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  • So we've selected Philippa for our name, Phil for short. 

    My MIL has now taken to texting me with the name Philee. 

    Wat. Wat. Wat. 
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  • @missmcgonnagal I Loooove the name Philippa....Nice pick. We have someone close called Philippa already so we didn’t add it to our list but we love the name. Keep correcting your mom on how you want the name and short to be used 
  • So last night Dh tells me he doesn’t like Grant anymore. This was the only name we both liked and had put on our short list. Now he says he is willing to consider Arthur even though it can be shortened. A name that couldnt be shortened was one of his wishes. Sigh, make up your mind! Arthur has been always on my short list so maybe it just needed to grow on him enough to consider it. Why are names so hard! Haha. 

    On a side note, Dh texted our family thread about Arthur being a possibility for his name and no one responded for hours. SIL finally gave a thumbs up. Still silence from MIL. She has disliked most of our name choices. Didn’t like DD1’s name and very verbally said our girl choice this time around was awful. There is this part of me that hopes she hates it after how rude she was about our girl name. 
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  • @robyn2201 when we were considering Arthur, I didn't find a single person I know in person who liked it. Not one. And I told several people about it. I don't get it, I love the name. But I think people picture an old man when you say Arthur, and I'm not sure they remember those old men were once babies 🙄
  • I love all the old man names! And a lot of our friends have chosen boys names that I think are considered old man names like Abraham, Winston, and even a Woodrow. 
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  • I agree that "old man" names still work! SSIL, who is due in March, was lamenting that all boy names are "old man or douchebag," but I think there are some great old man names that are ready for a comeback.
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  • @robyn2201 was Graham an option at all for you? Similar to Grant but a little different and also can't be shortened. MIL can relax, she already had children she got to name.
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  • @robyn2201 I agree with @DuchessOfCambridge that Graham is a great alternative to Grant. I also think Arthur is an awesome name and, really, if it sounds like an "old man" name now that probably just means you are ahead of the game and it's about to come back in style. Names are very cyclical like that. I wouldn't sweat your MIL. I never tell people my name choices ahead of time and I never regret it either, ha ha.
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  • @misskimsue my mom keeps asking if we've thought of anything and then she's like "oh you won't tell me anyway!" and I'm like YUP. We didn't share last time until he was born and my parents tried to get us to change his name. Uh, no. They've come around since then but since they didn't like his they're being extra about this next baby's name. Too bad, you won't find out until she's born!
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