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  • @luckystar28 hope you start feeling better soon! I'm slightly better off--it's still apples and smoothies for me!
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  • Still really struggling with the cheese/dairy aversion but I’m really craving Subway.
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  • @carleym93 I had Subway today, no regrets!
  • @carleym93 if you toast it, its cooked deli meat 😂
  • Tacos. I had them for lunch 3 times this week (left overs from dinner on Sunday night). I seriously feel like I could eat them daily right now. Maybe even 2x a day. 
  • Todays craving is salami and cream cheese. And chinese food. And that's all my body will accept.
  • @prpl11butterfly i was obsessed with crunchy tacos with my first two. i could’ve eaten them everyday & never complained! 
  • I have been making these homemade tacos, and I cannot get enough of them. I would eat 12 a day. For now, I am attempting to limit myself to 6  :D
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  • So far I have consistently been ok with 2 graham cracker and PB sandwiches first thing in the morning, then Greek yogurt like an hour later, and a jazz apple an hour later. After that it’s all bets off. Today I want a Taco Bell bean burrito and a Doritos loco tacos for lunch and Chinese food for dinner. 

    I cant meal plan to save my life any more. My tastes change so frequently and when I want something I get stuck on it and can’t accept any other food. I don’t crave anything. Nothing sounds good. I’m basically just trying to survive, lol. 
  • @antera23, yes to getting stuck on one food! My recent thing has been grilled cheese - it’s the only thing I can think about eating. Nothing else sounds even remotely appetizing. Like you said, I’m just trying to survive the first trimester at this point.
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  • Cup-a-soup is giving me some relief. I hope I'm not jinxing myself with this post.
  • @KissMeImScottish we will survive this! Today when I was puking (yay), I just put my hand on my lower abdomen and silently said, “good job growing, baby. keep making mommy sick.” It helped for 2.5 seconds, lol. 
  • @antera23 I'm in the same boat with not being able to meal plan. I take it meal by meal with what my body will accept. It's frustrating, but it's an unfortunate survival tactic.

    @marijaa333 cup-a-soup does sound good now that you said that...
  • You beautiful mamas.

    my DH bought me a fish taco. I have never almost cried into food but that first bite was heaven. Is this what satisfying a craving feels like? Because I love it. 
  • britaniibabebritaniibabe member
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    I am mostly craving carbs but trying not to go overboard lol I was craving pizza, mac n cheese, tuna fish sammies and buffalo chicken dip. Now all of those sound nasty besides the pizza and mac n cheese lmao I havent had real cravings that i would die without and no real cravings for sweets. Just trying to eat as healthy as possible while giving into cravings here and there. 
  • I'm all about carbs & sweets - which is unusual for me, as I don't normally have much of a sweet tooth. But I've been obsessing over blueberry muffins lately! Had like 4 last week, and already had one for breakfast this morning. It's the perfect combo of sweet and starchy -- just so very unhealthy.
  • I didn't even want to open this threat for a while, because a lot of food just sounds HORRIBLE. But weirdest craving ever today -- kale or cabbage sautéed with lemon juice, garlic powder, and onion powder. Had the kale version in my BLT bowl for breakfast this morning and I can't stop thinking about it and made seconds with cabbage for a snack just now (hooray for working at home today). My toilet is going to hate me later.

    And now I know the other reason I didn't want to read this thread, because now I neeeeeeeed a bagel and like 35 pickles.
  • @ki1244 i want lazy cabbage rolls now. Saurkraut layered with minute rice diced bacon and onions in a casserole dish. I bet you would like. Also i ate 4 pickles at lunch with cheddar cheese and toast. #noregrets
  • @canuckbaby That sounds, all of it. Gonna see if we have any pickles now. I know I finished the cheddar cheese in my deli drawer last night (and the block of alpine cheddar I moved into it from my freezer isn't thawed yet) but American works, right...?
  • @ki1244 cheese is cheese!!
    I will have to make some lazy cabbage rolls this weekend. Supper is quesadillas tonight. Gotta love chicken and cheese mmm
  • ki1244ki1244 member
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    @canuckbaby Well, cheese "food" anyway...

    Side note, how the H does anyone actually make a meal plan/grocery list while pregnant? I have a fridge full of leftovers that I'd just as soon feed to the militant squirrels in my yard as eat for myself. But I have no idea what I'll want on how do I know what to shop for today? This is stressful.

    Edit: I don't have pickles in my house? What kind of pregnant woman am I?
  • @ki1244 Literally no way of meal planning right now. I used to make a big batch of something on Sundays to take for lunch all week. Now I don't even take anything, I just go to the food court and go wherever this baby tells me.
  • @ki1244 we semi meal plan. Tonight was chicken quesadillas and about half way through my stomach did a big ole NoPE. We are kinda making plans based on what should be okay and if I decide not to eat it I will have something else. Thankfully I dont get ill from the smell of something cooking i dont want. Hubby brought home short bread cookies today. Those will fill me up lol
  • No cravings yet....just aversions to pretty much everything because I have had m/s constantly. With my daughter I wanted mozarella sticks, baked potatos, white cheddar mac n cheese shells, and tacos all the time
  • ruby696ruby696 member
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    So I have never understood the pickle craving. Well today I decided to get a roast beef sandwich for lunch and instantly thought of ordering it with pickles (normally that would make me gag). OMG it was so good. I can't stop thinking about it. Pickles and roast beef. Amazing. 

    ETA: Words
  • @ruby696 i have always loved dill pickles. Its definitely not pregnancy related to me. I think it becomes a "craving" due to salt content. Now i am salivating thinking about pickles lol.
  • @canuckbaby I like dill pickles too, but usually on their own. Apparently they are delicious on roast beef sandwiches, too!
  • @ruby696 i want tuna mixed with mayo and diced dill pickles now. Guess this haddock we made for supper will need to do lol
  • My first official craving....Tostitos queso dip with salsa....yummm
  • All I want is carbs. I’ve been eating bagels for breakfast with butter, plain pasta for dinner, and I shove pretzels down my throat whenever I start to feel nauseated which helps. I’ve been trying to eat yogurt and salads and veggies whenever I feel “normal” to balance it out but I just feel so guilty eating so many starchy foods. 

    Aversions: Leftovers! And i cannot stand the smell of coffee brewing in the office which makes me sad. 
  • I'm vegetarian and the idea of eating vegetables is revolting lately.  Since I can't survive just on carbs I've been trying to eat some anyway but it's so depressing that my favorite foods turn my stomach these days. Oh and cheese, I can't even eat cheese. It'd be nice if I could just give up on food for a while but apples and carrots it is for now.
  • Mmm, cheese.  I was leaving the grocery store the other day with very little food, when I thought I smelled mustard.  I all of a sudden had an intense, have to have it or I'll cry, desire for a cheese sandwich with mustard and pickles.  I threw my bags in the car and ran back in for some extra old cheddar cheese, raced home and had my sammie.  So.  Good.

  • @messymyranda I am (or was) for 13 years. Baby decided they wanted a fish taco and that was that for me.  
  • @messymyranda @battleangel reminds me of Friends, when Phoebe eats meat when shes pregnant and makes Joey stop to even it out! 
  • Half of me really wants buffalo chicken (pizza, dip, etc) the other half thinks thats a terrible idea
  • @wearyfuzzball i hate that inner battle!
  • Lunch was delicious 
  • I've spent the last 35 minutes googling "food near me" instead of documenting at work.

    Second day of Diclegis and I finally want to eat something other than saltines with peanut butter.

  • Tacos with all the goods (cilantro, lime, onions) and cheese dip lol....and sometimes salt and vinegar chips.
    But I have more aversions than anything else...stuff I would normally eat seems super gross....I can't seem to stomach meat on its own unless its in a taco....weird lol
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