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  • My husband is annoying me because he's in a bad mood. I'm annoying myself because I started the day off in a bad mood, although its getting better.  Taking DS to the museum today, which has a splash park and some trails to hobble around on. Just took the dogs on a walk. Hopefully trying business as usual will take my mind off the fact that, I am, in fact, still pregnant with no end in sight. GIANT SIGH.
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  • @comealongponds I never realized you had young twins... you are a brave woman :) 3 under 2!

  • H is annoying me. All of a sudden he’s nagging at me for the one off things i don’t do...leave out a dish, leave out my shoes, leave out a dirty diaper (because I’m trapped by a sleeping baby) etc. Plus asking when I’ll fold laundry. If i can help more with doing laundry and cooking. Geez seriously I’m trying not to fight back but come on! Grr!
  • Lol yes @cseley321 we might be insane....and if we’re not now we will be soon lol
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  • nimmlenimmle member
    @SmashJam The pic in the initial post is so perfect right now.

    Just got out of visiting the local pediatrician practice. We know we like the practice but we haven't quite nailed down which doctor we like. At this point we'll just hop around a bit until we find one we like for the first few visits. DH wants to meet with literally everyone but I don't have the patience for that. Once I find one I like I'll stick with them.
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  • @comealongponds

    Congrats @KatyF0813!!!

    @lindsayleigh1989 toddler swaddles should be a thing. 
  • nimmlenimmle member
    @lindsayleigh1989 DH dropped the idea of toddler straight jackets if it would be needed one day, but then he figured if he started googling it CPS would be alerted somehow. Lol.
    Me: 30 |  DH: 34
    Started Dating: November 2011
    Married: August 2015
    TTC #1 Since: August 2017
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  • @flockofmoosen3 seriously thank you! For the past week he’s been hinting at “us” folding the pile of laundry but of course he keeps putting it off by having an excuse of us going out somewhere. Now I’m officially hiding in the closet folding clothes and debating on not doing his. He’s upset because i didn’t want to go to Cabela’s (again). Oh and he asked if i can do dishes this time because he’s been having to do them since baby was born. He’s seriously annoying me these days. He did something similar when DS was born and I agree it made my Ppd worse. Hopefully ppd stays away this time.
  • @KatyF0813 congratulations! Glad that although he took his sweet time coming that the labor at least sounds like it was quick!

    Sorry @SmashJam and @wildtot for annoying husbands. Regarding the laundry, since he kept suggesting that the two of you should be folding it together, I wouldn’t feel bad at all by doing my half and saving his for him to fold. At some point a few months ago I just started pulling out DH’s shirts and he got the message that they were for him to fold and put away. I’d say that’s the very least he could do right now!
  • congrats @KatyF0813! I had a feeling due to your absence you had given birth!

    @wildtot ugh when MH gives me shit about something I am usually responsible for it drives me crazy. Telling me he doesn't have any clean undershirts because they are all downstairs in the dryer. GO EFFING GET THEM THEN. Its not my JOB to do that, I just usually do, lol. The only thing that got me to get him to help was when I started saying "i need you to" instead of "you should be doing." Just changing the words to show him where I was at mentally and how desperate I was for his help seemed to do way better than implying that he was slacking. Maybe you already do that, but I was basically just being a passive agressive bitch towards him until my cousin gave me the suggestion, lol.

    @lindsayleigh1989 and @comealongponds you got this! Here's hoping your older kiddos are easier on you for the rest of the day.

    @lindsayleigh1989 thanks for the hugs!

    Things are going better right now...got out of the house, toddler is down for a nap, kitchen is clean. I might nap instead of ball bounce and just have some relaxation time. 
  • @KatyF0813 congratulations!

    update: we survived til MIL got here at lunch. Boys took a bag of old potatoes out of the pantry and played with them for a solid 20 minutes and we watched Minions. Now they’re napping while I feed LO and then I’m going to try and clean up a bit. MIL just emptied and reloaded my dishwasher...FFMC: it drives me nuts when she does that because she never puts stuff in the right spot, and she loads the dishwasher like a five year old so I always have to reload it later. Oh well, it’s better than no help!
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  • DD1 caught a cold and cough, and gave it to me, fml. She also loves her baby sister and constantly wants to pet her, hug her and kiss her which is sweet just not when she’s also coughing a foot away from baby’s face. 

    She is doing so well with the adjustment I don’t want to shoo her away and hurt her feelings but I cringe thinking about the germs. 

    On a a positive note I’m nursing more than ever due to my fear of baby catching the cold and the spit up issue we were having. 

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  • millpemillpe member
    Wtf is up with all the husband's today? After sleeping 4 hours last night, LO is having a rough morning (now afternoon) and is only happy if he is nursing... DH didn't have to work until 1130 so i was expecting some help,  but nope. He slept in and woke up just in time to go to work. When i told him I could've used some help this morning he said I have to come wake him up. Which I had done by passive aggressively putting the crying baby in room with him and going to the bathroom. He did wake up but as soon as I was out of the bathroom he handed me the baby and went back to bed... :expressionless:
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  • Well not folding his laundry led to a huge argument. I am officially a bad wife, bad mother and turning into my mother. He says “oh i got a good one”. So many emotions just hiding in our room. He commented “oh so i have to get you upset in order for you (me) to clean?” “You (me) haven’t even vacuumed since the baby was born”. Ok I’m 4 wks pp from c section. Apparently I’m suppose to be maid status by now. 
  • All your Hs make me ragey and sad at the same time  :(
  • Sorry about the H's being twatwaffles and it's not even tw Tuesday.

    AFM baby finally woke up at 1045am (4 hour stretch). We fed and now he is on my chest. Not like it's hot in the house at all, lol. I need to pump but this guy likes being diagonal on my chest ATM.

    Small BF, my friend got me a Monica and Andy tank top onesie, super cute. It's a newborn size and it's racer back, LO fits perfectly in it at the bottom but the upper part is way too big if it makes sense, basically the strap should be shorter. Instead the armpit hole is enormous and the upper part of the tank is all baggy. Would have expected more from a $30 onesie!! It was a gift but still. My mom said she'll fix it (I can't saw for the life of me...).
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    Sorry to hear about the husband drama today ladies. So frustrating. 

    Also, who swapped out my sweet quiet baby for the ragey hulk baby? This one eats nonstop, pees through diapers within minutes of a clean one put on and must be held at all times even if I'm hooked up with the double pump. 

    But seriously though, the pee thing is killing me today. Comes our everywhere and and with serious force. Do I need go up a size? The newborns still fit his skinny little body, but they don't seem to be able to contain his fire hose pees. 
  • @noideawhatshesdoing we had to size up to 1s even though he still kinda fits in the nb. He seems to sleep better at night with the bigger size too. You can try it maybe nb under a 1 and see how it goes.
  • Thanks @wildtot maybe I'll try that. Today he's peed through his diapers on pretty much everything and every layer we have to lay him down on. 
  • Sorry for all the husband issues! I hope things get better for y’all.

    AFM, first day alone went pretty well...no tears! Starting to feel kinda lonely but my husband should be home in about an hour. I’m going to call it a successful day overall. Hopefully everyday gets better and better.
  • @wildtot serious internet dick punch to your DH.

    @cseley321 oh good, I'm glad he gave you some validation on how well you were doing. *eyeroll*

    @MrsMiller8588 guys are clueless. Just because we CAN do it doesn't mean we don't want help. 

    I have made chocolate chip cookies, banana chocolate chip muffins, and am getting ready to grill a pork loin. I think my subconscious is trying to get all this stuff in before its difficult to do much besides nurse and sleep! I am so excited about dinner though! 
  • @noideawhatshesdoing most likely time to size up. DS was peeing out of the newborns even though they still fit him. We sized up to 1s and it’s a lot better. Sometimes it leaks out the leg holes bc he has little chicken legs though, but the bigger size is much better. 
  • This isn't a BF really because I'm not mad but it was kind of random and awkward thing. DS has been asking about my mom, who passed away right before he was born, just in a "oh, grandma is dad's mom, who is yours?" kind of way. Anyway today I was like, she's in heaven, with Coal, who is MIL's dog that just died. MIL had told me that she told him he was in heaven and had "passed on" so I was like, that's a good fit. So then he considers it and he says, "Coal DIED! did your mom die too?" Dammit. I didn't know she said he DIED. I didn't really want the concept of DYING to come up yet, I don't know how to explain that in a not sad way. I basically just conceded that I can't and he looked a little sad for a minute and now he's over it, but I guess they will eventually ask about death and today was just my day! I'm just waiting for the day he sees the picture of DD in my room or MIL's room and asks about that. That one will be harder and hopefully way after Bernie is born and ok. 
  • nimmlenimmle member
    Welp....at this point if LO isn't coming tonight, I'll be able to watch the Bachelorette Men Tell All episode uninterrupted.
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  • Sorry for everyone’s H’s being twatwaffles, I hope they smarten up. 

    @SmashJam you just reminded me I have banana chocolate chip muffins in my freezer that I made before DD was born...now I need to thaw one cause I’m hungry!
    run along Pond...2015/12/10

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  • @SmashJam I'm dreading those tough conversations! 

    Anyone else's LO have an on and off switch? Like, my LO started SCREAMING probably because of a burp that was "stuck", I put him on my chest, massaged the back, still screaming. One minute later he calmed down and literally closed his eyes and went to sleep. ???
  • @kissableviv yes! DD will wake up bloody murder screaming, let out a huge fart/poop and in the same breath fall right back to sleep. 
  • And846And846 member
    @SmashJam gold stat to you today for what you have been able to accomplish. Hopefully that brings on the baby!!

    so sorry for all the H issues today. Not cool. I’d love to have some of them swap roles to get a taste of what we actually do. I hope you all are about to talk it out and end the day on a higher note. 
  • @acunamatada it's borderline scary, like nothing would soothe but then here comes a burp or fart or a pee and boom, his eyes are closed and he is asleep. I wish I could fall back asleep that easily!
  • For all those having H issues, I'll gladly take out some of my pp aggression on them for you. Men are asshats.

    I woke up in the middle of the night to the urge of puking. Well...it came out both ends with a vengeance. I do not feel good. Not sure if it's something I ate or if I've just caught a bug. I've been sleeping a lot today and feel overall blah. Dh has been taking night duty, so he was asleep until almost noon. Lo has not wanted to sleep in her bassinet either. It's either on my chest, dh's chest, or our bed. She has been a bit fussy today, too. I hope she doesnt get what ever this is I am dealing with. 

    Also, I've been EXTREMELY paranoid of SIDS. I'm hesitant to have dd sleep on my chest because it's technically on her tummy. which they say not to do. She also likes to sleep on her back when we are laying in bed. She was sleeping on her side earlier and every time I tried to lay her on her back, she'd roll to the side again. I've noticed she also spits up when asleep on her back. Even if I've burped her. This scares me. I dont want her to choke... HALP! Am I being overly paranoid about this? 

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  • morethanamamamorethanamama member
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    @zombiehoohaa omg you sound like me. I'm even paranoid about head position in the car seat especially since lo is still tiny. And he sleeps on my chest occasionally for a quick nap. At night, I try to stay awake if he's on my chest but it's not often that he is. I also freak out about the spit up when he is on his back. I'm so paranoid I'm only using the swaddle that comes with the Snoo because it attaches to the crib and he can't turn. He sleeps great in it and plus he's still a little too tiny for the Halo sack. But seriously I'm constantly checking his breathing...
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