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  • @zande2016, glad you got help and things are looking up! I need to find time to spend with DD alone soon - she's been throwing fits over little things. This morning she lost it because her shoes didn't fit. 
  • @zande2016 that’s great you got some help just in time! I’m so bad about asking for it too, I don’t know why because in my head I think “it’d be nice if (family) came around more to help”. 

    Im also trying to find time to spend with just dd1. She’s in the phase of saying no just to say it and being whiny- can’t tell if it’s because of the baby or her age? She’s almost 20 months. I feel so guilty when she wants to be picked up or something but I’m feeding the baby and can’t. I sometimes regret having the two this close in age because i feel so bad for dd1- mom guilt is a powerful thing! 
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  • So we are heading down to the coast today which had me not looking at my phone and holy crap I have so many posts to catch up on!! 

    +1 to terrible twos. My DS is a HOT MESS lately lol Luckily he is great in the car so this road trip hasn’t been bad at all. Even when the baby cries he says “shhh shh shhh. It’s okay sister”. Oh man it’s so sweet! I’m thinking about turning him forward facing so he can see her in her seat.. They both are in 4evers so he can’t really see over the edge of his seat at all. I think he would love seeing her but I freak myself out about turning him lol Am I ridiculous??

    Another +1 to baby acne. My DD has broken out and scratches her face occasionally so she just looks like she’s gotten into a fight. I feel so bad!! I put a little breastmilk on it and leave it alone. I’ve been breaking out like crazy the past week so at least she and I match! 

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  • +1 for baby acne. I've been putting breastmilk on them and they seem to be going away fairly quickly. DD is also shedding her skin. pedi said this is normal. However, dd looks dirty because of it. I know she isnt but still...
    @kmac103 even with filing my dd's claws, she scratches herself. If I put mitts on her, she manages to pull them off. Lose/lose situation.

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  • A little annoyance: it bugs me that my mom kisses the baby all the time when she's holding her and talks/sings to her like she's the mom not the grandma (lyrics-wise) and let's the baby lick/mouth her skin when she's holding her. 100% gross for my baby. I don't believe my mom is showering everyday and she puts lotions on her that I don't want the baby to eat. But she's starting to get defensive when I point out things that are bugging me that she's doing. She says I don't criticize my dad the same way, and I don't, but he also doesn't do things that annoy me. Ugh...about to go give her a blanket to put between her and baby....

    Isabella & Julian & and now #3!
  • @zombiehoohaa right?? They need to make those mitts with extra strength Velcro or something lol babies are freaking Houdini’s when it comes to those things

    Kylie M.

    Baby #1 Born 12.16.2015

    Baby #2 Due 7.13.2018

  • @zande2016 glad you got some useful help! 

    +1 to baby acne and fight club status scratches 
  • @kmac103 I have the same thoughts on FF vs RF! I bought the Extend2Fit with the sole reason to keep her RF longer though so I'm not going to flip her. 

    I also have a fear of those baby mittens getting sucked down his throat so I don't use them. 

    Totally get you @flockofmoosen3! I get the same way - my sister will ask "how's our baby" and I'm like "no, this is MY baby". It's part of why I don't call family for help - I want my alone time with my baby! 
  • Yesterday I pulled all my maternity clothes out and put them aside to donate them. Today I'm so sad about likely never being pregnant again and I can't bring myself to get rid of them.

    Am I nuts? DD2 isn't even 2 weeks old yet and it's like I already forgot all the bad stuff about pregnancy and giving birth lol. I just love my two little ones so much and the joy they bring us far outweighs the challenges. Baby is currently sleeping on me looking adorable which isn't helping <3

    Anyone else questioning being done?
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  • Yesterday I pulled all my maternity clothes out and put them aside to donate them. Today I'm so sad about likely never being pregnant again and I can't bring myself to get rid of them.

    Am I nuts? DD2 isn't even 2 weeks old yet and it's like I already forgot all the bad stuff about pregnancy and giving birth lol. I just love my two little ones so much and the joy they bring us far outweighs the challenges. Baby is currently sleeping on me looking adorable which isn't helping <3

    Anyone else questioning being done?
    Me! But H is pretty insistent that there will not be a third 
  • We always said we’d evaluate later and decide on #3, but now that #2 is here, I’m pretty sure we aren’t done. We haven’t really talked about it, but I definitely feel like I will want a 3rd, and my H has made some comments to make me think he feels the same way. I will want a bigger age gap this time though...maybe 3-4 years. Also, @runsomewhere  I’m jealous you fit into your normal wardrobe already, I still have to wear some of my maternity clothes at this point. 
  • @runsomewhere so awesome you can wear regular clothes already!  I’m still favoriting a lot of maternity to avoid buy too many new (larger) clothes. Afm i got my tubes removed and I occasionally forget I did. We are 100% done obviously and I have no regrets but I occasionally think about how i felt being pregnant and miss feeling the kicks. I’ll miss parts of it all for sure. My first pregnancy and pp was super difficult and this one was much easier and enjoyable. I’m just glad I ended with a good experience. Personally I don’t think I can handle 3 kids anyways (more like 4 with H).
  • @runsomewhere I definitely can’t think that far ahead about another baby right now, but I did get bummed pulling my obvious “I’m pregnant” shirts. As much as I didn’t enjoy being pregnant at the time, looking back if wasn’t the worst thing. Dammit pregnancy amnesia!
  • @runsomewhere When this LO was brand new I still felt like I wanted to do this again. We’re nowhere near talking about another, but DH makes comments about more kids so I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t be opposed. 

    @zande2016 so far this 3 year age difference is perfect! Young enough to still be closeish in age, but DS is still potty trained and mostly independent(on a good day). Plus preschool! 
  • I didn't mean to allude to fitting in pre pregnancy clothes, when I saw @zande2016's reply I was like huh I never said anything about fitting my old stuff. I didn't think of it that way when I posted and in no way meant it to be some type of humble brag. I needed the space so I cleared out my closet and was surprised how strongly I felt about hanging on to the maternity stuff.

    Pregnancy/delivery amnesia is real with me haha.

    Realistically we are likely done. We both have demanding careers and live in the super pricy Bay Area CA but it makes me a little sad and jealous of those that have 3-4 little ones.
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  • @julianne0 I always wanted 4, I grew up with 5 siblings and loved the chaos... but $$$$. I think we’ll have 3 and possibly foster or adopt depending on DH’s position in his company. 
  • I’m also really sad that I’ll never be pregnant again. My bff had a surprise pregnancy this year after being “DONE” for 6 years so she keeps telling me “never say never.” Barring any crazy surprises were done with 3 and I love being pregnant. It’s bittersweet. 

    I feel eel that way about my DD’s clothes too. LOnis a boy so I won’t get to reuse any of her clothes obviously and I really don’t feel ready to give them away yet. 

  • @runsomewhere I didn’t take it as a humble brag :smile: 
  • I only have one but I'm pretty sure we will have a 2nd. Although I will have to get super organized with help! Newborns are no joke! Definitely not 3 for us. DH said it will be ok only if we get twins the second time lol. Plus I don't really think I am fit to sacrifice a lot more financially to have a 3rd and I'd be close to 40. 

    I am also sad about possibly giving away maternity clothes. My friend is pregnant and I should let her borrow some but I'm being possessive about them. Thanks to MIL I have a wardrobe of maternity stuff and they are mostly baggy (they already were as I sized up a bit when I wasn't sure how big I'd get). I think I'll store them and hope to use them in the next 2 years
  • I am still on the pregnancy side of things but I keep making sure that DH knows I don't think we are done as of yet. Maybe I will when LO gets here...but it will be a couple years before we make the decision. DH is making a lot of sacrifices right now because I mentally couldn't handle going back to work after last year, so I feel like if we have a 3rd we won't talk about it until right before DS1 starts K and I can go back to work for a bit and he can focus on his career and starting his own company (if it doesn't happen before then). But, I never thought of two as a stopping point for me, and at one point said I wanted a LOT of kids. I feel like 3 is bringing it down a notch for me, lol. 
  • And846And846 member
    I used to always think i wanted “Irish twins” like my dad and uncle are; have them be close in age and go through all phases in life together and make it easier on DH and I (2 ish years of diapers versus 4+ years of diapering).

    Now in the mix of it...I’ll wait a couple years. Each of us have a younger sibling with 3 years in between and that’s a good gap, but I’m 34 now abd want to be closer to 36 and done as opposed to closer to 40. 
  • @acunamatada that’s where I see things going too! Foster maybe in a year and then take it from there when to have the next pregnancy. You’re so right about the money being a factor in how many to have. I just realized the other day how many years left of daycare we have lol and the cost is horrifying! 
  • I always have been pretty set on 2 kids. DH is one of 3 boys and they have always been super close, but he has ways feared that "middle child syndrome" so said he wants 2 or 4. His family is entirely boys there are no girls at all (DD is the first in his family entirely and first grand daughter on my side) so he wanted to entertain the idea of another if we had another boy. We had a girl do DH says he is 100% done (he would love another boy equally as much as a girl, he just always wanted a daughter and never thought it was possible given his lineage.) Anyway, I absolutely love being pregnant, DD was definitely challenging with health concerns and high risk in the first trimester but overall I would do it again in a heartbeat. I love being a mother and a wife more than anything in this world and because of that I would happily take on more LO's. I am also perfectly content with my 2 and can see myself just as a family of 4. I always tell my H that I would be open to a third simply because he missed a year of DS life being deployed and is currently missing the first 5 months of DD life while training. I feel he has been robbed of his babies full lives having to miss things at different points. Our two are 6 years apart and I love this age difference because he is old enough to help, understands why baby needs all this attention and isnt jealous. We wanted a 4 year minimum age gap but the Lord had different plans and decided 6 years was better for us to have our sweet rainbow girl, 4 years minimum would be what we chose again if we had another. If it happened accidentally then we would but I think right now we are done. I agree with the others, its bittersweet!
  • We always wanted three, and to be done before I was 35. When it took 7 months to get KU the first time and then (TW) we lost the baby and then we thought we were losing our rainbows because of bleeding/cramping (end TW) we thought we were only going to have two. And then the twins happened and put our plans of three back on the table! I’m not risking another set of twins so we are DONE lol. 
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  • @comealongponds I'm a STM and I had no idea about the spitting up reflex. You learn something new every day.
  • We always knew we wanted at least 2 kids, and after DS we were on the fence about a third baby, but wanted to wait until he was like 3 or 4 years old before having #3. Well... That didn't happen so it's 3 under 5 for us and we're done lol
    And I'm happy that DS is in the middle because he'll get special attention just for being the only boy and I hope that prevents some of the middle child syndrome stuff. Honestly, he's 2.5 and no longer the baby but he's still my baby boy. <3

    Isabella & Julian & and now #3!
  • We're in the baby acne club too, it looks so bad!

    And am I alone in the one and done club for babies? Did not enjoy pregnancy and nothing in this world is going to convince me to risk precipitous labor again. I adore DS,  but not the least bit wistful about maternity clothes. 
  • LO was an angel today. He ate this morning, fussed just a bit, then napped. Ate again, napped all through lunch with DH, and woke up at home to feed again. Then fell asleep in my mom's arms and transferred to the car seat while sleeping. We took a walk by the bay and he woke up just as we got home!

    But then...I fed him. And we burped. And then bloody murder started for NO REASON! He's had a few nervous nights. We gave him a bath and it looks like he is down now. Fx it lasts more than an hour or 2...
  • @kissableviv kinda going through that right now! LO was great all day on our first day without H. Even for most the evening. Then 8pm struck and she’s been crazy fussy. Just popped her on the boob again as she’s swaddled. Hoping she zonks soon
  • I always figured 2 and done, but I am so sad at the prospect of never having another. I am ready to get on with my life though... vacations, focusing more on myself, etc. If I were younger I would definitely push for a third, but I am 37 now and tbh pregnancy got so much harder on me this last time. So I am still working on coming to terms with 2 and done

  • catftm2018catftm2018 member
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    After seeing everyone’s posts last night I discussed another LO with DH. He said he still wants 3 babies, I’m like well if we really want that we have to kind of be calculated (God willing) about it. I’m 33, and if going by the 18 month is safe rule- I’ll be 35 for number 2 and then 37!? For number 3. You know if we follow the rules. I’m going to talk to my doctor at my post partum appointment to discuss my concerns etc. 

    Also, I know she is going to ask me about birth control. I don’t want to go on it. I haven’t been on it since I was like 18 and I have no intention of starting now. 

    @kissableviv we had a super fussy session from like 2-8:30pm last night. He stayed awake (something he’s never done) lol he would sleep for like a minute, then I’d put him down and he’d wail like I never feed him :( breaking my heart, we burped him, changed him, fed him. But just as we completed one task, we started at the beginning of the list. Finally he fell asleep for a long stretch on my at 8:30- I fell asleep too lol 
  • @zande2016 so happy you are able to enjoy LO. I’d say take a shower or not, my priorities have changed lol sometimes I just want more cuddle time with LO. Sending positive vibes to you and your LO for his procedure!! 
  • @limoncat one of our relatives did this after they had two children. Now they are in a different financial situation and I think they regret not being able to have another. Their thought was they could always adopt (easier thought than reality) 

    The procedure was really quick and I don’t remember him complaining of any pain. 
  • @limoncat @catftm2018 I thought a vasectomy was reversible?? Ummm need to research more. I don't want to be pregnant past 38 so 2 would be just fine for us. @catftm2018 I feel the same way about birth control! No plan to go back on it but I'm sure my OB will raise an eyebrow lol
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    +1 to not wanting to go on birth control. I was on Daysee (period 4 times a year) for about 8 months prior to and a little bit after my wedding and thought it was fine. However, looking back, my sex drive took a nose dive and my pre wedding workouts/diet plateaued. DH is a little nervous but then i asked him if he was to get laid or not...i kindly remind him of the side effect of BC.
  • kmac103kmac103 member
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    We plan on trying NFP but if my cycle doesn’t return until 17 months PP again, we will stick with condoms probably. I haven’t been on any sort of BC in 10 years and I am not wanting to start now when I’m almost 30 lol guess we will see what happens! Definitely waiting at least 18 months though (that’s when we get back to the states for good)

    ETA vasectomies are totally reversible from what I understand! There was a guy on judge Judy that had one reversed and he owed his ex MIL money for the procedure lol 

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