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  • I have been eating Burger King a ridiculous amount this week. I don’t even like Burger King. 
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  • @carleym93 lol their nuggets are gross but their burgers can be okay once in a while. So weird what we like lol
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  • Bread pudding. No idea where to get some and I have no stale bread or eggs to make any. (For the Canadians, specifically I'm craving the Second Cup bread putting from circa 1999, but pretty much anything will do.)
  • Today my craving was ramen. It was soooo good. I laughed when I read on the package that it makes 2 servings. 
    I did heat up some green beans in the leftover broth. So I’m getting some nutrition in! 
  • I had a major ramen phase a few weeks ago. I think it was the salt. Enjoy!
  • Mashed potatoes, chocolate, yogurt, cottage cheese and canned corned beef hash.
  • my M/S has begun to taper....and hunger is setting in lol. I recently have gotten the strongest craving for mozzarella sticks and pistachio milkshakes, still super aversion to chicken unless it has baked on breading? really weird
  • @vv826 legit just had caesar salad sat and mon. They have been having warnings about romaine for a while. 
  • @ellem29 - I'VE BEEN CRAVING MARGARITAS TOO! I think its the salt + sour + cold because pickles are doing the trick. 

    I'm actually about to finish a whole jar of dilly beans. 
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  • I tried fried raviolis last night with marinara sauce....and they were awesome. I dare say they blew mozzarella sticks out of the park....and that has been one of my only favorite foods lately. Odd that I can stomach those...but I can't stomach chicken or nearly anything else lol.
    I've also been craving spinach salads specifically with onions and peppers and balsamic vinaigrette dressing...but when I start eating the spinach I'm like eww why do I want this. It is so bizarre. 
    And I have been ridiculously thirsty nonstop like I have dessert sand in my mouth and throat. 
  • Had a pickle at my parents' house at dinner last night. OMG what kind of pregnant person am I that I don't have my own pickles in my house? It was soooooo good.

    Had a virgin margarita on Saturday...and it was NOT what I was hoping it would be. Way too sweet. I wound up salting the crap out of it and that made it tolerable but not really what I wanted. Can't remember being that disappointed by a drink in a long time.
  • @canuckbaby dang it! I know this has been going on for a long time they need to get it together
  • @vv826 legit just had caesar salad sat and mon. They have been having warnings about romaine for a while. 
    I was literally eating a chicken salad and lettuce sandwich as I read about the romaine recall. Oops.
  • @marijaa333 as my husband pointed out we still good lol. I half wonder if its more about people not washing things through or cross contamination
  • Had to get me some mince meat to make a pie and some raisin butter tarts omg

  • marijaa333marijaa333 member
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    @canuckbaby I'm coming over!!! Wait for meee! I love how you had to get both.  :D<3
  • @marijaa333 i thought i would be fair to my husband and get the ones with raisins even though i love the ones with pecans too lol
  • @canuckbaby Your husband is lucky to have a wife so generous even while pregnant.
  • @marijaa333 only cause hes not complained about cleaning litter box which is not his usual duty lol
  • @marijaa333 oh he also brought me a donut while i waited for bloodwork yesterday without me asking for anything. Also grabbed me more OJ cause i cant get enough of that!
  • @canuckbaby aww, get a room you two! :p 
  • watermelon is actually pretty amazing!

  •  :D thats what got us in this predicament
  • @vv826 i wish watermelon was actually in season right now. :(
  • @canuckbaby me too it was a little soft but it was better than nothing and pretty refreshing especially since water is a big no right now!
  • The only thing I have consistently liked is a plain bagel and cream cheese in the morning. I discovered this when I went to a coffee shop one morning. I bought some to have at home and it’s just not the same! Lol. 
  • I know I already wished everyone a happy Thanksgiving in the randoms thread but I'll do it again!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! May all our cravings be satisfied! 
  • @canuckbaby and @marijaa333 I totally thought of you last night...Mom told me she made two pies this year for Thanksgiving, one pumpkin and one mincemeat. I've never had mincemeat before, and we are nowhere even close to Canada, but giddy up I guess! I'm super curious to see what this is like.

    Happy Thanksgiving, girls! May all your cravings be satisfied. Or at least may your aversions not keep you away from shoveling in as much food as you like.
  • I was so looking forward to all of the carb-y Thanksgiving sides, but woke up with terrible nausea today 😐 I just hope it subsides before dinner.
  • @canuckbaby I had lunch at St. Hubert yesterday (OMG SO GOOD!) and had romaine on my sandwich.  Only really thought about it afterwards.  Oops.  Hoping to go back next week :D

    I can't stand meat pie; I'm such a bad Canadian.  Our work Christmas lunch is going to be traditional French Canadian and I'm so sad!  Lots of meat and seafood, and the whole menu looks so gross to me.

  • @wearyfuzzball I’m so sorry about your nausea today! I really hope it doesn’t ruin your meal. I’ve had so much nausea this week that I’m really hoping mine will hold off today, but I might end up in the same boat as you. 
  • ugh @weary @kjr9519 I woke up feeling so good and I was excited to eat but now it nausea has hit! Here's to hoping that we all feel better and are able to eat!
  • @ki1244 i am excited to hear your review. @bakerstreetboys i am in the west so no meat pies here just a lot of perogies LOL 
    We were at wendys last night and this super pregnant lady was ordering a caesar salad and they told her it would be with ice berg not romaine. 
  • @wearyfuzzball I feel so sick right now too. I really overdid it andmcooked too much. Hopefully we both figure out how to rally. 
  • @ki1244 i too am interested in your review. I can go either way on mince meat but I'm mad about butter tarts...

    @bakerstreetboys  I'm still not into chicken (was a major aversion in the first tri) but could probably make an exception for St Hubert...

    @canuckbaby i lived in Winnipeg for a few years and so miss all the Ukrainian and Polish food,  especially perogies. There was also a to-die-for Sri Lankan place at The Forks... I hope it's still alive and well... You are in Edmonton or am I mixing that up?
  • @kjr9519 @vv826 @ncm1919 I was able to eat a *little* bit of all of the carb-y sides. Turkey and veggies was a big no no, but I did stomach some dessert. I'll say this was an overall win! Hope you all were able to enjoy some yummy food.
  • Dad and DH are watching Dirty Harry while Mom and I cleaned up. Normally this is the point where I would lay on my back and let everything redistribute (totally how that works, right?) buuuuuuut maybe not this year. I ate so sickeningly much today, which is like half of my usual Thanksgiving, but I got a little of everything so hooray! Pie in a bit. Dying to try this mincemeat, but if I go in on it now I will literally burst.
  • @marijaa333 yep in edmonton - perogies are awesome!  Ugh i just made stir Fry for supper and literally only ate the carrots peas broccoli and mushrooms out of it. Yuck to chicken and rice. DH made some ginger beef and that just made me feel grosser smelling it. 

    @ki1244 have a nap you will be good to go for pie lol
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