of ivf and a percentage of the PGS/PGD test so we decided to try. DH is 41 and has a teenage son. We are grateful to God, modern medicine, and insurance for this chance. babydust to ALL
  • @yankeebelle77  I did my first cycle last month.  I was really worried and stressed out over the medications. I checked and rechecked, read and re-read the instructions, and watched and re-watched the videos. I met with the IVF coordinator each time I was starting  a new medication. I checked my calendar multiple times a day to make sure I wasn't forgetting anything.  

    It's like EVERYTHING about my this part of my life was out of my control. I didn't ask for this. I didn't expect this. I never could have even imagined I would be doing IVF six months ago.  I felt like the ONLY part of this I had ANY control over was the medications.  That was my part and I had to get it right.  I took it one. day. at. a. time. Even my days were broken up into morning shot/pills and night shots.  

    I think it's normal to be freaking out.  I was able to mix some of the medications in the morning or night before which took the stress out of preparing right before the injection. I put all of the meds/associated needles in separate bags to help keep everything organized, focusing on just one med at a time. You will get into a routine and you will be a pro at this before you know it :)
  • Hello everyone!! I can't wait to get to know all of you. It's great having others to talk with during this difficult journey. This will be our 3rd time going thru IVF. Praying that 3rd times the charm! 

    Here's my story - We are dealing with severe mfi and DOR. We did ivf 5 years ago with failed fertilization after using icsi on 4 eggs. We took a long break. Then we just had a canceled IVF cycle in October due to poor response after 8 days of stims (only 3 follicles that weren't growing). I went for a baseline ultrasound for a November cycle but we couldn't proceed due to a large hormone producing cyst on my ovary. Since I hate being on BCPs especially for long periods of time, he let me have my own cycle this month without meds. After AF arrived on Monday, I started taking birth control pills that same day. The nurse called me Tuesday and said I can start taking a lead in daily dose of 25 iu Follistim all this week and next. I'm also suppose to stay on BCPs until next Monday (so I'll only be on them for 8 days). My baseline is Wednesday the 21st. If the cyst is gone, I'm suppose to start 250 iu follistim and 4 vials of Menopur on Sunday the 26th. I have never heard of taking lead in small doses of follistim. The nurse said that it would hopefully wake up my ovaries to recruit more follicles? I'm so confused being on birth control and fsh at the same time, but I'll have to trust my RE. Anyone ever hear of this protocol?

    Best wishes for everyone this cycle!! 
  • @leela00 I was supposed to start my stims yesterday but we were cancelled because of a cyst that developed on my ovary, so disappointed .  My RE wants to put me back on BCP’s until January in the hopes of shrinking the cyst but I am FREAKING out that being on the pill for that many weeks will over suppress my ovaries - ugh! My clinic isn’t doing a stim cycle in December which is ultimately why I’d have to stay on the pill until we can try in January. I really don’t want to be on the pill for that long. I’d like to skip the pill for now, hope the cyst goes away on it’s own, and simply start again in January. 

    Thoughts on that?

    And what do you all think/know - is being on BCP for 2 months counterproductive or what, thoughts on that??

    We’re so disappointed to be cancelled right out of the gate due to this cyst :(

  • @leela00 FX that the cyst is gone and you can get started with your next cycle!

    @saidebea the waiting is the worst! And trying to do this around the holidays has definitely been a pain! 
  • @saidebea I know being on bcp for that long is bad for me but it all depends on your body. I was on bcps for 6 weeks before 1st IVF and 5 weeks before 2nd ivf and had terrible results both times. Do you have diminished ovarian reserve? BCPs do help with cysts. That's why I was on them for so long before last ivf. The cyst had shrunk enough for us to start stims. However they did oversuppress me and I had to cancel anyway. At my last baseline I had a cyst that was really big so I couldn't even start. I'm taking a risk being on bcp for a short time because my cyst could still be there. Not sure what the plan will be if the cyst is still there on Wednesday. 
  • @leela00 oh dear, how big is your cyst? Mine is 30 mm.  Have you tried castor oil packs to help shrink them? I think I might try to see if it helps. My ovarian reserve is still good, thankfully. But I'm still freaked out about over suppression. 

    @char245 the waiting is torture!! We are so deflated by it. 

  • I just counted the weeks, I'll be on the pill for a total of 10 weeks!!! That seems crazy, no?? 
  • I was only on BCP for one month/10 days. Side effects were extreme. I would trust the RE
    Update: Ultrasound and BW this morning, stims (Gonal F) starts tonight. Anyone have experience with Gonal F seems dosage can range depending on case? 
  • @pgdwivf I was on Gonal F last time, think I started at 375 but went up to the max 450? I’m starting out at the max this time. Exciting that you start tonight! 
  • @pgdwivf How exciting to start stims! Last cycle I was on 275 Gonal F and 3 vials menopur. This cycle I'm switching to 250 Follistim and 4 vials menopur. My nurse mentioned that the Follistim dosages are 25 less than Gonal F so I'll basically be on the same amount this time. 
  • @pgdwivf I started with Gonal-F 675 units for the first week and then went to 450 units the 2nd week. I have poor ovarian reserve, so my dosage was high.

    @saidebea I'll be on the pill about 6 weeks. I think it was about 5 weeks last time. 
  • @ah80 glad to know I’m not alone in the never ending bcp 🙃. I called my clinic twice today for them to explain why they think it’s best for me to be on it so long. Finally I feel satisfied enough that I’m ok with listening to their orders. Truly, though, the potential side effects will have me worried until egg retrieval day. 

    In in any event, my clinic said that 2 months in the grand scheme of things is literally negligible. The nurse said if I had been on the pill for 5 or 10 years maybe then there’s cause to worry.  But 2 months is nothing to be concerned about. She also said that when I go back in a few weeks to check the size of the cyst, that we can have the doctor run new blood tests just to make sure things are still where they should be for me - hearing that made me comfortable. As long as I know there’s checks and balances in place then I’m good to go.

    For all you ladies - I am so thankful to have found this board, being able to hear your stories and vent about mine is invaluable ❤️
  • Hi All! I posted a while back introducing myself. Then, AF never came. Just finished a round of Provera that brought the beast out on Friday, which was CD 50. I’ll be going back and reading posts to hopefully catch up with you all.

    Tomorrow will be my baseline ultrasound and blood work, and luckily starting Femara in the evening! 

    Our tentative ER is Nov. 30th, with ET Dec. 5th if all goes to plan. This is our first round of mini-IVF, but previously have done a mediated/stim cycle and tried naturally. The lead up to ER is the same, just double the amount of Gonal-f, but I’m a bit nervous about after. The needles are huge! 

    We have been TTC for 16 months. I’ve been give an estimated 10-15% success rate without IVF/Mini-IVF due to irregular cycles from PCOS and scar tissue wrapping my ovaries from numerous abdominal surgeries I’ve had. (I have Crohn’s disease.) Also, this summer I had 7 polyps removed from my uterus. 
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    @pgdwivf I am about to start my second month with Gonal-f. The first time I was taking 75, per injection for a stim cycle with out IVF. I responded quickly and only needed 3 injections total. I produced 2 eggs. (2-3 was the goal.) 

    This cycle they are planning to have me do 150 per injection to produce eggs for mini-IVF. 

    Injecting was super easy and painless.

    Hopefully you have the same success! 
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    thanks for the responses, This is my first time. RE has me on 225 (he changed last minute from 200) for 6 days to start. Ultrasound on Thanksgiving.
    It is super easy and painless. They have me bringing in my trigger shot to the appointment? Is this incase? Or do they trigger?
  • Interesting on bringing in trigger! When I did the medicated stim I did my own trigger at home. 

    I wonder if they want to adminster to they know the exact time it goes in? Either that or maybe they want to show you how to inject? 
  • @pgdwivf We administered our own trigger shot. They let me know by the end of the day on the day of my last ultrasound when I would need to administer the shot, which for me was at 2am.  I did the trigger on Friday at 2am and my appointment was scheduled that Saturday at 130pm. I was nervous about this one since it was the most important one to get right. No one told me to, but I brought in my medication to review how to mix/administer.  I triggered with Novarel 10000 units.  Having them administer would take a lot of worry about that part.
  • @pgdwivf I also did my own trigger but it would be nice to have them do it!

    AFM I start my nine days of Lupron tomorrow, I’m happy to be starting again but nervous that it will end the same way as last time. 
  • @char245 only think positive!! positive!! So exciting getting started!! 

    Maybe the meds i am bringing with are not trigger meds?? Its Cetrotide, I looked it up and its used for ovulation suppression. The only other med I received was Luprolide? Just confused as to what is for what, I am sure I will know more at my next US Thursday. Maybe they give you a prescription to fill for the trigger med? 
  • @pgdwivf I was given a calendar and prescriptions only until a certain point. When I was going in several times that last week to monitor my progress my calendar was adjusted depending on how I was responding. My trigger was actually on my original prescription but it wasn't determined until later when I would actually do that one. My cycle started with Lupron/Luprolide and then Cetrotide before the stimulation medication. Ask questions! I asked a ton to the point they thought I was "too anxious".  That in itself was super frustrating, but they are providing a service. An expensive one. And you are the one who should be in control. 
  • @pgdwivf they probably want you to bring the cetrotide in case they want you to start it that day since it’s usually a morning med (at least from my experience). They had me doing cetrotide every morning and the stims at night for my second week to make sure I didn’t ovulate prior to the egg retrieval. I think I also read in some other thread about someone using Lupron as a trigger which I found confusing since I’m using it instead of BC. But as @ah80 said, just ask all the questions! 
  • Thank you! I will ask questions tomorrow as they seems to tell me as we go along. It makes sense to bring cetrotide if I will begin taking it. I would also like to know how many days as it seems it is different for everyone. 

  • @ah80 I agree about asking questions! I too want to know and understand as much as I can about the process and don’t like feeling rushed at my appointments.
    @pgdwivf I am on 225 Gonal F also, as well as Menopur; today is Day 6 of stims. Had the ultrasound yesterday (no Black Friday discount :(), and they are having me start cetritide this am. I’m getting anxious for egg retrieval! Will be sometime this week, maybe Wednesday. 
  • How’s everyone doing? 

    I went in for my second scan this morning. I have several eggs developing, but they are struggling to get a good view of my left ovary. It is underneath my uterus in a weird spot. (Likely pulled back and down by scar tissue from my previous surgeries.) The nurse said it could be tricky to get the eggs from at retrieval, but they can try to manipulate it when I’m asleep. Fingers crossed! Thankfully though, my right side is active and accessible. 

    They are upping my Gonal from 150, to 225 the next two days and I go back in Monday.

    I am on track for retrieval at the end of the week!  
  • @telda715 we seem to be on the same ttimeline! I go in Monday for another ultrasound as well. Fingers crossed. 
  • @platasolWed49228 and @telda715 good luck this week!

    AFM I just started my Lupron and I go for my first baseline ultrasound this Thursday. 
  • @platasolWed49228 and @telda715 I will also be going in on Monday for ultrasound. @char245 excited to get started! Good luck and baby dust to ALL. 
    AFM today day 9 on Gonal 225, day 5 on Cetrotide (as of tonight) and ultrasound showed 10 plus follies on each ovary. Sizes vary. 

  • Going in for baseline ultrasound tomorrow morning. Hoping my RE will provide a calendar for STIM schedule and tentative retrieval/transfer dates. Anyone have recommendations to improve reactions to injections? Such as ice before injections, drinking Gatorade, taking a laxative, etc? 
  • Hi Ladies! I am scheduled for a December egg retrieval. This is my second IVF cycle. I did my first IVF/egg retrieval in July and my FET in September. Unfortunately it resulted in a chemical pregnancy with the only pgs normal embryo I had. So going to have to do this all over again. I am ending my bcp tonight and having my baseline sometime this week, with a stim start of 11/30. Good luck everyone! 
  • @pgdwivf wow that’s a great amount of follicles! Congrats!
    @sheltoe2 I didn’t have any adverse reactions so I honestly didn’t do anything different. Here’s hoping your experience is the same!
    @anared sorry about your loss! Sounds like you and I are on a very similar timeline. Nice to go through it with someone!
  • I had my baseline last Tuesday, first blood draw tomorrow and ultrasound Wednesday. I have dor so I'm not expected a lot of follicles. Anyone else taking menopur? It stings like a mother
  • Welcome everyone! Baby dust to All! Thank you for being here.

    @sheltoe2 I got the sugar free Gatorade/poweraide drank one a day and mixed with coconut water (to help with OHSS and I am not sure if it helped as my egg retrieval is most likely 11/29 Thur), a heating pad (kept on my abdomen while sitting with feet up) and warm socks and sweat pants as I was told heat helps circulate blood and helps follies grow. From the start I also went to acupuncture took CoQ10, prenatal vit, cut out caffeine alcohol. Was told high protien so ate eggs, meats and protein shakes. I am on metformin so I never had to take the laxatives though I have read others took Metamucil in protein shakes if they experienced an issue. Good Luck!

    AFM: this morning lots of follies though RE says we have four of the proper size. So we are growing for now stim day 10. Another ultrasound tomorrow with a proposed retrieval Thur.
  • I’m on day 8 of stims. Haven’t done much different, except an ice pack one time after cetritide (swells and itches). Yes, menopur does sting. I found it isn’t as bad when warmed to room temperature. 
    Had an ultrasound this am. Not sure total number of follies, but she said there are a bunch on my right side, bigger on left though. She is estimating trigger Wednesday for Friday retrieval. I do have a question for those that have been through this: I have tickets to a TedX event Friday night. Am I correct in assuming I won’t be up for going to that after ER?
  • @platasolWed49228 I’m not entirely sure what TedX is lol, but if you’re just sitting somewhere you might be fine. It would depend on the time of your procedure and how you handle that type of anesthesia. I was tired enough to take a nap but fine other than that. Other people are completely out of it and experience some pain after. Clearly this answer isn’t that helpful, I guess you could just play it safe and not try to go. If you do go you will need someone to drive you, I don’t think you’re allowed to drive for 24hrs.
  • @sheltoe2 I haven't really had any side effects, that are controllable. I keep getting night sweats and feel dehydrated. I've been chugging water to stay hydrated. Also getting super moody and emotional. Only thing I can do there is warn the family to be patient. haha! The injections haven't been bad - just slight bruising afterward, but no pain or stinging. Hopefully you get a calendar. It helps relieve some of the stress knowing the tentative plan. Best wishes to you as you start this cycle!

    @anared I'm sorry for your loss! This is such a difficult process, I have so much admiration for women who have gone through several cycles of IVF/stims. Best of luck to you!

    AFM I didn't get great news following bloodwork and ultrasound today. They are concerned about my estrogen level, and most of my follicles are 9 and under. I do have two at 16+. Nurse is feeling less confident that I'll have retrieval on Thursday. They switched me from 225 Gonal, down to 150. Then, added two vials of Menopur. I had to make a second trip to the doc office to pick that up today, so I could take it tonight. Thankfully it didn't sting much like she warned, and read from a few of you on here. I go back Wednesday morning for blood/ultrasound. Praying for growth and increased estrogen. I really don't want this cycle to get canceled!
  • @telda715 I’m sorry you didn’t get great news. FX those two continue growing and they let you proceed with this cycle! 
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    @char245 thank you for your thoughts. I am asking around to see if I find anyone interested in my tickets. 
    @telda715 lol I wasn’t even counting mood swings as a side effect! I for sure have been all over the place emotionally. And positive thoughts your way for Wednesday’s ultrasound. 
  • @telda715 hoping that your follies continue to grow so you can continue the cycle 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼 @pgdwivf thanks for the recommendations and tips! 
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