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  • @noideawhatshesdoing I know exactly how you feel. It sucks but I just keep telling myself it’ll be worth it. So many times after my son’s I regretted doing it and questioned myself but in the end I knew it was the right thing to do. Still trying to remind/convince myself of that for this baby. 
  • @zande2016 hang in there today! Hopefully after the procedure today your LO will feed better which will lead to some better sleep!
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  • @flockofmoosen3 the other day when H was going on his nagging an me not doing stuff the past month (since baby was born) he mentioned how he had to do it all when his brother was here. I stopped him quick because his brother and family were suppose to be here to help instead they came here for a vacation. In the meantime H had to do it all which was not my fault. He should of stepped up and said something. On top of that we were occasionally stuck watching their 5 yr old. They took advantage that we had to wake early to sleep in. Very frustrating how people don’t help when they are there to do so. 
  • acunamatadaacunamatada member
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    Guys I bought an app that’s sole purpose is to
    shush the baby and I have to say it’s my favorite baby purchase to date  :D
    Shes been really clingy lately and I haven’t been able to do much of anything unless I’m holding her. But I got to shower this morning! And it helps a little soothing her at night so I don’t have to hover over her shushing her back to sleep. 

    @zande2016 good luck with your procedure today!! 
  • @catftm2018 lol it’s literally called baby shusher! Though there’s probably a white noise app that does the same thing for free  :#
  • @catftm2018 I’ve heard of men ppd (seems like a recent thing though) but H is not one to share his feelings if it is that. He’s just always had issues with doing things at night or just getting him to wake up. I made a joke ones that if someone were to ever break in I’d be the one trying to save us or we’d be completely robbed because he wouldn’t hear a thing or wake in time. He didn’t like that joke...but hasn’t changed a thing! He acts entitled to sleep sometimes which bugs me. To be serious though I do ask him how he’s doing or i can sense something is bugging him but he doesn’t share unless we both explode. Not healthy.
  • @noideawhatshesdoing been there! Haven’t tried seventh generation diapers yet but good to know! 
  • @catftm2018 we were on the fence about them because we have had two pee leaks,  but this is the third strike against them for us. I have friends that love them though, just thankful for all the samples we got from Target. Honest also doesn't contain his pee, but he pees a ton so it's probably my kid and not the diapers. Pampers all seem too wide, plus they have a baby powder smell I can't stand. So far the Huggies Little Snugglers and the Up & Up brand seem to work best for us. 
  • @kmac103 said:
    So my husband says we are done after DD and that he can’t handle the stress of me being pregnant again.
    FFMC: it drives me nuts when she does that because she never puts stuff in the right spot, and she loads the dishwasher like a five year old so I always have to reload it later. Oh well, it’s better than no help! 

    the app works today!!!
    I just asked DH about if he was still good with our original plan of stopping at 2 and he said the exact same thing about not being able to handle me pregnant again.  With my health problems he's always had a fear of losing me in childbirth.  My ob had also said he thought it was wise to stop now, and that was before bleeding during surgery. DH said if we really felt we wanted more down the line we'd explore adoption. I feel our family is complete though. 

    I feel this exact way about "help"! We're writing out a list of chores that are safe to do.

    RE: bc, I'll probably get another mirena, after the 4 day migraine they told me in the hospital to stay away from hormonal bc, dh will get a vasectomy but he still wants to wait a year for some reason. 

    DS slept for 4 hours last night! He hasn't done that since leaving the NICU.  Since coming home he's been 1 hour on the boob and 1 hour off. They get to break all the sleep rules in the NICU since they are constantly supervised so it was quite a transition.  I got the zen baby swaddle (thank you Amazon 1day shipping) and it's a life savor!!!!! It's weighted like the cuddle besn bag at the NICU but safer since it's in the swaddle and not loose by his face. 
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    @noideawhatshesdoing solidarity. I'm pissed at my LO currently. I have barely peed, I've been covered in spit up, he won't stop crying because he wants to eat. Been on the boob for 3 hours now and I am moving my mom into the BNB today then picking up my stepdad in LA. Feeling pretty bitter atm...

    TMI but I was not able to put on a liner because of lo screaming while I was in the bathroom earlier and I spotted on my underwear. Fml!
  • @noideawhatshesdoing my DS was a SUPER heavy wetter and even though we cloth diaper, when we travel we use disposables. Honest ones NEVER worked and honestly, I hated the way they smelled after he would pee. We also tried a European brand called naty and they were so rough his little butt would get all red. Seventh generation is all that ever worked for him! DD is also a heavy wetter so I’m hoping the next trip we take that we can’t use cloth the severity generation will work for her too! Heavy wetters are the best lol

    Kylie M.

    Baby #1 Born 12.16.2015

    Baby #2 Due 7.13.2018

  • Guys, I'm hitting a wall today. I feel like a horrible mom and just exhausted.

    As I mentioned  LO gave me 1hr stretches since 4 am and was cluster feeding 8am-noon. I had to call DH to come help us on his lunch because I literally could not even load the car or get dressed or anything. And my mom doesn't drive...this is the only time this has really been a problem. Anyways...

    My mom is amazing but today she really got on my nerves. She doesn't understand cluster feeding. Every time it happens she asks ARE YOU SURE YOU GAVE HIM ENOUGH MILK. my new answer is that unless you're the one nursing a child pretty much non stop since 5am with a couple of breaks you just do not get to make comments and you just STFU. Especially when you see me sweaty, tired, in my PJs, with spit up stains all over. Really, just STFU. I think old age is getting to her and she is just so unreasonable at times! 

    And then we made it to the bnb. Because lo somehow fell asleep (though I can tell he is in time bomb mode) and we stuck him in the car seat as soon as he went down. First comment was "well we need to move the bed because your stepdad wakes before me and he can't sleep against the wall". I asked if they could just switch sides...she said NO I CANNOT SLEEP AGAINST A WALL. like WTF LADY? So my DH moved the bed a little. She proceeded to say how weird it was to position a bed like that. Seriously, have some effing mercy mercy considering a) I'm paying for this place b)it was expensive and hard to find so close to home and c) I'VE BEEN NURSING A BABY IN THE HEAT THIS WHOLE TIME.

    We're making lunch now and figuring out a plan to pick up my stepdad...I am seriously at my wit's end today.
  • @kissableviv sorry you had a rough day  :( I think as time goes on during this newborn phase the tireness and stress catches up and then feels way worse. I always feel like there’s a surge of adrenaline at first or something! I’m glad you have your own space now though, having your mom around for so long probably also got exceeding frustrating and added to the stress!
  • @SmashJam just enjoy it! You can sleep later too! 
  • @kissableviv sorry you're having a rough day. I get how hearing those comments constantly, especially when you're exhausted is tough. I hope you get some rest soon. Can your H give baby a bottle yet? Sorry I forgot if you're pumping yet. Also, major props for hanging in there with EBFing during the cluster feeds and all.

    @zande2016 hope your littles has a quick recovery, happy to hear that the procedure was a success.

    @noideawhatshesdoing that's adorable and sounds like a good time :)

    I've been craving a long hot bath. I called my OB's office the other day to ask if it's ok and got the go ahead from him. Now I'm having second thoughts and worrying after getting an infection. What do you guys think? It would just be in my tub at home and I don't think OB would say ok if there was any risk.  I'm 2 weeks pp today.

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  • It doesn’t seem to matter how much I shower or how much deodorant I use or what kind I use, I can’t seem to get rid of my body odor. I constantly smell like a preteen going through puberty who hasn’t yet discovered deodorant. What is up with that? Anyone else?? This has never been an issue for me before. Is this another lovely postpartum thing or have I developed some sort of body odor disorder? 
  • @kissableviv hang in there! I know today is a rough day but tomorrow will be a fresh day. Take a few extra mommy minutes tomorrow for you (longer shower, enjoy uour morning beverage an extra minute longer) and then five into the day. You got this!!
  • @zande2016 me too! I feel so sweaty and stinky that is embarrassing. I’ve had to do a couple wipe downs between and under boobs to rid myself of odor. Add in the smelly pads abd some 90° Florida heat...I’m a dream boat. 
  • @zande2016 ditto!! I'm going to try dh's deodorant tomorrow to see if it at least helps the pits at least...

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  • +1 in smelling terrible and sweating constantly. It doesn’t help that my boobs are ginormous right now and boob sweat/milk mix smells terrible. I actually had to use my husbands deodorant while pregnant because mine stopped working. It does NOTHING for me now though. So I started trying all the deodorants I have (we use natural deodorant so we’ve got lots of different kinds laying around from when we tried to find ones that worked for each of us). Well, the ONLY one that works for me is the one that I hate the most lol it’s lime scented. LIME. Ugh. At least it works lol

    Kylie M.

    Baby #1 Born 12.16.2015

    Baby #2 Due 7.13.2018

  • moguippymoguippy member
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    +1 for having to buy stronger deodorant (and still smelling usually)

  • Glad I’m not alone...after a night of breastfeeding and sweating I smell like I just came back from a really intense workout. But then I don’t get a chance to shower until my husband gets home from work so basically there’s only a 3-4 hour window every day where I don’t smell. 
  • congrats to all the new moms!
    @zande2016 same here - and the night sweats are insane (if/when I actually make it to the bedroom to sleep).  So far supply hasnt' been a super issue (fx) but I'm thinking of going back on fenugreek because then at least my sweat smelled like maple syrup which was way more pleasant. Who diagnosed the lip tie? I have a feeling DS has one because his upper lip won't flange even with me trying to manually do it and we just can't get a deep enough latch.

    Should we start a new BF board? It's gotten quite long and I'll admit i'm intimidated trying to catch up...
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  • +1 to smelling horrid in the mornings. Since my night sweats have calmed wayyyy down now at 5 weeks pp its mainly I smell like breastmilk. If i leak through on my shirt it definitely smells sour.. the first opportunity I get I hop in the shower, but it's also why I don't make morning appointments anymore lol
  • @gingerbride26 my older son had ties and it’s genetic so I asked for the LC in hospital to look at him and she diagnosed lip and tongue. Then my LC who I have come to my house wasn’t sure, so enter third LC who specializes in ties, she was positive he had them. Went to see a pediatric dentist who performs laser revision and he confirmed the ties. We got the revision done at the same appointment as the consultation. You can look up photos online of what a lip tie looks like and if you suspect it then I’d find a LC who is knowledgeable about ties to take a look and make a referral to a provider to confirm diagnosis. 
  • Congratulations!! @nimmle @summermama18

    Not so much BO but I do smell like milk and spit up. I’ve been doing laundry more frequently these days because of this. Although maybe i do taste a bit sour sometimes because LO makes some funny faces when starting to nurse. Gotta start wiping the boobs more often.
  • I’m sorry @nimmle :( that must be so hard to go through. Thoughts are with you and Zachary! 
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