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Favorite Names Thread

I know it's early but we all have our favorite names! Let's hear them! 

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Me: 33 DH: 34
Married: Oct 2015
TTC #1: Sept 2016
BFP: 10/19/16 ~ blighted ovum ~ D&C 11/23/16
BFP: 3/24/17   <3  DD1 born 12/2/17
TTC #2: July 2018
BFP: 8/26/18 <3  DD2 born 5/16/19


Re: Favorite Names Thread

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  • Leighton,  Grace, Idris. 

  • For a girl, we are going with Beatrice Annemarie. For a boy, we are stuck between Esias Obert (pronounced E-sigh-es) or Haakon Allen (pronounced Hawk-in). All our names aren’t fairly unique so I’m a teacher. Definitely don’t want to name my baby bear after one of my kiddos at school.
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  • @sleepy33 he'll probably win if it's a boy. We are at a complete standstill on everything else we have come up with 

  • @chloe97 I love all those names. So classic. What if you did Marine instead of Marina? Or would that lose some of the meaning if it's altered? 

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  • @secicc12 it's so hard when that happens! I love Charlotte too but you're right that it's so popular now.
    Me: 33 DH: 34
    Married: Oct 2015
    TTC #1: Sept 2016
    BFP: 10/19/16 ~ blighted ovum ~ D&C 11/23/16
    BFP: 3/24/17   <3  DD1 born 12/2/17
    TTC #2: July 2018
    BFP: 8/26/18 <3  DD2 born 5/16/19

  • @secicc12 I feel like it has to be her actual name. If anything I would use her middle name Ramona instead. My grandma always hated both her names so I can imagine her rolling in her grave, but this isn’t for her, it’s for my mom who just lost her mom this year. When we announced DDs name after she was born, both sets of our parents were together in the waiting room and MIL bawled and bawled and bawled she was so touched (her mom died 3 years before). My grandmother was alive still and Jews don’t reuse names of the living, so we couldn’t use it yet (DH is a Jew, I am not). I know my mom wished we would have though.
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    Pregnancy #2, Dx with Triploidy at 12 weeks, MMC, D&C May 2016
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    DD was born on June 26, 2017
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    Pregnancy #5 BFP 9/13/2018, EDD= 5/27/2019
  • @msb615 @peachy13 Part of me just wants to use it anyways. I'm sure the popularity will die down in a few years! 

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  • @chloe97 That's beautiful. I can see why you'd want it to be the exact name. For what it's worth, I think Ella Marina is lovely! Unless you plan on calling her the full name, I think it works great. You don't want to sacrifice the first names you love just to make it work with a middle that might not get used.

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  • @secicc12 I feel the same way about using Emma, but I feel like you should use what you love. I remember growing up with other girls with my name in my class along with Ashley’s and Katie’s, and it really wasn’t that big of a deal. 🤷🏼‍♀️ 
  • (from BabyCenter):

    Top 10 Girls Names so far in 2018:

    1- Emma
    2- Olivia
    3- Ava
    4- Isabella
    5 - Sophia
    6- Amelia
    7- Mia
    8- Charlotte
    9- Harper
    10- Mila

    Top 10 Boys Names so far in 2018:

    1- Liam
    2- Noah
    3- Oliver
    4- Mason
    5- Lucas
    6- Logan
    7- Elijah
    8- Ethan
    9- James
    10- Aiden
    Me: 33 DH: 34
    Married: Oct 2015
    TTC #1: Sept 2016
    BFP: 10/19/16 ~ blighted ovum ~ D&C 11/23/16
    BFP: 3/24/17   <3  DD1 born 12/2/17
    TTC #2: July 2018
    BFP: 8/26/18 <3  DD2 born 5/16/19

  • We only have one boy name that we can agree on. Girl names, we have two so far that we like. 

    Jack Travis (middle name for his brother who passed away)

    Alice Jeanne
    Rowan Jeanne 

  • Is it weird that I feel like most people don’t use the “top 10 names” because they’re on the list, so really, how popular are they? 

    Seriously though, I’m just trying to make myself feel better about my girl name being in the #1 spot 😂
  • @msb615 I feel like it depends on the region/area too. I don't know one Emma where I'm from (granted I don't have school-aged kids yet), but you know they're out there! I think the SS website has the top names by state. 

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  • Jealous of you guys that already have favorites! We can’t even discuss names until we know the sex, there are just too many options!
  • My husband and I haven’t officially had a conversation about names since my BFP, but in the past we have discussed Sylvie as a very strong possibility if we were to have another girl. :)  
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  • @sleepy33 🤜🤛

    DD: 8/20/14; DS: 11/13/16; Baby #3: due 5/11/19 (team green)

  • @noslen0519 I’ve thought about Evelyn (Evie) since husband has an aunt evie, and we’re trying to do family names, but I’m pretty set on a Caroline being somewhere in the name for my Granny. 
  • @chloe97 The not wanting a name that sounded like a bar made me giggle 🤭

    My husband and I had a girl name locked down: Nova Lee...until he realized it was "the mother of the Wal-Mart baby".  I only brought that up to him because I was not sure how we wanted to present it : Nova Lee, Novalee, or Nova-Lee.  

    He likes Nova for a boy too, but I prefer Noah.  We shall see!
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    We haven’t discussed names at all yet, probably won’t til after the anatomy scan. I really love Oliviane though.  
    This is a neat little tool for name popularity if anyone cares about that when considering names. 
  • kvh22kvh22
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    Lol this is so hard. DD is Olivia which I swear was #4 when we were deciding, not 2. Sigh. Our last name (I usually say DH's last name) is 3 syllables with lots of vowels and I feel like it needs a one syllable name (or nickname..."Liv"). This actually helps limit a lot for us but we couldn't agree on much. We didn't have a middle name nailed for a girl and still had 2 boy names when we went to the hospital - we were team green and will be again which is so much harder. I'm not sure I like either of the boy names we had last time and Olivia was IT for a girl so we're basically at square one. Probably won't start discussing until January but I'm on the lookout!

    ETA: I assumed we would have all brunette children but DD is a red head (yay!!!) which was a total surprise since DH has NO red hair on his side. We will potentially have 4 names picked out for the boy/girl red/brunette combo options.
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  • @peachy13 I loveeee Winnie!!!

    I don’t know how we are going to name this baby. We barely agreed on DS’s name, so I’m glad we have a while to decide.
  • We've agreed on A'lise Renea for a girl. It's the grandmas middle names. Sort of a tradition I'm tweaking a little. 

    Boy names are a little tougher. H really wants to use Grant as a middle or first. It was his grandfather's middle name and he passed in July. 

    I like the name but can find anything I love with it. We've played with Lawerence Grant. Would call him Grant though because of other family members also named Lawerence. 

    I love Beau but idk if that will fly. 
  • No clue. I need to start listening at the playground for what other people are already using. DD is Eloise, and that was not (supposed to be) a popular name her year, but we have three in her age range in our small community 😑.  
  • @DuchessOfCambridge I’ve been the same with thinking about girl names more than boy names because I’m somewhat convinced it’s a girl. Really do need to figure out a boy name though. 
  • DD's name (Amelia) was sort of an "ah-ha" moment for us, so I'm hoping that will happen again for this baby.

    Girl contenders are: Evie (DH's choice, which I like better as a nickname), Evelyn, Miriam, Rosemary (which he has nixed, but I'm holding out), Abigail. All would likely pair with Helen (DH's grandmother) for a middle name.

    Boys are: Abraham, Isaac, James, Jack (DD's favorite-though she doesn't know about baby yet), Easton, Truett, Lawson, and Abel. I'm hoping to pair this with Jerry as a middle name for my big brother.

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  • Naming a child stresses me the eff out! Our son didn't have a name until 4 days before he was born and we randomly came up with it. We had no short list because H is so picky and shot down what felt like hundreds of names I suggested. I've only ever been able to think of girl names. I've had my heart set on Lillian Josephine (both of our grandmothers names), and H wasn't super opposed to Lillian, but he doesn't like Josephine. We haven't really talked about it other than that and likely won't until we know the sex. I do also really like the name Eliza so maybe that will be a contender! 
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    BFP# 3 EDD 9/5/19 Please stick little one!!

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