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Dec IVF 2018

I know it’s a little early but is anyone else doing an IVF cycle in December? We just tried a cycle but unfortunately I ovulated prior to retrieval (they tell me this is extremely rare). Therefore, I’m now waiting for AF and then we are going to do a completely different protocol starting with Lupron. Therefore, I won’t start stims till the end of November or beginning of December. Then we will hopefully have a retrieval in December and freeze for PGS testing. 

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  • Hello I will most likely start IVF with November AF so I was wondering if I should join the November or December message board?
  • @pgdwivf I think you could probably do either but since your retrieval will most likely be December this is where I would go :)
  • I may be doing Dec IVF as well. I’m very nervous though. Haven’t tried Ivf since 2015. 
  • @ashleykilmer6 welcome! When will you know if you are moving forward with IVF this time?
    AFM looks like AF is staring, I’m supposed to call on the first full flow day to move forward. I always get nervous if I’m calling them at the right time lol. CD1 will most likely be tomorrow and then I’ll start Lupron on day 21.
  • Hi! Thank you! We meet w my RE On Nov 21, I know he is going to push IVF though. I just came off of three back to back months of failed IUIs and I know he’s going to say research shows that the odds aren’t good after 3. I’m just not sure if I’m ready for Ivf yet. It is really intimidating for me! I did two rounds in 2015. How long have you been Ttc or going through Ivf? 
  • @ashleykilmer6 I completely understand! IVF is a lot, Both physically and emotionally! I hope your meeting with your new RE goes well and that he is understanding of your concerns. 

    AFM (TW loss and living child mentioned) We have been trying a little over a year now. We have had two MMC at 9 and 10 weeks and multiple CPs. We clearly don’t have a problem getting pregnant but we think there is something wrong with some of my eggs.    (We have a two year old that we conceived without a problem so some of my eggs are okay). Therefore, we wanted to do IVF so that we can do the PGS testing and hopefully avoid another MMC. 
  • @ashleykilmer6 although the idea of the injections and everything with IVF felt daunting, now that I’m done with that part and on to the retrieval I know I would do it again if I need to. When you’re ready you’ll do great! 

    @pgdwivf @char245 did either of you all start yet??

    Hi! I’m Andrea, new to this forum and new to IVF. I had 2 failed IUIs and then was told male factor infertility meant it wasn’t a good choice for us to try again.

    I started my first ever IVF treatment this month and have my egg retrieval this Friday. I’m nervous because it looks like I will only have 6 mature eggs and my Dr says that 30% on average at viable and then we are doing PSG testing so I’m hoping we even have 1 or 2 remaining.. Does anyone else have an opinion on number of eggs? I’m trying to be positive after all these injections and appointments! 
  • Hello! I'm brand new to all of this. My boyfriend and I have been ttc for years w/o any success. We recently learned that he was a very low count and we're moving forward with IVF ICSI. I started my birth control yesterday. We're nervous and excited and totally overwhelmed with all of variables that come along with this process - wow, it's a lot to wrap your mind around, right?! 

    Is anyone doing a sperm DNA test beforehand? We were told that the results of that test could give us a better idea of if the expense of the PGD test is worth it. 

    Thanks for for having me here and good luck to all of us!!!!!!
  • @akak23 we only had three follicles last time and were going to move ahead anyway until I ovulated early. I understand the statistics but we just kept saying it only takes 1! Good luck with your retrieval!

    @saidebea looks like you and I will be right around the same schedule! Today is CD1 for me but we aren’t doing birth control this time, we are going to do Lupron instead. We are also doing the PGS testing. Ours is an issue on my side so I don’t know much about the sperm DNA test. Good luck to you as well!!
  • @char245 my RE has me taking the birth control for only about 10 days (the clinic puts everyone on a group cycle), he uses Lupron as the trigger shot -- does this seem like a usual way things are done? 
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    This is my first time with IVF, Yes it is pretty scary. So many unknowns. The genetic disease in my family has prevented me from TTC til now. Fortunately I began a job with insurance that covers most of ivf and a percentage of the PGS/PGD so I decided to try.  

    With PGS and PGD. We did a genetics test on me to find the stran with the hereditary disease(my case Hemophilia from my father/grandmother) that's what the lab needs to create their test which finds the same in the embryos. DNA of mine and my partner was sent into the lab. It took about 10weeks for the lab to create the test for the "not retrieved or fertilized yet" embryos. Then the lab gives the ok to begin the cycle.

    As soon as AF starts (usually mid-month) I too will begin Luprolide and Cetrotide 

    Yes good luck and baby dust to all!!
  • @saidebea yes, I also did birth control last cycle for the first ten days. I didn’t use Lupron at all but I’ve heard others using it as a trigger. I’m doing a different protocol this time so I start with Lupron and my egg retrieval has been tentatively been scheduled for 12/12!

    @pgdwivf that’s excellent that your insurance will cover most of it! Good luck to you as well!
  • @char245 when do you start with Lupron?
  • @pgdwivf on November 21st
  • This is our first cycle of IVF and to say we are nervous would be an understatement. We have tried 5 unsuccessful IUI’s and fresh/frozen donors for a year now. Unexplained reason for infertility at this point in time as all blood work and tests are completely normal. They put me on birth control for four weeks and have a mock transfer appointment on November 12th with tentative start date of injections being November 22nd. Just received all the medications in the mail yesterday. I am so glad someone started a board for November/December as I was hoping to have some buddies along the way. Has anyone tried acupuncture to assist with fertility? 

    Thats amazing that insurance is covering even some of the cost for the treatment! 
  • Who here is waiting to do an FET after their egg retrieval? I've read that frozen transfers have higher success rates than fresh transfers.  I'd like to hear some thoughts and to hear what other clinics tend to do, mine does 95% FETs. 
  • sheltoe2  I started acupuncture for IVF after my first RE appointment in June/July. I have only heard positive things so I figure it can only help. I also take CoQ10 300mg a day 
  • Yes I also take CoQ10! I have only completed three sessions of acupuncture thus far. 
  • sheltoe2 My acupuncture sessions are once a week. They do recommend the day before ER, also the day before and day after FET. I can say it has regulated my AF (previously unpredictable). I was on BCP in July but RE did not continue it. 
    BTW I think we will be on a similar schedule as my meds have been delivered, My mock transfer and sonohysterography (checks uterus walls) complete. I am waiting for November AF for next steps. 
  • @sheltoe2 @pgdwivf do you guys pay cash for acupuncture or go to more of a medical facility? I just found out my insurance will cover (but still have a $40 copay 😑) but  I’m not a fan of the chiropractors office that is covering it. Feels like more of a medical place and he wasn’t  as thorough with his points as the other lady I went to last month. She also has more of a spa/relaxing type environment. I just want to know if all this will really make a difference! 
  • @sheltoe2 best of luck to you, I am nervous also! What made you guys decide to go ahead and try IVF this month? 
  • Sorry I am new to posting on here. How do I direct my responses to specific members? I see that in your responses my name is @sheltoe2. Probably having a brain fart right now. 

    Pgdwivf: Yes, my acupuncturist recommended increasing frequency near ER which makes perfect sense to me. Is there a reason they do not have you on birth control this month? I am having a lot of break through bleeding which is concerning me. That’s awesome to hear that we will be close in cycle time. 

    Ashleykilmer6: I pay 70/visit for my acupuncturist. Acupuncture is not covered under by insurance. Most of the places I looked into were about the same price. I would say change facilities if it doesn’t promote relaxation and meets your expectations. We decided to IVF since we have tried 5 IUI’s and at home insemination with frozen and donor sperm with two chemical pregnancies over a year time period. 
  • @ashleykilmer6 My acupuncturist has an office and does them in her home. I found her in my "insurance online list" She is a natural path type and its very homey/comfortable. I have a $15 co pay (I am blessed with A+ insurance). November/December was not a choice but just where I fell after waiting for all the ducks (PGD test creation for the embabys) to line up.

    @sheltoe2 Not really sure why the lack of BCP. As I was on it my first month after meeting my RE (July) not since then. Did you ask your RE or the nurse about your concerns? I would P.S. I just highlight and copy the paste the name of the member I want to adding the @ before the member name 

  • We are considering a December cycle.  We just did my first cycle but ended up with just one "empty" follicle last Saturday at retrieval.  I am 38, low AMH (.03/<.03). We met with the RE yesterday to debrief the egg retrieval and discuss options.  I understand the odds are not in my favor trying with my own eggs again.  My diagnosis is pretty recent and I'm just not ready to give up yet, even if the chance is small.  The RE  said we could get into the January cycle if we chose to proceed with treatment. I asked about getting into the December cycle and it's possible if my period starts within the next couple of days.  I had a progesterone shot at my retrieval this past Saturday, so they said it should start within five days which is today.  

    For anyone who has done more than one cycle, how long did you wait? I'm wondering if it's crazy to try again this month but feel like we can't waste time since given my circumstances.
  • @ah80 I’m sorry you had a disappointing last cycle! Ours didn’t go well either, I ovulated early and they weren’t able to get anything. That was at the end of October, based on our new protocol the earliest we could do another retrieval is mid December. 
  • @char245 I remember from the other thread :( so disappointing. I didn't even realize that could happen.  I think that if we were able to do next month retrieval would be about mid-December too.  Part of me wants to jump right back in but the other part just wants to wait until January.  
  • I'm officially out for a December cycle. My period still hasn't started yet so we didn't even have a choice to make.  From an emotional perspective, I'm kind of relieved. If it would have been an option, we likely would have gone forward. The failed retrieval was just six days ago (!!! seems like forever ago) and I'm not sure that I would have been able to handle another disappointment so soon if things don't work out again. I expect we will be doing a January cycle.  

    Good luck with your cycles ladies!
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    @ah80 FX that January is your month!!

    AFM my medications are being delivered today. It’s early but we are going out of town and with the holidays coming up I just wanted to make sure I had everything I needed.
  • @char245 how exciting to be getting your meds, wow!

    Tomorrow is my last day on the BCP. I go in for a hysteroctopy on Monday and my baseline later in the week. So many nerves, emotions, and descions - we still haven't fully decided on doing the PGS testing or not OR if we should do a fresh transfer or frozen transfer. I'd LOVE to hear what you ladies are doing in regards to both.
  • I have my baseline on the 20 th. Right now I'm taking hgh and testosterone with bcp...I have low amh so I'm nervous to see if we can make it happen
  • @nattiemom2be good luck at your baseline! We have ours on the 29th. 
  • @nattiemom2be and @char245 baselines are coming up! Mine is the 26th. Feels like forever away right now though. Had my mock transfer and how to administer the medications this morning. All the emotions and gravity of it all are finally hitting me. 
  • Are you guys doing Fet or fresh? Mine will be a fer
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    Mine will be frozen
    I am still waiting for AF to go for first labs. Baseline? The initial set of labs? Correct? You ladies are referring to baseline, not sure if that is the same as my RE does not "schedule" first labs, you just go in on second day of AF.
  • We plan on doing a fresh cycle. Are there different rates of success with fresh versus FET?
  • Hi everyone, I’ve been following this, as well as the November board a few days waiting to get the go ahead from my doc . I had my baseline today and took last bcp tonight! A little nervous to start stims on Monday.  Retrieval is slated for end of November. I swear I’m checking my calendar like a stalker because I’m so anxious! I’m thankful for finding this community though and love how supportive everyone is 😊.
  • @nattiemom2be We will be doing a frozen bc we are doing PGS.
    @pgdwivf yes it’s all around the same time it just depends what protocol you’re on. So for me, last time I did bc and didn’t get my period until after my baseline and this time I’m on a different protocol so I go in on a specific day but it’s all right around AF.
    @sheltoe2 I have seen different things out there on fresh vs frozen but one main theme seems like if the embryo does well enough to freeze and thaw then it has a better chance of implanting. Some clinics will only do frozen transfers but again there is so much research and opinions out there on this.
    @platasolWed49228 good luck on this cycle! Hope everything goes well!
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    My AF began and I had my first labs yesterday. Nurse called and according to the results I ovulated this month. I don't know if that means anything (will this delay?) to the plan for retrieval this month but my instructions are to come back tomorrow for another set of labs to confirm.

    We will be doing frozen bc of PGS and PGD
  • @pgdwivf were you on birth control?
  • @char245 ; Hi! I wanted to introduce myself because it looks like you and I will be very close in terms of start dates. I'm 41, and DH and I have been TTC since early 2017. I got my BFP in 11/2017, but had a MMC on 12/26/17. I was 10 weeks, but baby stopped developing at 8. We decided to go IVF, with all the testing precautions we could. I had a successful uterine polyp removal two weeks ago and I just got back from my final appt. before stims start on 11/21. I'm feeling super overwhelmed right now! I am finding myself totally preoccupied with messing up the time frames for all the Menopur and Follistim. I feel completely unprepared for the prep of the meds, and am freaking out about making a mistake. Does everyone go through similar thoughts or am I just needlessly freaking? 
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