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  • +1 to the fear of baby being on nb her back and choking, DD vomits often though because of her reflux and I'm so terrified it will happen at night when she chooses to stay on her back. Normally she rolls to her side though and if she is going to puke I would do much rather her be on her side and me need to change out her sheets. 

    Anyone else's LO fighting sleep already? DD will be so tired and falling asleep and just keep fighting it to stay awake which makes her a grump. I also think shes mid growth spurt AGAIN because she has slept so much today, after doing a 6 hour stretch last night followed by a 4 hour stretch before I woke her up to take DS to his summer camp. 

    AFM today is DH birthday and we are missing him extra as a result. We made him some sweet gifts that we were able to give him last weekend but we always miss him so much extra after we see him and then go back home alone. On a positive note at the end of August we will be halfway through snd so incredibly excited about that!
  • Thank you ladies!!! This puts my mind at ease a little. 

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  • And846And846 member
    @zombiehoohaa ive had the same fears and have taken comfort in knowing that if we follow recommendations given, we are good. I do stay awake for an extra 15 or so minutes to watch her sleep to make sure she’s good, doesn’t break free from swaddle it roll around. Once she’s in a nice deep sleep I’ll allow myself to sleep. 

    The last two week week of pregnancy, i worried about still birth after reading in the media two wives of celebs had that happen to them this summer. I told myself, once she was born, i could relax. Jokes on me...it’s a new set if worries now. 
  • Yep @And846,I remember wanting to put DD "back inside" because I had so many more fears after she was born!

    @acunamatada @kissableviv same here with the screaming. it can be exhausting! 

    We've had some diaper trouble too with leaking. We were firm Pampers Swaddlers people with DD but the NB size leaks and the 1 seems too big so I've been trying others. The Pampers Baby Dry are slightly smaller and more fitted in the legs than the Swaddlers or Pure. I attached a pic I took tonight of all 3! Left to right: Swaddlers, Pure, Baby Dry (all size1).

    I also like the Babyganics ones, but they're more expensive.

  • So thankful for that photo because I have wondered if the pure have the little line that tells you when they're wet. Those that have sized up to 1, how much are your babies weighing? DD is still in NB size diapers but having several blowouts lately up the front, shes 1 month old but barely newborn weight at about 7.5 pounds. I haven't tried size 1 on her but it seems it would be huge for that exact reason
  • @kbernal2021 we sized up this afternoon to a 1 and seems like that resolved our leak issue. So far the UpandUp brand and Babyganics seem to work well for us. DS is 8lb3oz. And he still fits in the newborn size with room to spare because he's long and skinny, but they don't absorb well enough for him any more.
  • Just catching up on the rest of page 1 here and needing to add @SmashJam the talk about death is so so hard to touch on with kids. You often wonder how to explain it to them and if they understand. My son is 6 and its STILL hard for me, he has experienced death and grieving on a level that it had to be talked about and worked through although I will say it's so hard when you have to see them truly grieve a loss. So I'm definitely thinking of you as you have to touch on that subject with LO and when the time comes for you to have to talk about DD, and so many hugs your way as well for that time.
  • @kbernal2021 Milo is a bit smaller than your LO but he is just 4 weeks today. Still fits well in the Pampers swaddlers NB. IMO, the Pure NB are bigger even though they are the same brand. He just started fitting into those last week though so I'm starting to transition. The stripe is awesome! He's been having some huge poops and so far they've been contained but I have a feeling we may be switching to size 1 in a couple of weeks.
  • @kbernal2021 DS was 8lb 5oz when we switched. Like @noideawhatshesdoing said, even though the NB fit, they weren’t absorbing enough. Even though size 1s looked huge, we’ve  had significantly less leaks. 

    @SmashJam that’s always a tough conversation. Hugs
  • millpemillpe member
    So regarding diaper size - the hospital used and sent us home with size 1s. I had some newborn size from samples and my shower so I used up what we had and then switched right back to size 1s even though they were large on him and we never had a problem! 
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  • @kmac103 wow! Kudos to your momma for doing this 9 times! 
  • nimmlenimmle member
    @ashbub714 Which carrier are you using?
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  • @nimmle the Baby K’tan. I have a Lillebaby complete all seasons but once I started playing with it I realized I wanted something different for around the house. So I decided to order the k’tan bc it seemed so much simpler than the wraps. 
  • nimmlenimmle member
    @ashbub714 Ahh that does look pretty simple. We have 4 different carriers now between gifts and hand-me-downs, lol. We only have one actual wrap which is the Moby Wrap which my sister swore by, but it definitely has a learning curve.
    Me: 30 |  DH: 34
    Started Dating: November 2011
    Married: August 2015
    TTC #1 Since: August 2017
    BFP: November 2017

  • I have the k’tan in my cart right now. Was wondering about sizing for it. @ashbub714 do you think it’s true to size? And what color did you get!? 
  • Yessssss to baby wearing!! I was able to sweep, mop, do laundry, and get dinner cooked Sunday afternoon when DD didnt want to be in her swing. I've also been able to sort through and pack some things as well when wearing her! I have the happy wrap but have been looking at the k'tan also just for ease around the house.
  • @catftm2018 I love the k’tan but the sizing frustrates me. I have a medium and a large. Initially got the medium for me and the large for my H, 2 years ago when our first was born. I find the medium too snug, but the large seems a bit loose. I shrunk the large a bit and now it seems to fit better. I’m a large in shirts right now so I guess it’s true to size. 
  • @catftm2018 it does seem pretty true to size. I’m curious how much it will stretch out as he grows though. It’s kinda hard to tell how long it will work. I got it from Amazon so if it doesn’t work for a substantial amount of time I’ll send it back. I got it in gray. :)
  • acunamatadaacunamatada member
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    @catftm2018 I found mine too snug, but I also bought it while pregnant with my 1st and didn’t account for BF boobs. I’ve stretched it out a bit and it fits better now, DD likes a snug carrier a lot more. ETA it also shrinks a little in the drier, I would order up if you’re in between sizes, you could always tweak the straps to make them a little tighter. 
  • I got the ktan for DS 2 years ago and found it a bit small. I got a small but DS was pretty chunky. Maybe it was just me having a hard time getting him in a comfortable position. It did eventually become useful when he was a year old going through the airport wearing him on my hip. So far I’ve worn LO twice while out but still trying to get the hang of it. He’s smaller than his brother but I’m a bit bigger (pp weight is taking its time to come off this time). 
  • zande2016 said:
    Terrible twos are hitting hard and I’m soooo fed up with my toddlers constant whining. Nap time is a disaster so far. I rocked him for like 30 mins and he just won’t go down without a fight. Now the baby needs to nurse so I.m on the couch nursing while listening to my older son scream and whine from his crib. I haven’t even had a chance to eat yet today or even get a glass of water. This baby is wide awake too, he just wants to nurse or be held non stop. I’m very frustrated. I feel guilty that I really want to send my toddler away for a day but I’m just sick of the whining. 
    Solidarity love tit. Mine are only 22m but I think we’re starting the terrible twos early (especially twin A). Sleeping hasn’t been affected yet but Oh. My. God. The whining!
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  • @comealongponds he’s 22 months too. It’s hitting early for us for sure. I know he’s acting out a little because of the baby but i’m having a hard time dealing with it today. 
  • @zande2016 I hear you on the whiney toddler. DS screams and whines his demands on repeat if he hears the word no. I. Can’t. Stand. It. DH has been spoiling him, and now I guess it’s my job to break him of this attitude on top of everything else. I would totally send him to my IL’s for the day but he would come even more annoying and hopped up on gummy bears. Hope you get a break! 
  • Going through terrible twos as well and started early for us too (now 27 months). Naps got better but now it’s going to bed where he’ll fight us. We just let him throw his tantrum and he’ll calm on his own shortly after. He’s been getting more timeouts too. Life with a new baby has been challenging for him too. 
  • @acunamatada I am definitely going to see if I can send him to my moms tomorrow. I also broke down earlier and asked her to come here and she’s on her way over. 
  • Yes you are all super moms dealing with toddlers as well! I feel like I’m barely hanging on just dealing with one. Makes me think it has to get better eventually since y’all decided to do this baby thing a second time? :) 

    AFM, my H went back to work today. I’m super bummed about it, but it had to happen sooner or later. Kinda looking forward to seeing new how our new “routine” is going to be. Thankfully H took care of the dogs before he left since they are almost as needy as the baby!

    Going to a new moms group today put on by the hospital. Kinda nervous but excited to be around other moms with baby’s around the same age. I wonder if they will be as nice as you all!! 
  • I didn't start using the KTan with DD until she was bigger - according to their size chart I needed XS but thought it was too tight. I bought a S this time and it definitely seems too loose. I actually have LO in the XS right now in the newborn pose and it's been great today! 
  • Anyone dealing with baby acne? I hate seeing all these bumps on LO’s face. We saw the pedi yesterday and she assured us it was just acne and not an allergic reaction anything. Also told us not to put anything on it. :/ I feel bad for her even though it doesn’t seem to bother her at all
  • @rachelsogo squirt some breastmilk on there 
  • @rachelsogo the only thing that worked for us last t8me was Physiobebe followed by Aquaphor!
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  • +1 to the toddler being insane today. I dunno what you call the threes (threenagers? terrible threes?) but holy hell. Today he is doing nothing but voicing requests in the loudest possible voice and being very demanding. Its grating on my nerves as I don't feel all that great and its taking every single bone in my body to keep my voice even and low instead of yelling back. He did apologize after calming down and i didn't even ask him to, so there's that!

  • Great info @flockofmoosen3!
    As I said before you are a rockstars dealing with multiple littles!
    @rachelsogo my pediatrician told me at 2 weeks that baby acne was going to come up at 3 weeks and it did lol he said it clears by 2 months. I don't particularly like it but I .Leaving it alone.good luck at the mom group and with your new routine! you'll do great!

    I bought the solly baby because the Moby is too hot at the moment. Didn't get the Ktan because of the sizing and wanted something both DH and I could wear.

    AFM, about to pump. Putting on New Moon, because Twilight FTW. lol. I got a pumping bra on Amazon but can't figure it out so bye for now gotta hold the bottles!
  • @zande2016 definitely not! I’m glad your mom was able to help you when you were feeling desperate. A village is important, even if it’s a small one!

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