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  • I am convinced our twins are girls. Philippa is a shoe-in, we are looking at Annette, Charlotte or Constance right now for the other.

    It's a good thing these are girls (in my mind) because we are very unsure on boys. Maybe Benjamin or Aleksander? Possibly Declan?
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  • @zuuls_mom Lillian Josephine is lovely! I wanted to name my daughter Josephine (after my grandad, Joseph) but my DH vetoed it as well.  

    I have a good friend who never chooses the name before the baby is born. She always waits until she can't wait anymore. It drives her MIL crazy!
  • I'm not in love with anything yet but I like Della or Finley (mn: Ann) for a girl and Finn for a boy. I'm sure it will change!

  • Oh names are so hard, especially boys names! We probably won’t seriously talk names till after we find out the sex. Some of the names on our long list are Magnolia, Eden, Fiona. Boys are Arlo, Otto, Arthur, Elliott. 
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  • @robyn2201 I love love love love love love love love Eden. Love. It’s not in our running for reasons but I love it. 
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  • @robyn2201 @DuchessOfCambridge Eden is my favourite name ever. Except that we've already used it. Sigh. Naming children is hard.

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  • @k2k2tog Haha. I am pretty partial to Ivy and Stella.  ;)
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  • If we have a boy we are going with Andrew.  Boy names are so easy.  Girl names are hard.  DH doesn't like any freaking girl names.  When we were naming DS he picked out the name Ripley for a girl and wouldn't budge on it.  So hes set on that again for a girl. 
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  • If baby is a girl we will name her Eloise Grace. We have had two years to come up with names and that has been our favorite for over a year. If baby is a boy (which I think it is) we are clueless. So far we have liked Charles, Eric, Bennett, and Marcus. Because we did pgs testing our doctor knows the gender. I keep wanting to ask but it’s so early I’m not sure. I’ve chickened out at all my appointments so far. 
  • For the most part, I really like the names everyone has been listing. :) glad everyone has good taste. 

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  • @jarethinafrock I agree! I’m sure some more “unique” choices will come out soon.  ;)

    In creepier news, I mentioned I liked the name Charlotte here yesterday and then woke up to this:

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  • knarlytaurusknarlytaurus
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    @chloe97 Or maybe Marin? 
  • @MaggieG183 I love Freya! Neighbors named their daughter Freyalisa and I love it! 
  • @DuchessOfCambridge my Opa was a Theodore and I love the nickname Teddy.  BUT, I can't stand Ted, and I'm afraid if we called him Teddy it would eventually be shortened to Ted  :s   Beau has always been high on my boy name list we just haven't had the chance to use it.  I also like Leo, Finnegan (Finn) and Asher.

    I'm struggling with girls.  I love Evie (I've seen a few of you mention it and its been on my list for years) and Poppy but DH doesn't.  He actually dislikes nicknames so it sucks when I prefer the nickname to the full name.  Our first daughter is Madeline and I warned him that people would probably call her Maddie.  They do, all the time and he just cringes.  

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    @mcewen3 my nephew is Theo. Not gonna lie, I’m sad bc Theodore was on our list, but I would use nn Teddy instead, like you. 

    General question, what’s the etiquette on using the same name as a family member if you’re wanting to use a different nickname? Okay? Not okay? 
  • @robyn2201 DD2 is Fiona!! DD1 would have been if I could have convinced DH earlier  :D 

    Also for those considering Theodore, that is one of my closest friend's oldest, they call him Theo exclusively.
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  • @ashleaf2108 my sister’s name is Heidi - love it!

    @mcewen3 are you of German descendance? We also use “Oma” and “Opa” in my family. :) my dad’s dad was from the part of France that used to be German and my mother’s mother is from Austria, so I have it on both sides. :) also, my daughter is Mathilde and a lot of people (including us) call her Mattie.

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  • @jarethinafrock my grandparents immigrated to Canada from post-war Netherlands in the 50s.  Dutch and German are very similar
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  • No idea about first names yet but we always like to give a family name for the first name. If this baby is a girl, I would love to name her after my great grandmother. She was an amazing woman - active in the Dutch resistance during WW2. She had so many stories. Her name was Aaltje, which... I don't want such a strongly Dutch name. So, we're hunting for something that means the same thing - "noble kind" - and preferably starts with an A. But DH already shot down Alice, so we're still hunting. Good thing we have some time. Especially since this baby might not be a girl. 

    @mcewen3 heeeeeey mine too!

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  • @mcewen3 I love Evie too! Have you been pronouncing it E-V or Eh-Vee? 
  • @k2k2tog so cool!  I actually love that name, but agree such a strongly dutch name would be a bit much.  What was her middle name?  My Opa was actually Theodorus, I'm not sure yet if we'd change it to Theodore.  Initially I thought yes, but now I'm thinking it will likely be shortened to a nickname anyways so what's the diff?   I don't love my Oma's name either (Petronella) but I know she would be so touched if we found a way to incorporate a family name from her side so I'm playing with a few. 
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  • @msb615 I've been pronouncing it E-V.  You?
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  • @mcewen3 I actually have no idea! And her obituary doesn't include one, so I wonder if she didn't have one? DD2's middle name is Marijke, so the jump to Aaltje might not be so far off... I just worry that my pronunciation of it might be off!

    My favourite cousin's middle name is Petronella! I can remember a period of time during high school when she vehemently denied that it was her name.

    DD1: June 2014 - VBM4lyfe
    DD2: October 2016
    DC3: coming May 2019

  • @mcewen3 I’ve been saying Eh-vee. My husband has an Aunt Evie, and that’s how she pronounces it though. I’ve always been curious how other people do.  
  • @mcewen3 I love Nellie or Nell. I have had girls in my classroom over the years called Nellie and Nell and both where strong young ladies. Might be a nice compromise?

    and @jkduer I have an Eloise this year and she will likely be my top math student. She’s smart as a whip! Love that name and I’m glad I have a good experience with it so I can share. Grace is gorgeous with it as well! ...I can’t remember who else mentioned it, but, gosh, I love these antique names coming back into the fold.
  • @MaggieG183 Oma does actually go by Nellie.  I only know her name is Petronella because that's what's on the cheques she gives us for birthdays, lol.  Otherwise I have never actually heard someone speak the name. Its just that Nellie doesn't feel quite complete to me as a first name for some reason, like I need it to be a nickname and I wouldn't curse a child with carrying Petronella for life even if she never went by it, but any other name that shortens to Nellie isn't really naming after her either.  Honestly, I'm kind of just hoping for a boy we can name after Opa, which would probably please her even more.  My Opa really was such a kind soul, it would mean a lot to me to be able to honour him that way too.
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  • I had a friend in high school named Ellen, who went by Nellie, I always loved that nick name. 
  • @mcewen3 oh, I get it. There’s a reason we haven’t gone for many of our grandparents’ names. Some can be very daunting for a kid on a playground in this world. I would beg to differ on the “completeness” of Nellie though as both these girls I speak of, had those for their given names with similar stories as yours for why they had them. I think for me, as I was named after two great-grandmothers, it’s more about the thought and heritage that goes into the name than the actual outcome. If Petronella goes by Nellie, her chosen nickname, then why not honor that? Just my two cents. I can’t wait to find out what everyone decides on regardless! Picking a child’s name has got to be the most stressful part of all this outside of this first trimester jitters.
  • We did pgs testing so we know it’s a boy.  I wanted to hold out to find out but when the embryologist called I couldn’t help myself. 

    We thought we knew the name we would use but have since changed it a few times and haven’t decided.  Names I like, my h has a reason not to like them.  His middle name will be William as it is a family name on my side as well as dh’s.  We are thinking of (in no particular order) Theodore, Joseph, Timothy, Andrew, Christopher. 

    My my sister is going to name her future dog teddy so not sure we can use that name.  We have other names we like but also have a lot of family who have used the names - so contemplating if we can use them or not.  

    I agree- boys names are HARD. 

  • @knarlytaurus I like Grant. And i really love that's its special to H. I just dont love how other names go with it and our last name. 

    @MaggieG183 love Freya as well.  
  • We are nowhere near even discussing names, but I know he/she with have a deity middle name. We started it with #1, her middle name is Minerva, the goddess of wisdom and war. I live Freya, @MaggieG183! I was trying to figure out something for a girl that could work with Frigg as a middle. For a boy, I like Partick Maui or Robert Odin, but not set on anything yet. 
  • I think we're really close to being solid on Vianne Danielle if it's a girl.

    Boy names on the other hand...so hard. I like very few. The one I really like my husband isn't crazy about: Leon. Waiting for the gender scan at 20 weeks to get serious about looking.
  • If we have a girl, she will likely be June or Maren. If it’s a boy, I have no idea right now. H loves Otto but I’ve soured to it lately. 
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  • I really love all the name choices here. I'm undecided. My husband really likes Haley for a girl, and I do too. But I also really love Claire. 

    For a boy... No clue. None of us has a name we're really gunning for. We were obsessed with our son's name and I just can't find anything we agree on that sounds as nice. 
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