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  • @bakerstreetboys mmm baby bels. I also have a craving for these. Now that you mention it, I think I want one 😂
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  • Food? No thank you.  :s
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  • @harrierwife I agree. I’m sorry you’re feeling so bad. 

    @spacepiraterunner I’m glad you were able to find something that you could eat! 

    I’ve been craving Thai food. It’s the only thing that sounded good to me today. I am having more food aversions then cravings. 
  • I’m having the same issue I did last time, only it’s hitting earlier now. Perpetually hungry, nothing I normally eat sounds good. I want something extremely flavorful and not at all bland, but idk what that is. When I last grocery shopped, I was expecting nausea and bought all the bland stuff and am now completely stuck. 
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  • Pretty much no food sounds good to me either, and I don’t get hungry, but if I don’t eat, I get bad nausea. The real thing that’s bothering me, though, is that once I find a food that I can tolerate for one meal, I can’t tolerate it again because I associate it with being nauseous (because I ate it while I was nauseous). So, the list of foods that I can handle keeps getting smaller.
  • @kjr9519 I am so with you on all of that. I am not hungry and nothing sounds good, but if I don't consistently shove something down my throat the nausea and straight up stomach pains ramp up. My nausea has been worse in the evening,  and I am thinking it is actually due to heartburn or reflux in addition to the regular nausea. I definitely get worse burps and gagging after dinner time, so I plan to ask my doctor about that tomorrow. Then, after the doctor we are going to buy a dozen bagels...
  • Apples with cheddar cheese, kale, sugar free pudding cups - frozen, peppermint bark oreos - frozen, seltzer (loving the cranberry citrus simply balanced from target), cottage cheese, scrambled eggs with cheese, turkey sandwiches (homemade), plain Greek yogurt with berries
  • Trader Joe's spud crunchies dipped in ketchup. Ohhhhh man. Nothing else has really sounded good, but once I get myself to actually eat it's generally fine...just struggle to get over that hump except with the crunchies.

    Tonight's nausea is worse than it's been though... dammit.
  • @kjr9519 and @jmvander I’m experiencing the exact same thing. I actually think I got the stomach flu yesterday. Which is awful on top of MS. I can’t eat anything but I’m starving which is also making me feel sick. 
  • I keep feeling hungry but after 2-3 bites I'm done eating and whatever I'm eating is super unappealing. This was how my last pregnancy was and I lost weight in first tri. I'm overweight to start with, so it was NBD. But the only thing that's sounding good so far is cheeeeeese. All the cheese.
  • No super cravings but aversion to certain sweet and sour sauces. I made homemade and it was fine but twice ate out and felt bad after. I also want hot dogs and burgers but thats not unusual.
    I am land locked but love scallops so had an amazing pasta at home last night

  • @bakerstreetboys i want tims breakfast sandwiches with the chipolte sauce all day everyday lol
  • Strubbs Dill Pickles. Omg. My mouth is watering just thinking about them. I've probabaly already had 4 today. I had one at like 9am this morning😂
  • @liamsmommy09 Dill pickles here too! I keep snacking on them, DD asks for some every time. And every time she hates it 😂

  • I’m not craving pickles, per se, but fried pickles with ranch dressing sounds REALLY good right now...
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  • @KissMeImScottish the strubbs pickels are the best pickles to deep fry. I make them myself. Wish I had bread crumb right now!
  • wasabi peas
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  • Today was an awful sick day complete with full on puking but i made my DH get me eggs so I could have scrambled eggs on toast. 
  • Holy $&!? @srscott3 that looks awesome. 
  • I've been craving dill pickles and in my years of living in this city I've only seen a handful of jars in stores. Everywhere has kosher dills and sweet or bread and butter but no regular dills. I ran out of the last jar I bought when I was out of town last so I guess I'll be waiting a while for more. 
  • @messymyranda whats the difference between kosher and regular dill? I just like them big dills with garlic. Bread and butter and sweet have their place too... great now i am salivating thinking about pickles lol
  • Apparently just the garlic and they're not actually kosher at all. Don't get me wrong I like both but right now I just really want a plain dill :D
  • I’ve wanted a Baja style fish taco like no ones business. The lime and crispy fish and cool crema sounds amazing. (Vegetarian for 13 years. Not even fish)

    other than that, fruit and sparkling water. 
  • this thread is incredibly dangerous to read! 
    yesterday i HAD TO HAVE orange juice & bagels with cream cheese. i was able to keep driving past McD’s! 
    today, i craved a Dr. Pepper, hadn’t had soda in about a year. then before bed, pickles. this 3rd pregnancy has me craving all the things! lol
  • @drewsboo562 Dr. Pepper has been my go to aswell! When I crave something, do I ever crave it. 3rd pregnancy for me aswell and I NEVER had cravings like this before!
  • I'm SO happy to finally have a craving (since all foods have sounded awful the past week). A tostino pizza. Which is hilarious to me because I've been eating super healthy/clean the past few months. I believe this is my body revolting against my diet amd hiding behind my pregnancy. Oh well - any food is better than none at this point.
  • @drewsboo562 this will sound dumb but i just found out a few months ago i love herb and garlic cream cheese ... and more recently even like plain cream cheese. I have been getting my fix of bagels for sure now! 
  • @messymyranda look what i got on sale! See above spoiler. Couldnt seem to write my message without it being hidden too
  • Friday after my early day is done I might go grocery store hunting to see if any of the ones I don't usually shop at have what I want. You'd think being NYC you could find anything but nope!

    On a happy note, at least I can get pretty much any fruit my heart desires in Chinatown. That's been almost all I can manage in the evenings. Have to eat something so the kids won't be suspicious until after my appointment on Monday. 
  • @canuckbaby now i’m laying in bed craving bagels w/cream cheese & pickles. this pregnancy is crazy! haha
  • ONLY the pickles from Subway, string cheese, and coke from McDonalds.  Those have been my only consistent cravings.  Otherwise it's always random things, ha!  Yesterday was cheese fries.  B)  


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  • @drewsboo562 lol oops sorry! I have cheese and pickles for lunch today. Mmm mcdonalds coke is the best @QueenOfGlitz i totally made a stop there yesterday for 2 mc doubles and a small coke lol
  • Today was a chicken chalupa and nachos from Taco Bell. 
  • I'm still riding the Gatorade and saltine cracker bus. WHY WHY WHY
  • @luckystar28 ugh that sucks. I found i did better eating more frequently vs needing to stick to crackers and gatorade. But i was just nauseous vs throwing up. Hopefully it passes soon!
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