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  • @ki1244 I was on a marinara kick with my first and mozzarella sticks!!! this time not so much....weird how it can change each pregnancy

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  • I know food is the last thing on most of your minds. However, I need quesadilla in my life and cannot afford to be going out all the time. I just want simple chicken and cheese but never can make them crispy like the Mexican places. Someone here MUST know how to make them, if that's you, please help! 
  • canuckbabycanuckbaby member
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    @prpl11butterfly i dice up chicken breast and pan fry it with franks red hot sauce. I dice up tomatoes and put both it in a folded tortilla with shredded cheese and then throw it in oven at 375 ish and just keep watching it till i see its getting crispy. My husband doesnt care about crisp he just wants his cheese melted lol. Maybe 10-15 min? I dont pay attention. Posted a spoiler in my next post 
  • @canuckbaby I'm starving as it is and that looks sooooo good. It seeks fairly quick to make too which makes it even better! Thank you!!
  • @prpl11butterfly Lightly butter the outside if the tortilla to get it crispy. You don't need a lot, but that does the trick.
  • Less craving but more general interest food question -- does charcuterie fall in the same zone as deli meat? I'm talking cooked stuff, of course (not about to eat uncooked meat at any point, KU or not) but stuff like the good salami, sopressata, rosette, etc., pre-packaged or not. Sometimes DH and I would have stay-in date nights with a movie and a homemade charcuterie tray, which I LOVED and which would be fun this weekend since it's supposed to be miserably cold, and I checked and my favorite cheeses are safe...but not seeing much one way or the other on Dr. Google about if that includes more of the dried out stuff too, or if that falls into its own category.
  • @ki1244 i think it should be okay. Its closer to pepperoni isnt it?
  • @canuckbaby yeah...I mean, closer to pepperoni than ham, but not cooked on a pizza, so wasn't sure if that changes things. Our local grocery has a charcuterie counter (next to the deli) where they make fresh sliced trays or slice meats for you to make your own, which I adore, but they also have some pre-packaged commercial stuff near there too if that was somehow safer. I legitimately just have no idea.
  • @ki1244 From what I've read, cured meats are ok. I've been on a salami kick this past week so I was reading up on it.
  • I ate deli meat my whole pregnancy with DS ans eat it regularly now. I only buy from trusted places and wont keep past 1wk of being slice.
  • @wearyfuzzball you just made my day!! I have been dying for some hard salami! 
  • Something weird this pregnancy is that I don’t really want chocolate. I want the fruity and sour candy. Which, if you knew me in person would be SHOCKING. I am usually a chocoholic. 
  • @ki1244 If you want to get really technical, you shouldn't eat any cured meats unless they are nitrate free, including pepperoni and bacon. I still eat pepperoni, but buy nitrate free bacon/ham/hot dogs. 

    Also, I still eat lunch meat. As long as I get it from somewhere reputable, I'm not worried about it. Some doctors don't even advise against it anymore.
  • @antera23 me too! I've been obsessed with starburst when normally I'm a chocolate fan. 
  • @ruby696 @wearyfuzzball I've been steering clear of nitrates anyway (Oscar Meyer lunchmeat is nitrate/nitrite free! so I got a bunch on sale, portioned it into smaller containers, and froze it so I can use it as needed and it doesn't go bad). I'm not SUPER worried about it if I have nitrates in one meal, but good call on that. I just didn't know if it was different otherwise (cured vs roasted or whatever deli meat is). Thanks!!! Might check on the brands that they have at our charcuterie counter and see if any might be nitrate which case, SCORE.
  • ellem29ellem29 member
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    messymyranda - Same. I've been a vegetarian for 19 years, and suddenly the only veggies I can tolerate are the basics: lettuce, tomato, cucumbers & (sometimes) green peppers. Everything else is just so unappealing to me right now! All I want are starches - potatoes, corn tortillas, pasta, and allllll the bread products. I know I'm being so damn unhealthy, but it's hard to get anything else down.
  • @ki1244 What's nice is that the stuff that's nitrate free is usually the better tasting stuff anyway. I buy it for my kids and I'm trying to be better now that I'm pregnant. I still eat pepperoni pizza though and I don't see that changing in the foreseeable future.
  • @canuckbaby I'm pretty into bacon on mac-n-cheese. Not exactly good for you, but oh so delicious. 
  • @ruby696 my supper tonight will be a box of KD to myself lol #noshame
  • @ellem29 yeah, I have been since I was 12 or 13, 23ish years now, so it's so weird for me not to want veggies. I think the hardest is that beans and soy are also not on the menu right now. I know they're not a perfect substitute but I've been trying to add protein powder to shakes to help out the lack of it in my diet right now. Chocolate banana smoothies I can manage for lunch sometimes. 
  • Salty and savory stuff like toast with butter, steak with lime, fries, wings, chicken broth. Sour things like seltzer with lime. Spicy and I also get random cravings for fresh squeeze orange juice. But all of this has to be in small amounts or I get super nauseas. 😟
  • @desoky01 I feel like we have a lot of pregnancy similarities! 
  • Holy cow. Just had the most sudden and intense craving for some Lay's dill pickle chips. I saw someone walking with a bag and now I need to have some today. 
  • OMG! Hard freakin boiled eggs! I love them sooo much right now...mmmmm 🤤🤤🤤🤤
  • I keep sneaking into the box of candy we give out at career fairs (little pouches with a business card and some candy in them) and stealing all the ones with skittles. I normally don't even like skittles but right now I need ALL of them. Working on bag #4 right now.
  • Normally my junk food craving is sweet candy like skittles, but I can't handle sweet or sour candies right now so I have had a whole 2 of my preggie pop drops. Peppermint gum has been my go to. But my newest craving has been ice cream, right as it is getting freaking cold outside. I also got a box of pop tarts the other day and I don't know the last time I have had a pop tart.
  • Had a Goodcents tuna sandwich on Saturday and HOLY LORD it was good. Its just Sysco tuna salad, which if course just says "tuna fish" on the ingredient list. I called our local Sysco office to see if they could tell me what KIND of tuna...nope. I'm assuming not big eye (doesn't normally go into tuna salad) but I'm not sure if it's albacore or the cheap skipjack stuff that's ok a few times a week. Because I NEED it today. Anyone happen to randomly know what type of tuna is in industrial bulk tuna salad?
  • sushi I crave sushi and I haven't been able to satisfy it......honestly I want the uncooked stuff but the cooked stuff will be good for now!
  • @marijaa333 you just made me a happy girl 
  • @Dcwtada I am such a sweet tooth normally, but ms has kept me from being able to eat much in the way of sweets. However, I am so jealous right now of all of the candy you’ve been eating. I miss it.
  • I had cheddar cheese and dill pickles as a snack today. It was delicious. Lol 
  • I had an intense craving for a strawberry shake a couple days ago. Got my shake. Took one sip and couldn’t stomach the rest 😭
  • @luckystar28 ugh, thats the worst!! Happened to me a few weekends ago with Chinese food 😥
  • @amaren-2 cheese and pickles for lunch all week 
  • I have aversions to cheese and water. The water one is pretty bad still. Other than cheese, my body wants me to eat constantly, especially early in the day. Yesterday I had three breakfasts by 10:30am.  I don't recall this ending in the second trimester...
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