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  • @nimmle much thought to you and good vibes headed your way!
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  • @nimmle I’m so sorry, I hope he busts out of there soon, sending prayers your way 
  • @nimmle thinking of you and Zachary! Sending tons of good vibes and prayers!!

    We just left dd with my sister for a couple hours while we ran errands...it feels so extremely weird being without her. I may have teared up a little bit. I know she is good hands. Just...feelings... what am I going to do when I go back to work at the end of October!?!? 

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  • @zombiehoohaa I know exactly what you mean!! With my DS I had never been away from him until he was 27 months and omg, when I left him I just was a wreck and felt so freaking strange! My husband surprised me with tickets to see the musical Wicked for our wedding anniversary and a day out in London (we live 1.5 hours from there). I didn’t know we were leaving my son with my friend and her children until we were pulling into her neighbourhood. Up to that point I’d assumed he was coming with us! I burst into tears lol it was a combination of pregnancy horomones and just not wanting to leave him. Not only that, it was during the period of my pregnancy that my milk had dried up so he’d just stopped nursing. I for real was a hot mess lol Leaving babies for the first time is so hard!! I don’t know how I’ll do it when I leave them both for the first time. I can’t even think about it lol

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  • @nimmle hugs and prayers for little ZaxharZ please keep us posted!

    @zombiehoohaa all the feels, I've been ok leaving him with DH or my mom but I always miss him! I could not stand him this am as he was screaming in my ear but now he is sleeping peacefully and I just want to wake him and snuggle!

    AFM, I'm tired. LO did some good stretches but I need to go to bed earlier. It's hard when you finally have some time to yourself or with DH! Hopefully LO is not cray cray this afternoon and I can take a quick nap. My mom and step dad did a bunch of chores today so I could pump and hang with a friend who came to visit so that was nice.

  • All +1 for the BO...it's not crazy bad but my sweat smells different, plus all the milk/spit up...ugh
  • The BO is not very pleasant! I was never much of a stinky BO person but man these night sweats are rough. 

    @zombiehoohaa I left LO for the first time today! My H stayed home from work and had told me to go get a pedicure or something to get out of the house for a bit. I was super nervous as I’m EBF and don’t have more than half an oz of pumped breast milk and this fed on demand baby can eat as soon as 1.5 hours. I was only gone for 1.5 hours so it worked out ok! 

    @kissableviv I don’t know how you stay up past 11! Every night at like 8pm I’m falling asleep on the couch. I struggle to stay up to feed baby one last time before bed time at like 9. 
  • @kissableviv I think your LO may be in his first leap! Have you checked out the Wonder Weeks app? It mentions they will want to nurse more, be skin to skin, cry with no reason, etc. That happens at every leap and it's often nice to be able to say "ah, that's why"!

    AFM, my toddler loves her brother but misses me and is whining more as a result, which is DH's kryptonite. So we're all tired and distraught! Trying to get LO to nap during her bedtime routine so I can be there but he doesn't want to stop eating tonight!
  • @nimmle thoughts and prayers with you and your little one! Hopefully he can come home soon.

    Are night sweats postpartum a normal thing? I see y’all mentioning that so I’m just wondering. I had one night of night sweats and other than that I’ve been freezing every night.

    Looks like I spoke too soon on the baby ktan. Apparently the sizing is off and I got one that’s too big. I’m sending it back and Now I’m trying to decide if I’m going to size down or get something different. The boba looks interesting. I may look into that one. 

  • @ashbub714 night sweats are normal for pp due to hormone changes. I got them a lot more with DS and only had a few nights early on this time. Nothing for the past couple weeks.
  • @ashbub714 I actually went to the moby from the k'tan and liked it much more bc of its stretch and how tight I could get it.

    @nimmle e prayers your way for Zachary and that his stay is short!

    I'm having a struggle in the real world guys. We are home and DS is being weird and asked to go back to grandmas, my boobs hurt, LO hasn't peed in awhile but I know hes getting food (my milk just came in around afternoon time), and I hurt. Basically,  now I'm worried about everything that I'm supposed to be attending to and watching for. Maybe I just need sleep.
  • @nimmle thinking of your family and Zachary. NICU life is rough, I hope he keeps making strides and gets discharged soon!
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  • @SmashJam sorry you're struggling today. A lot of change in just a few days. A little sleep does wonders if you can get it. Fx for some rest for you!

    @nimmle thoughts and prayers! 
  • Does anyone else's LO spit up 30 mins to an hour after eating? DD was a fountain right after eating and had GER, but DS likes to wait till I've swaddled him and almost gone back to sleep then give Mommy a mini heart attack by sounding like he's choking on the spit up. He burps really well after each nursing session and I've tried to raise the head of the pnp mattress a few inches to make a slight incline. Any other ideas or advice? 
  • @rachelsogo it's because my parents are here so there's a bit more movement at night. And because DH is not home until 730 from work and feeds baby at 8 we never eat until 9...I'm hesitant to eat early without him as I want to mantain some normalcy. I but we may start going to sleep at 930/10 and have a light dinner.
  • @rkk0002 my LO is doing the same thing. I have been trying to hold him upright for a while after each meal. It seems to help, but feels like it makes feeding take forever.
  • @nimmle thoughts and prayers - that sounds exactly what we went through with DS - PM me if you want/need - DS needed 5 nights total but that was much longer than expected - TTN is usually resolved in less than 36 hours drs said.  Zachary is already hitting milestones faster than Nathaniel did! He's in good hands.  

    AFM in laws came over last night... there is a casserole of eggplant parm in my fridge now and they brought New Haven pizza too.  We didn't sniff MIL's shirt too closely for smoke...but they were good about washing their hands, though I did see one kiss to his head but at least it wasn't on the mouth or hands! Was a little bit of a cluster with the things they tried to help with though and I ended up super stressed out.  On the bright side she didn't say anything rage-inducing (though there was a weird discussion about penises and circumcision) but MIL tried to give the toddler a bath and bed but still doesn't know the routine after two years so she left the tub full of water and toys, kept yelling down questions of "where is X?" until I finally just went up with newborn in tow.  It took her a solid hour to get DD down and then she screamed murder and DH and to go put her back down anyway.  DH would have helped her in the first place but he was in the kitchen with FIL trying to hook up the appliances and there was a fiasco involving a broken tile in the mosaic behind the stove.  Nothing got done because the hood was so difficult and FIL is coming back tomorrow to do fridge, stove, new dishwasher, disposal and sink... I just keep reminding myself I can have home cooked meals this week.
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  • @gingerbride26 yay for new haven pizza though! 

    AFM my H was supposed to work all day and I was gonna be trapped inside all day with a rambunctious toddler and crying newborn since it’s raining. Well turns out H’s event was canceled because it flooded. Which sucks because it’s money out of our pockets for this month, but is good because my sanity was in jeopardy today. BUT today there’s a family reunion in MA, which is 2 hours away, and our excuse for not going was my H was working. My mom was realllly pressuring us to go before we knew he had to work. My grandma isn’t well and I want her to meet the baby, so that is the only reason I think we are going to go. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. Here we go, first road trip with two kids, wish us luck. 

  • @gingerbride26 I hope it was Pepe’s pizza! Glad your IL was tolerable and your kitchen is coming along- I couldn’t imagine reno and a newborn  

    @rkk0002 both of my LOs were very spitty. My first was more projectile, but they both spit up well after feedings even if I held them upright. Even at night, I keep a receiving blanket under her upper body tucked into the bassinet to cut down on washing sheets. 
  • @gingerbride26 I hope it was Pepe’s pizza!
    Team Modern! 
  • zande2016 said:
    @gingerbride26 I hope it was Pepe’s pizza!
    Team Modern! 

  • @acunamatada and @zande2016 it was "ziparties" ?? no idea how to spell it so neither.  I hate the burnt crust at modern though :-x 

    Zande - just called my dad in MA because there's a tornado headed towards Worcester from NE CT direction...so check the weather before you go... not sure how north you are in NY and if you'd be coming 84 through CT or straight east through MA.

    Acunamatada - I think the end is in sight! Just need to paint and then unpack all the boxes...but if DS keeps actually sleeping more than an hour, we can start picking away at it this week.  Then we just have to re-paint the dinning and living room since it's now open to the kitchen (including new wainscoating), paint and move DD into the old office, and unpack the office crap in the old guest room >_<  Will be so much easier with a working kitchen though.
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  • zande2016zande2016 member
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    @gingerbride26 oh no! We’d be taking 84 to the taconic...off to check the weather 

    edit: weather looks clear since we’re going west and then north. Hopefully we won’t be blown away 
  • Welp DS is either getting sick or has major allergies. He woke up with a runny nose and now I’m chasing after him to suck them. I’m like the booger police because i can’t stand seeing or hear boogers on my kids. 
  • @rkk0002 our pedi told us to sit Dd upright fir 30 minutes following a feeding. It has helped us quite a bit with her vomiting, although she still spits up. Normally her spit up continues well past an hour after a feeding but its little bits the longer it gets after shes eaten. Its saved my sanity at night to sit her upright on my chest in the burping position so I can at least lean back reclined enough to not feel like I'm dying lol
    @wildtot I am the same way about boogers! Seriously my kids get used to the sucker very early on in life, DS kinda got used to it I was always after him! But +1 to a runny nose LO, DS has horrid allergies so I am hoping that's all this is but his nose is raw from blowing it so much. 
  • I'm leaving both kids alone with DH soon to go to a baby shower. It's only a couple miles away so I didn't pump. I was going to attempt to feed LO right before leaving but he just fell asleep. So, I may not be there long! 

    Actually, he just spit out his pacifier and woke up. After sleeping only 8 minutes. Sigh.
  • @kbernal2021 I do the same with the reclined position so I can kind of take a nap or at least close my eyes!

    Where is everyone nursing at night ? I feel like I need to work on my posture before it's too late. But I don't have core awareness back yet. I'm always slouching and nursing in bed is becoming uncomfortable. I could nurse on the rocker but it's in LO's room...
  • Solidarity to all you fellow moms of heavy spitters. I had forgotten how much it sucks from when DD was a newborn. At least she did one huge spit up and was done, this constant reflux all night is getting to me. I know his reflexes will most likely take care of things but I can't help jumping out of bed to suction him a little every time. Tried increasing his upright time to 30 mins from 20 and saw no difference. Sigh, at least they outgrow this stage pretty quick.
  • Hello again! Starting to get out of the fog of the last few days and feeling slightly more human! I’ll get to work on my birth story soon, and I must say I’m so excited to finally be able to contribute to and understand what everyone’s been talking about in the breastfeeding, MOTN, and the randoms threads! Much to catch up on, including this one. 

    @kissableviv I’ve had only one night at home and am already wondering the same thing. My back is killing me from hunching over to feed, but I have no interest in going to the nursery on the other side of the house, at least not for a few months in theory. Wondering if I should just sit in my husband’s desk chair that’s in here, though for now, I need all the space in the bed for my spreading pillow situation. 

    Anyone else struggled keeping baby balanced on the boppy? I got the one that has the shelf on one side like the My Breast Friend, but got so frustrated with it last night that I’ve just been using pillows since. 
  • I nurse at night in a random chair with arms that is in my master bedroom. I always have bad nursing posture when they're this small and end up needing a massage. Once he's a little bigger and has neck control I'll ditch the boppy, lean back and have him nurse sitting up more.
  • @kissableviv I've been nursing mostly on the couch in the living room. DH and I take turns getting up with baby and we've gotten in the a pattern of me taking the 2-4 or 5 shift. Baby is pretty awake during that time so I use that time hang out with baby, talk to her and focus on nursing while DH sleeps uninterrupted.

    I didn't like just feeding in bed in the dark when I know DD will be up for a while because I worry about falling asleep while holding her and somehow getting up with her, sometimes putting on a movie, getting something to drink and going in to the living room makes it feel more like hanging out and bonding with baby than just being up at night.
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  • @runsomewhere this is a good idea! I nurse in the chair in the bedroom but its not super comfy and I'm honestly having better luck out here on the couch today than I ever was in there. Maybe more arm space? Plus maybe I'd be better about chugging water and stuff if I was out in the living room watching a moving and hanging out with LO rather than staring at my bed longingly, lol. 

  • I know I've seen a lot of you mamas say nursing in your bed is uncomfortable so I definitely feel the odd duck out saying that's where I do all my night time nursing. During the day it's on the couch unless we have visitors then I go back to my room or the nursery. I find my bed most comfortable because I can get a good reclined position vs the rocker. I have a salt lamp that I keep on 24/7 and it's the perfect amount of light for nighttime changes/feeds but doesnt keep me up. It is a little more challenging when we are out of town visiting DH and I have no light although I still find the bed more comfortable than a chair.
  • @kbernal2021 SAME! I am a huge fan of reclined/side nursing lol

    AFM DD doesn’t seem to want to take a pacifier. Yay. Not really. I was hoping she’d be a fan with her absent-minded-suckling-not-nursing habit lol

    Kylie M.

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  • @kissableviv I’ve beeb nursing in my bed, but I have that lechco back and belly pillow, and I bring the boppy too. It allows me to sit up and feed DS. During the day I BF on our couch. 
  • During the day i nurse in the couch. At night I’ve changed it up between th glider or the bed. He will only nursing sideways from the right boob. Reclining seems to help his tummy and relieve gas. I still have a hard time finding a comfortable position while out and about. This kid is just a wild card for positions.
  • I bought the breast friend nursing pillow and have only used it once. I actually don't use pillows to hold up baby while nursing, I just cross my legs or bend them up slightly and use a thigh to prop up my arm that's propping baby's head. This works well for me in a chair, the couch, the bed, and the glider. It does NOT work well if I have nothing to lean on. 

    Baby is also spitting up a lot even after holding her upright for 30-45 min after nursing.

    Isabella & Julian & and now #3!
  • @kbernal2021 I want a salt lamp! My sister bought one for my mom that cycles through rainbow colors and DD loves it. I also plan to buy DH a white noise machine for Christmas, since LO will be moving from our room and taking his with him. Lol
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